Good News October 2017

Words from our local seneschals

Aarquelle – Seneschal: Generica McKenna

We've been a barony for 6 months. At the end of October, we had 72 paid members. That's up 13 in the past 6 months and up 11 over the past year. We grew more than any other group in the Outlands. We're the 7th largest barony (out of 8) and the 9th largest group (out of 22). We're doing well.

Three of 5 of the Queen's Prize winners were from Aarquelle.

The Weds A&S nights run from 5 to 35 people doing everything from dancing to lace making.

Fighter practices and Tourneys have between 10 and 40 people every Sunday.

At Stags Emprise, we had a solid showing among some of the best fighters in the kingdom.

Upcoming Events:

- January 13 – Viking Vinter Vunderlandt

al-Barran – Seneschal: Melodia Shaw

We had our meeting this month as a fund raiser to help with costs on the place we rent for meetings.

We have picked a new Herald it is going to be Lady Gráinne Sochair. She will step up at Day of A&S. We are still looking for an Archery Captain. 

The Autocrats for Outlandish have been chosen.

Upcoming Events:

- November 18 – Day of A&S

- November 19 – Toys for Tots

- December16-17 Midwinter & War Practice

Blackwater Keep – Seneschal: Devon

We participated in the annual Peanut Valley Festival Arts & Crafts fair this past month. We had four fighters that demonstrated for the crowds. We had two fighters from our local group, Devon and Curran as well as a pair of fighters from Adlersrue.

We continue to have general meetings on a monthly basis. Fighter practice has slowed due to inclement weather. We continue to have A&S meetings.

Blaiddwyn – Seneschal: Gerlin von Tiesenhausen

Blaiddwyn remains small, but efforts and hope to rebuild and renew popularity among students are still high.

We have gained access to items that have been stored for us by the UNM Student Union for the past several years. We have a new office, located still within the Student Union. We obtained a mailbox in the Student Activities office, and are working to make use of the funds allocated to us through the Spring Budget process,

Caer Galen – Seneschal: Rowena Colebrook

Toys for Totts was held on October 15 in tandem with Caerthe. Nearly 200 toys were raised for the children through a toy entry for archery, heavy, fencing and equestrian tournaments. Attendance was low due to an event held the day before.

Upcoming Events:

December 9: Caer Galen midwinter. We have the site and most planning complete. There will be a War Practice the next day at TASC.

February 3: TriBaronial. We look forward to seeing you all.

Citadel of the Southern Pass - Seneschal: Aoife Ruadh inghean Ragnaill

The Citadel continues with all martial, archery, and A&S activities in preparation for the November Las Cruces Renaissance Faire, Coronation, and upcoming WAR!!

The October officer’s meeting discussed lessons learned and successes from the October Feast of St. Edrik event. Feedback from the attendees indicates that the feast, held by HE Warmin, was incredibly delicious.

The Caelix Harmonae choir continues to meet weekly, and the newer Arcus Calamus scribal guild is building participation. Scroll creation remains a solid time investment for the barony. A&S under Lady Rita continues to thrive and the classes include topics like block carving, stamping, and special skillset classes held by Baron Tariq. The archery program is still boasting strong/regular attendance and with the addition of a new deputy captain of archers, preparing for a smooth transition of leadership in the upcoming months. 

Upcoming Events:

- 11/16/2017 November Officers Meeting & 2018 Planning Session
- 12/06/2017 Citadel Twelfth Night

Draca Mor - Seneschal: Sæunn Hrafndóttir

It has been relatively quiet in the Shire this last month. We did hold a Brewing Workshop on October 8th. THL Egil Thorsson and Lady Muirenn ingen Ui Thaidc taught Shire, and non Shire folk, to brew Mead (5 gal of sac and 5 gal of cherry mead). Baroness Annys Wolf made a batch of Sekanjabin. Many have worked on independent A&S as the weather cools (crafting of a talaHarpa, ancient grain staples, smelting, lucet, etc).

We conducted a debriefing on The Mor You Know 2. Discussion included successes, and what should be continued, and identified barriers and strategies to overcome these.

Dragonsspine - Seneschal: Mary of Lyonshall

Everything is good. We are looking forward to Coronation!

We just wrapped up the Shopping Event. Everyone had a great time. The auction at the to help replace the money spent on new target foam was very successful. We are hopeful that we can do it again next year, on a bigger scale.

We now have an awesome indoor site for fighter practice! many thanks to Ramon De Javier!

Upcoming Events:

- Baronial A and S Dec. 2, 2017
- Candlemass Jan.27, 2018
- Baronial Champions June 8-10, 2018

- Thynaire d' Armes July 14, 2018
- A Plesaunt Hunt Sep. 16, 2018

Drygestan - Seneschal: Christine Bishop

The Shire of Drygestan just completed a Demo at the Santa Fe ComiCon. We had 1 newcomer who found us at ComiCon come to Hafla Wednesday. Our Fighter Practices are picking up under the watch of Lady Olivia. We are regularly having 3 to 4 new fighters! A&S is currently a bit slow, but we are looking forward to al-Barran A&S and Court Dancing class taught by Mistress Catriona.

StagsCon was super productive. I learned a ton about Social media policy, got updated on some Exchequer policy, hand delivered Kingdom Newsletter changes to the Chronicler, talked to Kiara about the BOD meeting, and setup a social media class for the Shire with Shila.

Fontaine dans Sable - Seneschal: Adriana Lopes de Rodas

October was a quiet month. There were no events, but Muster and practice continue to have consistent attendance.

Sunday practice times have changed for the winter: Archery 11am, Fighter Practice at Kiwanis Park 2pm

A special thanks to THL Wilhelm, Lord Stuart, and Master Angus for retrieving the excelsior bales and thrown weapons targets from Piper’s Keep this past weekend!

The new Argent Warder (Archery) is Master Angus.
The new Azure Warder (Rapier) is Lord Marius – recently of Atlantia, I believe. He will soon realize he belongs in Fontaine.
The new Sable Warder (Heavies) is Lord Yosef.
The new Vert Warder (A&S) is Lady Eibhleann
The new Wee Warder (child) is Illea.

Upcoming Events:

- January 20 – 12th night

Hawk’s Hollow - Seneschal: Eric Morrison of Thistlekeep

The Canton had its 30th Birthday on Oct 2, with little fanfare

Pirate Fest Demo 11 attended. THL Ailinn handed out 200+ calligraphy bookmarks to children. 

Nahrun Kabirun - Seneschal: Hayate Tachibana

Working hard for the Renfaire and for Coronation, as of this report Renfaire a success with massive amounts of interest, and Coronation is prepared for.

We recently had a news spot on PBS NMSU 22, which I feel went rather well. Gormr our chatelaine, works hard and I'm lucky to have him.

Upcoming Events:

- November 11-12 – Coronation

- March 23-25 – Siege of the City

Plattefordham - Seneschal: Zvir L'vov syn Gorin

We have the "Agreement" for Northern Realms War signed. Yea!

Had a great turn out at both of our library demos, of both shire members and public interest.

We now have a scheduled monthly archery practice, on the 2nd Saturday of the month. This is a first for the shire.

Working on finding a new winter practice site, and getting a fighter practice also during the week for light fighters.

Upcoming Events:

- February 3 - Candlemas

Rio de las Animas - Seneschal: Geua filia Guy

Defender of the Silver Pass was financially successful as well as a fun event. Site is already reserved for next year. We had an excellent A&S presentation at the October meeting on textiles. 

Upcoming Events:

- December 2 - Yule Revel, a toys for tots event and dinner 

Unser Hafen - Seneschal: Soren Thorvaldsson

Unser Hafen is getting ready to slow down for the holidays. Due to schedule conflicts our fighter practice will not continue past the middle of November.

Our Newcomers event was a success. Fighter practice moved indoors,

We had a Baronial Revel which was well attended with apx 35 people and two tables full of food. We introduced several new people into the SCA.

Upcoming Events:

- Yule 12/2

Windkeep - Seneschal: Ursula Sturlasdatter

Overall things are going well. The last business meeting we had lots of different members of the Shire show up which was really good.

Upcoming Events:

- November 18 – Harvest Celebration