Greetings, good Gentles! Our gracious Queen wishes it known throughout the land that in Their Majesties’ good Barony of Fontaine Dans Sable a War Practice and a feast took place this Saturday past, on the 20th day of January, AS 52, being 2108 in the common reckoning of years. During this day Their Majesties saw fit to hold Court, and important business of the Kingdom of the Outlands was thus conducted. The following is a report of that business. The Queen, in Her Grace and Poise and Beauty, was and is quite perfect. Any mistakes in the following words are the sole fault of the Herald, and none of Hers.

It was a pleasant day. Cool, perhaps even cold at times, but quite perfect for fighting. I did not think to count the combatants, but I suspect there was somewhere between twenty and thirty fighters on the heavy field. We were there to train for War, as commanded by our King, yes. And perhaps there to increase our individual prowess in the Knightly contest of Arms, that as well. But mostly we just had a wonderful time jumping about and bashing each other with sticks. After the melees, many of the unbelted fighters called out to the Knights, entreating them to meet them upon the field in single combat that they may test themselves against the Chivalry. Many of the Chivalry answered this call. All in all, it was a lovely morning.

At some point in the day the Fencers held a tournament to determine the next Captain of the Silver Tynes. Lord Septimus Marius Belisarius stood victorious on the field, and through his own prowess claimed that singular honor for his own.

During the day there was a delicious donation lunch, games, and other entertainments in the feast hall, and the Barony held a silent auction with many lovely items available to be bid upon.

During the afternoon Their Majesties met in circle with the Right Noble Order of the Pelican, and afterwards spent some time with certain Kingdom officers event stewards to discuss the upcoming event of Battlemoor. In the late afternoon Their Majesties held Court and conducted that business which was needful to the Kingdom.

Their Majesties announced that the event of Battlemoor would be held at the original site, albeit at a different date. They invited all present to join them at one of the premier events of the Kingdom of the Outlands, held the 4th through the 8th of July.

Lady Sawyer of Fontaine asked for and was granted admittance into the Comite and was thus made an attendant of Their Majesties.

Lady Adriana Lopes de Rodas was recognized for her excellent skills in the realm of Arts and Sciences with admittance into the Order of the Argent Hart.

Mistress Elizabeth Anne Grene, for her excellence in the skill of archery, was awarded with a Golden Pheon.

Lady Melangell Dwn and Lord Joshua Dennesson, for their steadfast service to Crown, Barony, and Kingdom, were made Companions of the Stag’s Heart.

Lady Illaria Joye was made a Companion of the order of the Silver Stirrup, for her excellent knowledge and skills in the Equestrian Arts.

Don Septimus Marius Belisarius, for his Gallantry and skill upon the Rapier field, was made a White Scarf of the Outlands. And thus the Court of Their Majesties, as well as that of Their Excellencies of Fontaine was closed, and all were invited to attend the feast afterwards.

On a personal note…I have two memories of this event which I will take with me. Well, perhaps more than two, but only two that I’m going to talk about here. The first is of a certain young lady who received an award from Their Majesties. As she walked back to her seat, looking at the beautiful scroll in her hands she stopped and turned back to the Crown, and asked if the scribe that had created her scroll was in attendance. And on finding that Mistress Monika was in fact present, the Young Lady strode to her and bent down and gave her a very real, very sincere hug. It was not a thing of the mind. It was not a thing of words. It was a thing of the heart, and it was nice to see.

In the same vein, there was a young man at this event who received an award from Their Majesties. After receiving the award he returned to his seat in the front row and while most of the populace lost sight of him at this time, I could see him. I saw him, as Court continued, sitting there holding that scroll in his lap, looking at it. Looking at it in a kind of wondering and amazed disbelief. The words and business of the continuing Court rolled over him, and he paid them no mind. He was caught in the glow of the words on the scroll, the glow of the words that were spoken to him by the Crown of the Outlands. I strongly suspect that when this young man is old and gray, when his strength has gone from him, and his eyes dim, the glow of the moment, that event, that scroll will still be there.

Scrolls, you see, can be a kind of magic.

And so I would like to take just a moment and talk about Scribes. You don’t generally see scribes. Oh, in many cases they’re out there, sitting quietly somewhere in the crowd, but it’s not like they wear big “I’m a Scribe” signs or some kind of special Scribal hat (not sure what that would even look like). These are the people that make the fantastic works of art that people are given when they get awards. While it’s always nice to get an award, it’s easy to sometimes forget that that scroll is the painstaking work of someone who has spent years, perhaps decades, learning their art and then spending hours sitting at a table using all that accumulated knowledge and skill to create a work of art that is for you, and you alone.

You have to admit…one of the really cool things about the Kingdom of the Outlands are the scrolls, each one hand-made. This is not the case in all other Kingdoms.

Our Scribes are, I believe, extremely thoughtful when it comes to the poor, forgetful, sleep-deprived Court Herald reading the scroll. As a Court Herald, and someone that has been a Court Herald many times for many Crowns, I can tell you from personal experience how nice it is to get a scroll delivered at an event with all the pertinent scroll text on the back, ready to be read, with the proper dates and names already added. Trust me when I say that teeny-tiny Mongolian words written in a really cool yet completely mysterious and strangely written font are sometimes hard to decipher on the fly. Don’t even get me started on Welsh. You may also not believe it when I say that it is possible to completely forget the date when reading a scroll…or even, in the moment, draw a sudden and embarrassing blank on the names of the King and/or Queen sitting or standing two feet away from you. But I have that super-power. Sure. We’ll call it a super-power because “super-power” sounds better than “air-head”.

Anyway, I am thankful for the Scribes of the Outlands