Words from our local seneschals

Aarquelle – Seneschal: Generica McKenna
Nothing has changed this month. We will be appointing a new Chatelaine at Viking.
Upcoming Events:
- January 13: Viking Vinter Vunderlandt
- April 28: Spring Defender
- July 6-8: Rapier Camp

al-Barran – Seneschal: Melodia Shaw
al-Barran had a good month in December. Midwinter made a large profit and almost sold out of feast in pre-reg. The new site worked well.  We have decided to use this site for our al-Things starting in Jan.
Upcoming Events:
- March 10-11: Crown Tournament
- April 7: Sworded Affaire
- April 28: Albuquerque Renn Faire
- May 274-28: Grand Outlandish

Caer Galen – Seneschal: Rowena ColebrookCaer Galen Midwinter was well attended. We bought a baronial trailer.
Upcoming Events:
- February 3: Tri-Baronial

Caerthe – Seneschal: Gauvain Eisenbein
Upcoming Events:
- January 6: Twelfth Night
- February 3: Tri-Baronial
- May 5-6: Coronation

Citadel of the Southern Pass - Seneschal: Aoife Ruadh inghean Ragnaill
All December preparation centered on the upcoming Twelfth Night event (scheduled for January 6, 2018). The Officers Meeting for the month was turned into an officer/coordinator meeting, as at least half of the officer corps was serving as the head of a planning committee subdivision. January’s Seneschal report will be robust, as the event is now concluded and was very successful.
Citadel received permission from the Crown to charter the following awards: Seeker of the Grail, Pilgrim of Edrik, and Service to B/B (Keystone/Chalice); to be read into record at Twelfth Night.
Upcoming Events:
- January 6: Citadel Twelfth Night

Draca Mor - Seneschal: Sæunn Hrafndóttir
The Shire has had a very quiet month. Members have continued with personal A&S projects. Our focus for the new year will be continued planning for STAG and the yearly Demo at The Grand Junction Renaissance Faire, April 21 and 22, 2018.
Upcoming Events:
- April 22-23: Demo at the Grand Junction Renaissance Faire
- summer: STAG

Dragonsspine - Seneschal: Mary of Lyonshall
The Barony is doing well, our numbers are up at fighter practice and we are making good use of the site.
Upcoming Events:
- Jan.27: Candlemass
- Jan.28: War Practice
- June 8-10: Baronial Champions
- July 14: Thynaire d' Armes
- Sep. 16: A Plesaunt Hunt

Drygestan - Seneschal: Christine Bishop
With Christmas and New Years, this was a quiet month for the Shire. We had Christmas Caroling, a Yule potluck, and populace meeting as 2 fighter practices.
Mistress Brigetta has put in and won a bid for Drystone. More news forthcoming

Fontaine dans Sable - Seneschal: Adriana Lopes de Rodas
December was quiet in Fontaine. Archery was cancelled for the last two Sundays for the holidays. Muster continued with minimal attendance during the holiday season. No Events were held this month. Busted and Adjusted nights will be held just prior to WAR to repair and adjust armor and weapons. Dates to be determined at January Populace.
Upcoming Events:
-January 20 – 12th Night

Hawk’s Hollow - Seneschal: Eric Morrison of Thistlekeep
10 members at the meeting this month. The meeting room has been set up for 2108. The subject of looking into advancing to shire status was brought up and not acted upon.We are having an archery tournament on Dec 31 at our indoor site. Several of our members will be going to 12th Night in Caerthe.Nahrun Kabirun - Seneschal: Hayate Tachibana
A&S weekly still very popular, Large gathering for populace.
Upcoming Events:
- March 23-25: Siege of the City

Plattefordham - Seneschal: Zvir L'vov syn Gorin
Group is doing well. Started new fighter practice schedule and location with the new year.
We are in talks with the up and coming new Baron of Bronzehelm to get some kitch tastefully going at their becoming a barony ceremony next month to get more involvement in the nest years Northern Realm War.
Upcoming Events:
- February 3: Candlemas in Casper Wy
- July 20-22: Northern Realms war

Rio de las Animas - Seneschal: Geua filia Guy
Rio has had a good year in 2017. Yule revel was a good conclusion to that year. We have had new members and activities while respecting our traditions. We have 23 paid members with about 10 non paid members.
January we will have our Yule log and plan for our coming year. We will try to encourage more winter fighter practices as we now have an indoor site. Hibernation is setting in.Unser Hafen - Seneschal: Soren Thorvaldsson
Unser Hafen remains active with planning for Tri-Baronial A&S, and Brewers Feast in the spring. Fighter practice is slowing down for the end of the year.
Upcoming Events:
- February 3: Tri-Baronial
- April 21: Brewer’s Feast

Windkeep - Seneschal: Ursula Sturlasdatter
We hosted a successful Harvest Celebration  We are having weekly fighter practice and armoring.

- - - - -

Submitted by Gunwaldt
Deputy Kingdom Seneschal