Herein lies the court report for Here There Be Dragons

It was a veritably balmy day in the Shire of Plattefordham when Good Queen Ansteys’ court began. First off, the children on site came forward to present Her Majesty with a fan they had made for her earlier that day. Our Queen used that fan for the rest of court and at times at dinner.
-Her Majesty then gave tokens to all those for whom it was their first event or first even in the Outlands.
-Argyle the Strong was called forward and was given his Award of Arms.
-Lord Artair spoke of the victors in the rapier list, as well as a raffle.
-Lord Minamoto Ryuutaro spoke of the victors in the heavy list.
-Sir Mavrikii Andronikov was made a Companion of the Argent Hart.
-Lady Nonna, the event’s autocrat, presented tribute to Her Majesty from the Shire.
-Lady Nonna and a couple other ladies gave gifts of spiffy hats and cloaks to a few certain young gentlemen who have shown themselves as always being kind and helpful.
- Lord Stephan McCarty and Mistress Christina McCarty were both awarded Trefoils for their Service to Plattefordham.
- Lord Fjolverker was called forward and “Happy Birthday” was sung to him by everyone.
- Zeta Bruna was given an AoA for her continued helpfulness to the shire, especially in working the gate (one of Her Majesty’s particular joys).
- Lord Zvir, the Shire Seneschal, had several presentations, including thanking the young men who served water to the fighters earlier in the day.
- Lady Katarina of Plattefordham was made a Companion of the Trefoil for her service to the Shire.
- Sir Mavrikii and Sir Kaleriia presented Our Queen a pouch of memories from the Celebration of Artemisia’s 20th Year.
- Lord Thomas Marston made gifts of three small quivers to three children who shot archery that day.
- Thrain of Plattefordham was made a Promise of the Outlands.
Her Majesty invited one and all to Battlemoor and then Her court was closed. Everyone then had a lovely potluck feast and enjoyed the camaraderie of their fellow gentlefolk.

Faithfully reported,
Matilda Seton
Blue Iris Herald