Greetings, good Gentles! I bring you tidings of the business of the Crown of the Outlands, as conducted during the evening Court held in Their Majesties’ Barony of the Citadel of the Southern Pass on the 6th day of January, A.S. 52, being 2018 in the mundane reckoning of years.

The beginning of the Court saw the Knighting of THL Patroclus who, at the beginning of the ceremony, was drawn into Their Majesties’ Court in a full-sized Chariot. Sir Titus, Sir Decimus, and Sir Stavros all spoke to the Roman virtues evidenced by The Honorable Lord Patroclus. After other worthy reports were given and oaths were sworn, His Majesty saw fit to dub Sir Patroclus a Knight of the Society.It is fitting and proper that those Gentles who have discovered the Dream we share be recognized. Caledonus and Juliana of Citadel, as well as Sarah of Citadel, and Angelina Luludi Sabine, also of the Citadel of the Southern Pass, were recognized in this way, and received an Award of Arms from Their Majesties.For their excellent and continuing service to the Kingdom of the Outlands, Lady Rita Die Perle Von Der Wetterau and Lady Idunn Hallsdottir were admitted into the Order of the Stag’s Heart.Gungir of St. Golias had business in Their Majesties’ Court, and presented to the Crown a certain Royal Banner which had in the dim mists of antiquity been left upon the battle fields of Pensic War. He told the story of the many and varied adventures of the banner as it traveled about the Known World, until at last it had come to be in his possession. And so he presented the banner to Their Majesties so that it could once again take its proper place.Julien de la Fontaine received a most excellent scroll which commemorated his position as the Protector of the Queen’s Heart. Their Majesties also saw fit during Court to admit him into the Order of the White Scarf of the Outlands.As Their last order of business, Their Majesties saw fit to recognize the artistic endeavors and talents of His Excellency Tariq ibn Yusef ibn Askari al-Ghassani and Her Excellency Elieth de Salazar, Baron and Baroness of the Citadel of the Southern Pass, by admitting them into the Order of the Flower.On a personal note…. The day was filled with a very well-attended War Practice, for both heavy and light fighters and it was a hoot! After the melees the martial activities continued as pleasantly large number of unbelted fighters challenged the Chivalry on the Field in single combat. I personally has a really nice time, and I know for a fact I wasn’t the only one. 

The Stag Choir performed before the beginning of Court and they did an awesome job! Their hard work and talent are apparent, and I thoroughly enjoyed their performance.Their Excellencies of the Citadel of the Southern Pass are good and noble shepherds of their people, and are to be commended. It was a lovely event.

Thomas Winterbourne, 
Blue Iris Herald to Her Majesty Anna, Queen of the Outlands.