Words from our local Seneschals

                                                                                                            For the month of: April 2017

Aarquelle                                                                           Seneschal: Generica McKenna

We pulled off Kingdom A&S. We made it through fire and ice to make Newcomers happen. We completed the investiture ceremony. Aarquelle is now a Barony.

Kingdom A&S was more successful than we ever imagined with more than 200 in attendance. The event was donation only with the proceeds to be split between a donation to the Boys and Girls club who let us have the site, the kingdom and our group. Newcomers was slated to be held in Beulah but the weather forecast was foul and we changed to Pueblo at the last minute, with about 150 in attendance. Aarquelle was invested as a Barony during morning court with Tiegr and Audrey as the first baron and baroness.

In 7 years, we moved from near dissolution to barony. We've gone from maybe 10 active members to more than 60. We have a vibrant A&S community, a solid mix of older and new fighters, our offices filled and people begging to become deputies. Our people are stepping up to work on a kingdom level, hosting events, staffing Battlemoor and considering offices. We are the heart of the stag.

Sir Needham is working with the heavy fighters to field an Aarquelle melee squad. Fighter practice has expanded to twice a week. Rapier is about to add a third practice as well. Villaleon has asked to join the Barony, dissolving their Shire. Our next challenge is to join forces and become one group covering SE Colorado. We're going to need to actively explore how to use social media, carpooling, innovative meeting schedules and a host of ideas to make sure every person in our group feels welcome, informed, valuable and wanted no matter where in the Barony they reside. It's a welcome challenge. We love these people; it's going to take thought and work to make it happen.

Upcoming events:

                  14-16 July ~ Highlands Rapier Camp and War Collegium (Buena Vista)

al-Barran                                                                           Seneschal: Melodia Shaw

Our Monthly meeting on April 30, was held specifically for the people we met the day before at the ren faire. We had 10 new people show up. This is a pretty good showing compared to past years. 

  The Albuquerque Ren Faire went well considering the weather which included, snow, rain cold temps and wind. We had 87 people from the barony show up to help and approximately 3500 people at the fair.

Outlandish is almost ready. We have one more cleanup. The autocrat for Midwinter has been pick and the event is on the Kingdom Calendar.

Upcoming events:

                  25-29 May ~ Grand Outlandish

                  22 July ~ Knock on Wood

22-24 September ~ al-Barran Champions

16-17 December ~ al-Barran Midwinter and War Practice

10-11 March 2018 ~ Crown Tournament

Blackwater Keep                                                  Seneschal: Devon Nightshade

We held one event and continue to have fighter practices and A&S Meetings. At our Collegium and Defender event we had 13 newcomers and at our last fighter practice we had two new folks who want to learn to fight.

At our Collegium and Defender Tourney on April 15th Samilya (Shirlynn Hudspeth) taught a class on common female Anglo-Saxon grave goods, Thyri (Kara Richey) taught a class on Kumihimo cording, Airt (Art Scott) taught a class on beginning archery, how to make bows and arrows. During the month of April Samilya taught a class on SCA scrolls and Dagrun (Katrina Priestley) taught a class on viking wire jewelry.

Lots of folks worked hard to make our event a success:
Lyra (Nannette Arden) made cloth buttons, Hudd de Peth (Thomas Hudspeth) made four scrolls based on the Codex Manesse, Thyri (Kara Richey) made the cord for the prize, Curran (Mike Hernadez) made the site tokens (small swords and boffer swords on lanyards), Hrothgar (Wayne Painter) feast, Dagrun (Katrina Priestley) feast, (Emily, Conrad, and Carl) feast helpers, (Conrad Laun) chain mail napkin holders.  Several of our members received awards from the Crown at our event.

Upcoming events:

We will be participating in both the Roosevelt County Fair with a static display and the Curry County Fair with a static display and a fighting demo.

Blaiddwyn                                                                        Seneschal: Gerlin von Tiesenhausen

 In April Blaiddwyn held one populace meeting, which was converted into a "Not-So-Medieval" Movie Night. It was well attended. We also discussed plans for the upcoming fall semester and the Blaiddwyn Bannerette tournament we are co-sponoring at Grand Outlandish this year.

  The spring semester is now over and Blaiddwyn will be going into haitus for the summer months of June and July. We will resume early August in preparations for the Fall Welcome Back days in late August(days yet unknown), and possible Pack Games the weekend following. We have been allocated an office for the 2017-2018 academic year that we can begin having access to in July, as well as an annual budget through UNM ASUNM Student government for the same year.

Upcoming events:

August ~ Fall Welcome Back demo

Bryngalou                                                                                          Seneschal: Kveldulfr Valbrandsson

Group is prepping for Oxygen Quest.

Upcoming events:

                  13 May ~ Oxygen Quest and May Day

Caer Galen                                                                       Seneschal: Keridwen Andersdottir

  Summer practice is now at Roosevelt Park
All events are updated with websites and linked to Kingdom calendar.

Upcoming events:

                  7-9 July 2017 ~ Caer Galen Defender

                  28-30 July ~ Enduro

                  15 October ~ Toys for Tots

                  9 December ~ Caer Galen Midwinter

Caerthe                                                                                 Seneschal: Gauvain Eisenbein

Nothing to report

Upcoming events:

                  13 May ~ Dance Collegium

26-29 May ~ Condottieri

21 October ~ Stag’s Con

5-6 May 2018 ~ Coronation

Citadel of the Southern Pass           Seneschal: Aoife Ruadh inghean Ragnaill

 April saw the transition within the Seneschal’s office, a review of current status and projects, and subsequent changes in format and purpose of officer meetings.  IT is my intent to bring an integrated and interactive approach to broadcasting results or meetings, be a cheerleader for various guilds and activities, engage the current officer corps, recruit new officers and deputies as Barony participants show interest.

The Citadel remains consistent in attendance and active engagement by current members.  I see strong indications of excitement, cohesiveness, and expansion into larger projects.  The March / April demo schedule was packed, but we are seeing newcomer involvement increase as well.  The Citadel is blessed with an actively engaged and effective Baron and Baroness, a strong Knight Marshal and Rapier Marshal and Archery Captain. 

The Barony now has a Clothier’s Guild, to help both newcomers and veteran players perfect and explore persona enhancements with sewing machines, patterns, ideas and discussion. 

Upcoming events:

                  14 May ~ May Day

Draca Mor                                                                                 Seneschal: Saeunn Hrafndottir

The shire will hold a demo 12-14 May at the Grand Junction Renaissance Faire.  The Mor You Know A&S event site has been secured, and we have an autocrat planning for STAG for the summer of 2018.  The Fabulous Fiber Babes are hosting a demo and classes at the Sneffel’s Fiber Faire 23-24 September.

We are adding marshals to increase opportunities for fighter practices, since members are spread out geographically.

Upcoming events:

30 Sept – 1 Oct  ~ The Mor You Know 2

Dragonsspine                                                            Seneschal: Mary of Lyonshall

It has been a very busy month for the folk in Dragonsspine. Much traveling and great joy in the Barony.

We have been running at full speed for over 6 weeks. Our Fighter practice has moved back outside for the next few months.  We are trying to rejuvenate the loaner garb.  The next event Dragonsspine is hosting is Champions on June 10th. Until then, we are preparing for the many summer events in the Kingdom.

Carnival of Venice was a nice little event. Hopefully it will attract more people in the future, but a good time was had by all.  Coronation was very successful.

Upcoming events:

                  10 June ~ Dragonsspine Champions

                  4 November ~ Holiday Bazaar

Drygestan                                                                                           Seneschal: Christine Woyade

Drygestan is getting prepared for Drystone III.  The event is being finalized, and we are finalizing volunteers for tear down, gate and security.  We will visit the site for Drystone this month.  We are also looking for an autocrat to run a demo at ComiCon. 

Upcoming events:

                  23-26 June ~ Drystone III and St Martin’s Collegium

15-18 September ~ Santa Fe Renaissance Faire (demo)

Fontaine dans Sable                                       Seneschal: Adriana Lopes de Rodas

Fontaine's big event for April was Sworded Affair. The event was a huge success, with approximately 200 attendees for the single day event. The event included 6 tournaments, both rapier and cut and thrust. There were also 3 elevations and the investiture of our new Baron and Baroness, Lingorm and Anna Katherine. 

We have 2 large demos coming up this summer: The Medieval Faire and Demo on June 17th in Aztec, NM, and an SCA demo at the San Juan County Fair on August 18th and 19th. Lady Wyolet and THL Mariah are coordinating the Medieval Faire and Demo.

At Populace last week the new retinue was also sworn in, along with the new Chatelaine, Lady Kateryn Blair.Wednesday Medieval Muster has continued to have good attendance from lights fighters and A&S participants. Archery has continued to be well attended. With the weather getting nicer, we will start having an additional practice on Sunday afternoons for rapier and heavies in the park to encourage public interaction.

  Letters are currently open for Minister of Lists and Chronicler. Bids are also open for Warders of the Western Gate.

Upcoming events:

17 June ~ Medieval Fare DEMO

Gleann Medonach                                              Seneschal: Michaela Kunrat

Nothing new to report.

Upcoming events:

Hawk’s Hollow                                                         Seneschal: Grellan O'Conchobhair

Upcoming events:

                  6 August ~ St Sebastian’s Archery Tournament

Hinterland                                                                       Seneschal: Rowan

The group has been quiet, nothing to report

Upcoming events:

Nahrun Kabirun                                                    Seneschal: Hayate Tachibana

Meetings going as planned except for a few problems with our usual meeting area being worked on, High attendance for A&S and Fighter practice.  Fighter practice discussion for the summer locations are ongoing. The shire continues to push on helping the groups around with their demos and so forth, working with group building in silver city.

Clann Wars discussion and volunteers are well underway.   Persona feast- shire potluck (Reoccuring quarterly)  5-18 (Not on the calendar, mostly an intershire event to get newcomers used to feast and events like it.)  Masked Ball 5-20, (Masquerade and potluck, dancing and games.) Siege of the city discussion and planning for next year has begun.

Upcoming events:

20-21 May ~ Masked Ball

18-20 August ~ Clann Wars

                  11-12 November 2017 ~ Coronation

Plattefordham                                                           Seneschal: Zvir L’vov syn Gorin

The group is doing good. We had a great turn out for our first tournament this season; several people can from out of shire. We had a fun silk banner painting class put on by Lady Keridwen Andersdottir. Still preparing for our summer events: Northern Realms War and Here There Be Dragons.  May’s tournament is to be arranged by Master Balthazar Knopf.

Upcoming events:

                  22-25 June ~ Northern Realms War

                  21-23 July ~ Here There be Dragons

Ram’s Keep                                                                    Seneschal:

The group is dormant.

Upcoming events:

Ravenhyrst                                                                     Seneschal: Anrique de Braga

 Group is quiet, nothing to report.

Upcoming events:

Rio de las Animas                                               Seneschal: Geua filia Guy

The archery meeting was successful.  Nine archers took the line and enjoyed themselves. The Captain of Archers announced he would hold weekly practice for those available.  Eleven hardy souls traveled to Fontaine's Sworded Affair and were entertained by good fighting and feasting.   Everyone in the shire is working on A&S projects and Ethan, a newer member, has made a small highly mobile bow stand. Our herald submitted 4 new names and devices for May's presentation and had one resubmission to Northshield.  Two submissions have been completely accepted.  Fighter practice and armoring has had a consistent 5-7 for the weekly practices. A marvelous demonstration was held for home-schoolers in the area.

The chatelaine has welcomed 3 new members with everyone's help and with tremendous aid of the excellent website.  Electronic media is vitally important!  After having an inoperative website for several years, the shire is gaining people because of a workable website, Facebook page and email system.   People are finding us and communication is efficient.  Thanks to our web-minister Ronan n f-Facial mac Connail.

Upcoming events:

28-30 July ~ Defender of the Silver Pass

Scola Metallorum                                                Seneschal: Istvan

Preparing for summer hiatus.

Upcoming events:

Saint Golias                                                                    Seneschal: Niccolo

Golias has been doing well. We have been slowing down as the semester begins to come to a close. We held court dancing on April 3rd in addition to normal fighter practice. We have had an increased number of heavy fighters at some recent practices.

  We just changed our seneschal from Bela Istivan to Niccolo with the former's graduation.

Upcoming events:


Unser Hafen                                                                 Seneschal: Soren Thorvaldsson

Unser Hafen continues to be busy. The college group at CSU is wrapping up the school year. We are having a revel in the park on Mother's day.

We have volunteers for a school Demo in May and we are organizing a good turnout for a local Medieval Festival where we are an integral part; it also has proved to be a fun time as well as good for finding new members.  Of Fire and Wind, a new event, will have a Middle Eastern theme.  Unser Hafen New Comers, we have a co-autocrat team and are working with the site to confirm a date.

Upcoming events:

                  30 June – 2 July ~ Of Fire and Wind

11-13 August 2017 ~ Crown Tournament

Villaleon                                                                              Seneschal: Unna Farulfsdottir

The shire has been busy. We have attended Aarquelle's Newcomer and Baronial Investiture as well as Spring Coronation.

Upcoming events:

White Mountain                                                     Seneschal: Mingus O’Brien

The group is quiet, nothing new to report.

Upcoming events:

Windkeep                                                                         Seneschal: Gwenhwyvar ferch Tewdrig

Upcoming events:

                  23 September ~ Windkeep Defender