Greeting unto the Glorious Outlands! Please pray attend the Court report for Dragonspine Candlemas.

Dragonsspine Candlemas was a wonderful time. Thank you to the Event Stewards, their staff, and the wonderful gentles who joined us for this great event.

Sir Rowland de Grey of Lincolnshire was a fantastic herald for the weekend. We began morning court with well wishes and great anticipation of the day. Countess Richenda de la Selva made an announcement about Kingdom A&S and was thanked by His Majesty for her largess gift of felted balls (great gifts for Our younger members). Many laughs were had by all and court was recessed to enjoy the day. Throughout the day we enjoyed good company and loved watching the Tournaments. We even had some doe and stag support that hung out across the road for most of the day.The evening was full of joy and much deserved praise. Master Hawk Rill Hunnybun showed exceptional honor, chivalry, and prowess during Crown Tournament therefore We made him Our Shield of Chivalry. Rose of Castle Rising was called before Us. She is a great youth of Our Kingdom who helps in many ways and We bestowed upon her a Promise of the Outlands. A fine autocrat and wonderful Officer who has helped his Barony grow we created Antoine Francesco as a companion of the Stag’s Heart. Sir Lothar vom Bergenwald was summoned from his duties in the Kitchen where he had spent most of the day. As Sir Lothar’s service to this Kingdom has been long, steadfast, and varied We found him worthy to join his peers of the Order of the Pelican. We asked for his answer right then and made him a Pelican on the spot. Court was handed over to Their Excellencies and we heard many good things about members of the Barony of Dragosspine. A most befuddled Silent Herald was called into Baronial court but before Their Excellencies could begin We jumped in and awarded Niall Keating his AoA as he is a great asset to Our society and Our Kingdom. When court was handed back to Us we told His Excellency Don Gianni de San Germano we had further words for him and asked he come before us. Many words did we speak of Don Gianni’s skill, grace, honor, courtesy, and more. The Order of Defense was called to join him as he was offered admittance into their Order. His wonderful wife most gracefully raced to his side as fast as any I have seen. We asked Don Gianni to take Council of his peers and sit vigil giving us his answer at a later date. Another fine young gentle was called, Buggius dei Medici, for his great zeal, prowess, and dedication to The Rapier field he was awarded the Brendan Swatko for youth martial achievement. We look forward to watching Buggius on the field for many years to come. The time had arrived for His Majesties inspiring war speech. With Lightning and Thunderhead in hand the spirit of Jaxarticus spread across the room. All were called forth to WAR and all were inspired to take up arms, bow, needle, or quill to represent and support the Outlands this coming Estrella. With the weapons of Our Kingdom still in hand His Majesty sternly called for the Kingdom Seneschal THL Zafirah al-`Aliyyah. His Majesties words spoke of Her Ladyships long service to this Kingdom and how even when confronted with difficulties she has stayed true to the ideals of the SCA. The order of the Pelican was asked to join her as We offered her admittance into their Order. We asked she sit vigil and give us her answer at a future date. Thus ended evening court.

Feast was fantastic. The cheese was incredible. Really I could have just ate cheese. But there was so much more! The Event Steward gave some closing announcements and we tanked them, their staff, and the cooks for a wonderful day and scrumptious feast.

WAR practice was a great success and well attended on both fields. We had a few pieces of unfinished business We were able to take care of that afternoon. Utrid was called forward and Awarded Arms, he is a great gentle to have in the SCA and our Kingdom. Lady Adelaisa Bernois was given a Stag for her continued service. We know Her Ladyship will continue to shine in Our lands. Ciaran MacMartin was called forward and tales were told of his prowess and dedication and he was created a Stag’s Blood of the Outlands. Such were the court happenings of the weekend.

We had such a wonderful time in Dragonsspine and We look forward to Estrella!!!

HRM Anna