Here stands the Unofficial Court Report Like Record for the Unofficial Court Like Experience of Her Royal Majesty Queen Ansteys as presided at Stags Con on Saturday October 21st.
Her Majesty bid the populace welcome and asked the Autocrat to come forth and outline the order of the day. She then called a few gentles forward to receive back scrolls. Outlands White Stag Principal Herald Master Angus Reid MacFarlane then announced the recent Heraldic rank advancements which are as follows:

Elevated to Messenger:
Isabel la Biche d'Hiver (known as Winter)
Hardwin Godricson
Gaston de Sepulveda
Alamanda de la Roca

Elevated to Macer:
Elizabeth Anne Grene
Ronan na f-fiacal mac Connail

Elevated to Pursuivant:
Pettronella Pártaszövõ
Saerlaith inghean Robeaird
Ciaran Brocc
Carlos Nieto de Andrade
Selene of the Sky
Rowland McCain

Elevated to Herald:
Anna MacTaggart
Geua filia Guy
Duncan Alastair MacRae

Her Majesty thanked those in attendance for their service, and bid all assembled to go forth and enjoy their day. A pleasant time of learning was had by all, and this Herald is proud to report that the afternoon heraldic experience session was so well voiced and opened by Lord Piero Della Casa that a bevy of Landed Nobles burst from the back room thinking they were somehow late for a surprise court. To our newest voice Herald I bid welcome, and well met.

In Service,
THL Pettronella Pártaszövõ

Queen’s Prize report from Lady Isabel la Biche d’Hiver, Messenger:

Queen's Prize evening Court: Katherine le Fayre Atte Water was given the Queen's Grace. The overall winner of the event was Lady Elizabeth Argentieri for her glass work and also the Populace choice. Lord Borvanchi won the heraldic contest. Lady Fiona McPhearson and Lady Oona Farulfsdottir were also recognized and given gifts by HRM. Master Balthazar Knopf's Laurel backscroll was displayed and entrusted to a representative to courier to him.