Good Morning Outlands,

We are live and reporting from the Crown Tournament field. Here are the entrants for today:


 BelaKos Device Color 2002 11 364 175 AnnadeApperleye Device Color 2007 06 228 1449
   Duke Bela Kos for Duchess Anna de Apperleye


DariusofJaxartes Device Color 2004 11 742 362 AnnaMactaggart Device Color 2005 06 230 110
  Count Darius of Jaxartes for Mistress Anna MacTaggart


giovannidisienna jeanne mariedubois
  Count Giovanni di Sienna for Mistress Jeanne-Marie Dubois


 WilliamFlanagan  drahomiravonaugsburg
  Count William Flanagan for Countess Drahomira von Augsburg


 KolgrimrOlafsson Device Color 2014 01 2737 1706  DanielledelaRochelle Device Color 2017 03 10669 2057
  Jarl Kolgrimr Olafsson for Countess Danielle de La Rochelle


 hawk  NerissaDellaBadessa Device Color 2012 04 11347 2048
  Master Hawk Rill Hunnybun for Mistress Nerissa Della Badessa


 griffith c marija c
  Sir Griffith Atte Dernedyngle for Lady Marija Zuzoric


 keridwenandrosoun massimilianopontieridalsasso
THL Keridwen Andersdottir for Master Masimilliano Pontieri Dal Sasso 


 adrien device  GabrielRobertson Device Color 2015 12 11222 1942
  THL Adrien De Calais for Sir Gabriel Robertsson


 decimus retouch oppia c 
THL Decimus Modius Varro for Lady Oppia Vopisca 


 CormacADuinn Device Color 2008 07 11224 1950  kalala
  Lord Cormac O'Dunne for Lady Kalala bint Yehuda


 CorbinMaculagh TaythenMaculagh Device Color 2015 07 10918 1886 
  Lord Corban Maculagh for Lady Taythen Maculagh


 luciusavisiusseneca  Rhowyn
  Lord Lucius Avisius Seneca for Lady Rhowyn Miranda Magee

Good luck!