Herein lies the report of Court activities at Battlemoor VIII. A beautiful site and beautiful weather welcomed all those who attended, increasing joy and friendship.

Wednesday Evening Opening Court 8-30-17 (heralded by Lord Ciaran Brocc)
Their Majesties welcomed one and all to the event.

Friday’s Evening Court 9-1-17 (heralded by Lord Hardwin Godricsson)
1. Bardolf Gunwaldtsson – Stag
2. Ian Raven of Tadcaster – Fallen Snow
3. Wyolet Bertram - Stag’s Heart
4. The Helga Ball Tournament MVP was Maestra Tatianna.
5. Baron Caer Galen announced the winners of the Grand Prix Bannerette tourney.
6. Decimus was called forward by Their Majesties and was offered to join the Order of Chivalry.
7. THL Konrad gave out prizes for that days archery tournament
8. Also there was the Wave.

Saturday’s Morning Court 9-2-17
1. Iohann der Fuchs was knighted.

Saturday’s Battlemoor Grand Court 9-2-17
1. A tribute to a fallen warrior.
2. Alexander of Lancaster was knighted.
3. Lord Roland Snowe of Carlisle, Lord Axgar von Horn and Lord Lothar de Sauvage were inducted into the Legion of Gallantry
4. Kingdom Seneschal changeover from Sir Lavan to THL Zafirah.
5. Autocrat announcements
6. Royal Archer tournament – THL Konrad was victorius! Earl Mika graciously retired the position to Konrad.
7. First Tournament Joust to take place in the Outlands – winner was Lady Kseniya, beating the Society Equestrian Marshal by one point!
8. THL Lyssa presented piles and piles of delightful largesse from Dirty Dozen Donation Derby.
9. Lady Bella announced victors in the Brewing competition.
10. Count Agamemnon and THL Katherine d’Arle invited everyone to Lilies War next year.
11. Lady Maire had it announced to invite one and all to Queen’s Prize in Caerthe, October 22nd.
12. Mistress Nerissa della Badessa was made a Defender of the White Scarf.
13. Windhover Bard results – Lord Ronan na f-Fiacal mac Conaill was victor, was handed the book, cloak and stool from the outgoing Windhover Bard, Lady Winter. Her Majesty gave tokens to all who participated in the competition.
14. Lord Tiberius Valerius Germanicus was made a Thegn of the Iron Hart and was given Duke Martino’s thegn sash by his knight Sir Zachariah.
15. Lord Killian van Rammstein presented to Their Royal Highnesses a pair of Roman aquilae, topped with Stag heads instead of eagles.
16. Buggius del Medici was declared to be a Promise of the Outlands.
17. Mistress Ursula d’Arcy was made a Walker of the Way, to much acclaim.

Sunday’s Battlemoor Noon Court
1. Decimus Modius Varro and Staros of Helicon were knighted together.

Sunday’s Battlemoor Evening Court
1. Back scrolls given –
       a. Ivalo – Trefoil
       b. Aegeon – Silver Tyne
       c. Tam – KSCA
2. Thorvald Hilgedick – Stag’s Blood
3. Cedwyn Chwith – Stag’s Heart
4. Elizabeth Argentieri – Argent Hart (given to B&B of Caer Galen since Elizabeth was not in attendance.)
5. THL Konrad, Royal Archer, presented prizes for archery shoots
6. Master Gwilim de Glamorgan – Stag and Chalice
7. Lady Lisette and Master Terafan Greydragon spoke of Equestrian activities
8. Winner of the Queen’s Equestrian Favor - Falrock
9. THL Adrien de Calais – Stag’s Blood
10. Calling the Drums – Donovan al Darbuka was offered admittance to the Order of the Laurel! His answer is to be given to the Heirs at Estrella War.

Faithfully reported,
Matilda Seton
Blue Iris Herald