Greetings unto the Populace of the Outlands and the Barony of Caerthe,

We write to you today to announce our choice for the Baron and Baroness of Caerthe.

It was a very difficult decision with all 3 of the possible couples being a viable and healthy option to lead Our premier Barony. We thank everyone who ran and put themselves in front of the spotlight. This is not an easy thing, however there can be only one.

We believe a Baron and Baroness should have a plan for where they hope to take the Barony in the coming years. They should have a passion and charisma for the SCA and for the people of the Barony in with they hope to lead. They should be approachable, welcoming, and willing to ask the advice of others. They should strive to serve and not be served. We work with our officers as a Crown or as a Coronet in a team to better the Outlands, the Society, and the Dream. We hold our respect for nobility and royalty high. As the officers do much of the day to day responsibilities the nobility does much of the recruitment, stability, and problem solving.

With a very close baronial polling it is our choice to name Lord Domenico Forestani and Lady Maria Castelana the heirs to the Coronet of Caerthe. We know that their joy of the SCA, new perspective, and love of the Outlands will help them along their path. We ask all of the people of Caerthe to embrace your incoming Baron and Baroness and support them in any way you can. We are stronger when we work together.

We hold high the continued ideals of the society and to furthering the joy the dream can bring to so many. We look forward to Our Kingdom A&S and the transition of the Barony of Caerthe.

Your King and Queen,
Jaxarticus and Anna, Rex and Regina Outlandium