Greetings, good Gentles!

Last week, in the Barony of al-Barran two events were held. On Saturday, November 18th, Baronial A&S took place at Sandia Preparatory School, located in al-Barran Proper. The following day the annual Toys for Tots tournament was held in the park by the Boys and Girls Club of Albuquerque.

Although His Majesty Jaxaricus was travelling in foreign lands, and could not attend the events of the weekend, Her Majesty of the Outlands was able and pleased to attend.

During the course of the Arts and Siences event, Her Majesty was pleased to give an award of Arms to Lord Keleman and Lady Hette, of al-Barran. The next day, at Toys for Tots, Lord Albinus and Lord Rados also recieved and Award of Arms from Her Majesty. Also, Lady Lucrezia de Carducci was awarded the Silver Tyne of the Outlands for her excellence on the Rapier field.

Both events were well-attended and most enjoyable. I personally enjoyed playing chess and singing in the two classes I attended during al-barran A&S, and I thoroughly enjoyed looking at some of the artistic endeavors of the populace of al-Barran. One Gentle set up drums outside and played them most of the day, which I thought was very nice.

The weather the next day was close to perfect. The middle of November is always a bit of a dice roll in al-Barran, and it was a good one this year. Cool and crisp without being cold, with sunlight and calm winds. The Toys for Tots Heavy Tournament was most enjoyable to watch, with Count Hrorek being victorius in the final round against Sir Decimus. There was a Rapier Tournament as well, which was won by Lord Julien de la Fontaine, the Protector of the Queen's Heart!

Special thanks to Sir Rowland, who kindly agreed to read scroll text during Court. It seems I set my reading glasses down on the ground while I was fighting and could not locate them afterwards. In would have been surprising if I HAD found them. (Note to not leave glasses on the ground....2nd note to self...have extra reading glasses in the Herald's bag...)

In Service,

Thomas Winterbourne, Blue Iris