Kingdom Court Report July 15th-16th ASLI (2017), Highlands Rapier Camp and War Collegium, Barony of Aarquelle

Herein lies the court report for Highlands Rapier Camp and War Collegium.

The radiance of the Saturday morning sunshine was a welcome sight, and all fears that a much anticipated event would be ruined by the weather evaporated with the morning dew and the last few puddles of mud.

His Majesty bid welcome to the populace and shared with them his eager enthusiasm for all the day had to bring. Some announcements were made about schedule additions and updates for the day, as well as about some classes to look forward to at Battlemoor, which will be held on the same site. Baron and Baroness Aarquelle begged leave of His Majesty to open court, wherein they created the premiers of several new orders. With that inspiring business complete the populace was sent forth to learn, have fun, and generally enjoy the beautiful day.

The day was filled with classes for all interests and the mood of the populace gathering for court was one of contentment and well earned exhaustion.

Court resumed with some announcements of other wonderful events to come. Baron and Baroness Aarquelle then once again requested to resume their court, and created premiers for several more of their new orders. The Autocrats of the event requested the ear of the populace to thank them for coming and His Majesty, as well as the assembled Barons and Baronesses took the occasion to thank the autocrats and their staff with gifts of largesse and praise. Aarquelle’s Baronial court was recessed, and Kingdom court resumed. At that moment His Majesty called forth Fiona of Aarquelle, and with great words of her good works He did award her arms. The Barony of Unser Hafen then begged a moment from His Majesty and opened their court in which announcements were made and awards given. Kingdom court resumed again. The Honorable Lady Zafirah and her Countess Magge were called before His Majesty to respectively release and accept the office of Kingdom Exchequer. Next, his Majesty requested the presence of Lord Ciarán Brocc, and after recognizing his steadfast service and contributions as a Herald, awarded him a Stag’s Heart. There were a few more announcements and then Mistress Elena was called forth to give account of the Captain of the Silver Tyne tourney, who was found to be Brenden. Finally, His Majesty demanded the presence of Lord Gaius Furious Marius, and after words of his constancy, excellence, and prowess, created him as a Thane of the Iron Hart. Court was recessed, and the populace was encouraged to enjoy the hot water, dancing, songs, stars, and all planned and unplanned activities for the evening.

A brief court was held Sunday morning to once again thank everyone for coming and advise about the activities of the day. Brenden, newest Captain of the Silver Tyne was awarded his Silver Tyne for his excellence on the field, and with it, his Award of Arms. Court was closed with a resounding cry of Outlands pride.

Dutifully submitted,
THL Pettronella Pártaszövõ
One of the Blue Iris Herald’s Staff