Greeting Outlanders!

We hope this missive finds you well and in good spirits!  Sadly our carrier pigeon with the tales of Caer Galen Midwinter got a little lost.  The scared little pigeon was finally found and we now bring you the events of that great day.

The morning was beautiful and the temperatures moderate.  HE Randall Carrick was gracious to help us by Heralding our opening court.

Members of the Praetorian Regina (Queen’s Guard) Maestra Tatiana Bonnioulx,  Lord Svein Hammar,  Lady Viola de Luca, and Lord Servi di Villano were in attendance and came forward to be invested.Likewise the Comite (Attendants)  Mirza Jibra'il and Hrafna Ylvawere were called to receive their favors and be invested.

The Children present were called forward and were offered an item out of the treasure chest however Our treasure chest was in need of replacement.  Lord Svein Hammar generously gifted a handmade treasure chest full of coins of chocolate for Us to share across the land.

Our court was recessed and a day full of good council was had.

That evening Sir Rowland de Grey of Lincolnshire was kind to be Our Herald.  We Invested Baroness Morgan Cheyney as a Comite (Attendant) as her worthy steed had been not so worthy that morning.

Seraphina Pania was called before the court and the many things she does for her Barony and Kingdom made known to the Populace.  She was Awarded Arms and charged to continue her good works and joy in the SCA.     

As the newly elected Harp of Caer Galen Rowena Colebrook needed little introduction as her service was already apparent to the crowd assembled.  She was awarded a Stag's Heart for all of her great works.

The Centurio Sagitarii Regius (Archery Guard) was called up to be invested. The Captain of the Archery Guard and Outlands Royal Archer, THLord Konrad Von Alpirsbach as well as Sir Ramon the Chronologer (Kronos), THLord Angus Montgomery the Forrester, and THLady Lêofsige Õ Caoimh (Lyssa) were present to be given their hoods.

It was announced that THLord Gauvain Eisenbein Is the new Rapier General of the Outlands and his Southern Commander will be Lord Septimus Marius Belisarius.

Their Excellencies of Caer Galen do much for the Kingdom and The Society.  His service we have seen across the known world and her arts and support of the Arts and Sciences is immeasurable.  Both of these good gentles go above and beyond what is expected of them and we sought to reward those works.   HE Finn Ua Briain was awarded a Stag's Heart and HE Cinara Ybarra received an Argent Hart.          

On Sunday we caught up with THLord Kaios Alexandrou. His protection on the field of Her Royal Highness at Great Western War was beyond impressive.  His passion for fighting and presence on the field was proof he is a Stag's Blood of the Outlands.  Sir Rowland was Our herald for this as well.

Thank you Outlanders! You inspire Us,

HRM Anna