Caer Galen Toys for Tots Event, October 16 A.S. 52

Good King Lief attended the Toys for Tots event co-hosted by his baronies of Caer Galen and Caerthe. These generous baronies gathered almost 200 toys! There were a number of archers, four horses and their riders, three rapier fighters and no heavy weapons fighters (proving that Stag’s Emprise was successful in exhausting them).

With a fantastic soundtrack from the neighboring fiesta, His Majesty bestowed the following awards:
Lady Elizabeth Argentieri – Argent Hart
Baron Stephan Sorensen – Doe and Mountain

Then His Majesty allowed this humble herald a moment in court, wherein I asked him permission to retire early. I have arranged to go on pilgrimage to the gravesite of Queen Bertrada of Laon (known as Bertha Proudfoot) at the Basilique de Saint Denis, and I must leave before the winter storms make the crossing too dangerous. In his benevolence, His Majesty allowed me to turn in my tabard and baton. (I will still arrange heralds and reports until the end of Their Majesties’ reign). It has been my great honor to hold the position as Her Majesty’s Herald.

Fondly written,
Matilda Seton
Formerly known as Blue Iris Herald