Herein lies the court report for Drystone/St. Martin’s Collegium.

Saturday morning was beautiful and peaceful in the mountains above Drygestan. Her Royal Majesty awarded Lady Michaela de Montgomery a Trefoil for her steadfast service to the Shire of Drygestan (scroll is a work in progress). She then allowed the Autocrat, THL Erchambaut and the Class Coordinator, Sir Rowland, some time to announce the days activities. Her Majesty then took a moment to tell us of her morning contemplation. As our Queen listened to the early morning birdsong and gazed upon the trees, she noticed the evidence left behind of those not of our ilk who had used these lands before, and it caused Her Majesty great sadness. She asked her people to make special effort to leave the site cleaner than we found it. I saw with mine own eyes Outlanders of all ages doing this thing the rest of the event.

Classes were held and much learning and sharing of knowledge and philosophy happened. Camaraderie and festivity happened in the afternoon, with a bardic then drumming and dancing.

The setting for Sunday morning’s court was as beautiful as Saturday’s. Mikhailo of al-Barran was made a Companion of the Golden Pheon to much acclaim (scroll by Lady Gianina), and Mistress Brigitta Olavsdotter of Kiel was made a Companion of the Stag and Chalice for her longstanding service to the Kingdom (scroll by Mistress Monika. The Shire of Drygestan presented Her Majesty with a goodly amount of cunningly wrought gifts to be used as largesse. THL Iohann made an announcement about the upcoming Stag’s Emprise event.

Please accept this humble herald’s apologies for waiting so long to send this missive. I shall endeavor to be more timely in the future.

Belatedly reported,
Matilda Seton
Blue Iris Herald