Words from our local Seneschals

                                                                                                            For the month of: June 2017

Aarquelle                                                                           Seneschal: Generica McKenna

Weekly, we have between 20 and 40 people at fighter practice; about 5-12 are armored, 3-6 are rapier and the rest are working on A&S, planning or just socializing. Count Robert’s monthly tournaments are part of the draw. Having a regular, nonthreatening, but still challenging goal seems to work. Our A&S nights are similar; a solid mix of projects, lessons, planning and socializing – drawing from and beyond Aarquelle. I believe actively encouraging this sort of diversity is helping us grow.

Upcoming events:

                  14-16 July ~ Highlands Rapier Camp and War Collegium (Buena Vista)

                  30 September ~ Aarquelle Defender

                  13 January 2018 ~ Viking Vinter Vonderlandt


al-Barran                                                                           Seneschal: Melodia Shaw

June is a quiet month for al-Barran. We have autocrats for Day of A&S (Lord Hardwin)and Toys 4 Tots (Lord Alexander) completing the year of events for the Barony. We are accepting bids and plans for Spring 2018 Crown Tournament. Planning is ongoing for Nock on Wood and Champions.

I am almost done with a revised event form and handbook for al-Barran, I am hoping this will help autocrats with their duties.

Upcoming events:

                  22 July ~ Nock on Wood

22-24 September ~ al-Barran Champions

16-17 December ~ al-Barran Midwinter and War Practice

10-11 March 2018 ~ Crown Tournament


Blackwater Keep                                                  Seneschal: Devon Nightshade

We continue to progress; we have monthly business meetings, twice monthly A&S meetings and weekly fighter practices. We are going to be participating in both the Roosevelt and Curry County Fairs, and doing a demo at the Peanut Valley Festival.

Our new Knight Marshal, Lord Corwin, is planning to build up the Shire loaner gear and continuing to offer instruction and help with armoring. We have three new people learning to fight.

Upcoming events:

                  21-22 October ~ Peanut Valley Festival DEMO


Blaiddwyn                                                                        Seneschal: Gerlin von Tiesenhausen

Summer Hiatus

Upcoming events:

August ~ Fall Welcome Back demo

Bryngalou                                                                                          Seneschal: Kveldulfr Valbrandsson

We have had new interest in our Shire, and new people have been coming to fighter practice and participating in meetings. We had a Shire tournament with a great turnout and a local member is starting a garb making business. We had one new name and device submission.

We are working on plans for Battlemoor, and finding an open date and site for Mountain Pas.

Upcoming events:


Caer Galen                                                                       Seneschal:


Upcoming events:

                  28-30 July ~ Enduro

                  15 October ~ Caer Galen Toys for Tots

                  9 December ~ Caer Galen Midwinter


Caerthe                                                                                 Seneschal: Gauvain Eisenbein


Upcoming events:

15-17 September ~ Caerthen Champions

14 October ~ Stag’s Emprise

21 October ~ Stag’s Con

22 October ~ Queen’s Prize

5-6 May 2018 ~ Coronation


Citadel of the Southern Pass           Seneschal: Aoife Ruadh inghean Ragnaill

June was a very busy month for the Citadel as a whole, as preparations for the July fighting event (Hastilude) were heavily underway. Officer meetings are well attended and each of the major positions took responsibility for their corresponding areas in coordinating events at Hastilude. Fighter practices are well attended, and our Knight Marshal continues to focus on teaching newcomers the basics and skills related to long-term interest and growth in the martial aspect of the game. Archery remains incredibly well attended--- and the new Wednesday practice for Rapier is growing. Caelix Harmoniae continues to grow and expand the choral repertoire, to include instruments. One of our members has begun a scribal guild, headed by HL Edmund, and many members are enjoying learning illumination and the basics of calligraphy.

The Baron and Baroness continue to maintain a warm and open-door policy with all members. I believe the newcomers benefit from this approach and many are showing interest in becoming deputies or officers. Offices open for application include: Chronicler and Herald.

Upcoming events:

6 January 2018 ~ Twelfth Night

Draca Mor                                                                                 Seneschal: Saeunn Hrafndottir

The Shire has been working on consistent Shire Gatherings including fighter practice and/or A&S, at alternating locations to provide opportunities for all of the members in our large geographic area. Our Shire is strong in A&S, with many members engaged in independent projects.

Ladies Rhowyn and Giovanna are looking for teachers for A&S and fighting for The Mor You Know 2.

Upcoming events:

30 Sept – 1 Oct ~ The Mor You Know 2


Dragonsspine                                                            Seneschal: Mary of Lyonshall

Dragonsspine is doing well. Folks are working well together and enjoying the summer events. Champions was a fun event, and we were all surprised with the number of archers that showed up for the archery segment on Sunday. We are looking forward to Rapier Camp, Crown and Battlemoor.

Upcoming events:

                  11 November ~ Holiday Bazaar

                  2 December ~ Baronial A&S

                  27 January 2018 ~ Candlemas


Drygestan                                                                                           Seneschal: Christine Woyade

This past month the Shire hosted Drystone and the Company of St Martin Collegium. Many folks had fun, and we made some new contacts and possibly new recruits. We are still having regular armored combat practices and A&S. We are beginning to have regular rapier practices.

We are now turning our attention to the Santa Fe Renaissance Festival from 15-18 September, and should be a great time. We have autocrats for ComicCon and for a demo at Warehouse 21.

Upcoming events:

                  15 July ~ Warehouse 21 DEMO

15-18 September ~ Santa Fe Renaissance Faire DEMO


Fontaine dans Sable                                       Seneschal: Adriana Lopes de Rodas

June was busy for Fontaine. We held a demo at the Farmington Public Library, followed the next weekend by our Medieval Fare and Demo to raise funds and donations for the food pantry. The library has enjoyed our demos enough that they continue to invite us to do more. Both events were delightful and well received.

July 9th will be tournament weekend: archery tournament at 10AM, rapier and possibly heavies at 1PM. San Juan County Fair demo will include: fighting, combat archery, drumming, dancing, arts and sciences.

Upcoming events:

18-19 August ~ San Juan County Fair DEMO

29September – 2 October ~ Warders of the Western Gate


Gleann Medonach                                              Seneschal: Michaela Kunrat

Nothing new to report

Upcoming events:


Hawk’s Hollow                                                         Seneschal: Grellan O'Conchobhair

All upcoming events are now listed on the Kingdom calendar. Venues have been discussed for future Kingdom level events. Letters of interest are open for both Seneschal (vacant at Battlemoor) and Herald. Planning is well underway for several demos over the next couple of months.

Upcoming events:

                  6 August ~ St Sebastian’s Archery Tournament

                  7-10 September ~ Estes Park Scottish / Irish Festival DEMO

                  15-16 September ~ Northglenn Pirate Fest DEMO


Nahrun Kabirun                                                    Seneschal: Hayate Tachibana

A&S and fighter practices are still going on regularly. Planning for upcoming events is going smoothly. We are nearly prepared for Coronation, and are just awaiting the results of Crown Tournament to finalize planning. Planning is underway for Clann Wars, Las Cruces Renaissance Faire and even next year’s Siege of the City as well as some fundraising ideas.

New members and interest in the shire is still growing.

Upcoming events:

18-20 August ~ Clann Wars

                  11-12 November ~ Coronation

23-25 March 2018 ~ Siege of the City


Plattefordham                                                           Seneschal: Zvir L’vov syn Gorin

The Shire is doing very well; we made it through Northern Realms War without incident and had a very good turnout. We now prepare for our close to home event of Dragons. We are also still putting together a demo for our local libraries. Inventory of Shire property is ongoing, and we are putting new classes together.

Upcoming events:

                  21-23 July ~ Here There be Dragons


Ram’s Keep                                                                    Seneschal:

The group is dormant.


Ravenhyrst                                                                     Seneschal: Anrique de Braga

Nothing new to report.

Upcoming events:


Rio de las Animas                                               Seneschal: Geua filia Guy

The Shire is preparing for Defender of the Silver Pass which takes place the last weekend in July. The equipment has been staged and is ready for the event. The autocrat, Ronan na f-Facille mac Connail is on top of things.

Fighter practice is being well attended. People are working on art projects. Success in heraldry submissions. The website is great.

SPOTLIGHT: The quartermaster has our equipment well in hand and beautifully organized. It is never easy to keep everyone putting things back in their places.

Upcoming events:

28-30 July ~ Defender of the Silver Pass


Scola Metallorum                                                Seneschal: Istvan

Summer hiatus

Upcoming events:


Saint Golias                                                                    Seneschal: Niccolo

Summer hiatus

Upcoming events:


Unser Hafen                                                                 Seneschal: Soren Thorvaldsson

Unser Hafen is doing well. We now have a new heavy and fencing marshal, so we can host official fighter practices in Greely, which is about 45 minutes away from where we normally host them, to be more convenient for some populace members.

We wrapped up a new event, with a first time autocrat, which went very smoothly. We are looking forward to Crown Tournament in August and Newcomers in early October.

Upcoming events:

                  11-13 August 2017 ~ Crown Tournament

                  7 October ~ Unser Hafen Newcomers ~ Myths and Monsters


White Mountain                                                     Seneschal: Mingus O’Brien

The group is quiet during summer.

Upcoming events:


Windkeep                                                                         Seneschal: Gwenhwyvar ferch Tewdrig


Upcoming events:

                  23 September ~ Windkeep Defender