Words from our local Seneschals

                                                                                                            For the month of: March 2017

Aarquelle                                                                           Seneschal: Syr Gerwyn y Teigr

March was a super busy month here in Aarquelle. We have Kingdom A&S Collegium in a few days, and then Newcomers three weeks later. There is much work to do, and many willing hands to do it. It is a glorious time for everyone in Aarquelle!

Upcoming events:

                  29 April ~ Aarquelle Newcomers & Investiture (Pueblo)

14-16 July ~ Highlands Rapier Camp and War Collegium (Buena Vista)

al-Barran                                                                           Seneschal: Melodia Shaw

We had Our monthly meeting again at the al-Thing on March 26th. The focus of the Barony right now is the Ren Faire. With not only the city paying us to help, we also get the chance to see over 7000 people in one day and show them what we do. Fighting, Living history, Music, and Dance are only some of the things we show the public on this day. So far we have 140 people signed up to help. In the 5th year this event has grown to be one of our biggest efforts of the year.

Sir Buqu Has stepped up as Webminister. We have autocrats for Both Nock on Wood and al-Barran Champions which are both on the calendar now.  We have had 2 Outlandish clean-ups so far and have done a lot of work to improve the land. We are working with the land owners to use donated materials to build some structures. on the land.

Upcoming events:

                  29 April ~ Albuquerque Renaissance Faire (demo)

                  25-29 May ~ Grand Outlandish

                  22 July ~ Knock on Wood

22-24 September ~ al’Barran Champions

10-11 March 2018 ~ Crown Tournament

Blackwater Keep                                                  Seneschal: Devon Nightshade

We have continued to hold planning meetings for our upcoming event this Saturday. We also continue to have A & S meetings twice monthly. We have not had a fighter practice in about a month. We held a trial feast for our upcoming event. We have our BWK Collegium and Defender Tournament this Saturday. We have been busily preparing for that. We have also completed a form to participate in the Curry County Fair. Our members continue to work on A&S projects.

Upcoming events:


Blaiddwyn                                                                        Seneschal: Gerlin von Tiesenhausen

Blaiddwyn is back! We are in a growth phase with heavy support from our local barony: al-Barran. Currently we have 5 student members with over 20 invitations out to interested parties. Blaiddwyn held its first populace meeting Thursday March 30th, we had 4 people in attendance. Many offers of help towards the rapier and recruitment efforts. First Meeting of each month converted to "Not-so-Medieval-Movie" Night. Advertisement underway, as well as flyers and posting for ABQ Renaissance Faire. Discussed formation of "Blaiddwyn Old Guard" to help in transitions between student officers.

Space has been reserved for us on the second and fourth Thursdays of the month, from 5:30PM – 7:30PM.  We will be in the Scholar’s room on the second floor of the Student Union Building, next to Popejoy Theatre.

Upcoming events:

27 April ~ Newcomers Meet and Greet! for new students/members

Bryngalou                                                                                          Seneschal: Kveldulfr Valbrandsson

Everything is the group is going well. We are all working together to help prepare for our upcoming event. Exciting news for the group members is the new addition, Williams family had their baby and she attended her first shire meeting this month.

May Day coordinators have been chosen and they are working to get things set up with everyone else in the shire. Mountain Pass - looking for someone to be in charge. No volunteers yet, but everyone agreed to think about it.
Upcoming events:

                  May 13 ~ Oxygen Quest and May Day

Caer Galen                                                                       Seneschal: Keridwen Andersdottir

Lots of events coming up for Caer Galen -- Defender, Enduro, Toys for Tots, Midwinter and generous participation with a majority of the populace.  Paperwork has been completed for adding Midwinter and Toys for Tots to the Outlands Calendar. Added a website for Defender and linked it to the Calendar as well.

Word is going around for folks to pre-register for Battlemoor, and also to create a nice gate or entry way for the Barony.

Upcoming events:

                  7-9 July 2017 ~ Caer Galen Defender

                  28-30 July ~ Enduro

                  15 October ~ Toys for Tots

                  9 December ~ Caer Galen Midwinter

Caerthe                                                                                 Seneschal: Gauvain Eisenbein

Nothing to report

Upcoming events:

                  13 May ~ Dance Collegium

26-29 May ~ Condorrieri

Citadel of the Southern Pass           Seneschal: Aoife Ruadh inghean Ragnaill

 The Seneschal position transitioned during the reporting process.

Upcoming events:

                  14 May ~ May Day

Draca Mor                                                                                 Seneschal: Saeunn Hrafndottir

The Shire has decided that since an appropriate site for STAG has not been secured, we will not hold STAG this year but focus our efforts on securing a site for 2018 this year. The Mor You Know A&S event site has been secured and Sat. Sept. 30 and Sun. Oct. 1 dates have been decided upon.  May 12th-14th, the Shire will be holding a Demo at the Grand Junction Renaissance Fair .  The Fabulous Fiber Babes will be holding a Fiber Demo and classes as the Sneffel's Fiber Faire, September 23 & 24, 2017.

Thanks to the nice weather, the Shire has begun its Fighter Practice/Populace Gatherings.

Upcoming events:

                  12-14 May ~ Grand Junction Renaissance Fair (demo)

Fall 2017 ~ The Mor You Know

Dragonsspine                                                            Seneschal: Mary of Lyonshall

The good folks of Dragonsspine are happy and content. Our numbers are up and participation is going forward. We are moving in the right direction, as a group. People are venturing outside their 'comfort zones' and trying new things, and getting to know each other better. I am most grateful for this!

Carnival of Venice was successful. A day of games, dancing, bardic, and wonderful food!  We had one demo. Everyone enjoyed it.

We welcome our new Chronicler, Don Antoine de Vallier.  We are in need of an A&S Officer. I fear that Baroness Lydia did her job so well that no one wants to follow her!  We are slowly working through all of the loaner garb. We want to be able to lend out garb that is nice and fits those who may need it.

Upcoming events:

                  6 May 2017 ~ Coronation

10 June ~ Dragonsspine Champions

                  4 November ~ Holiday Bazaar

Drygestan                                                                                           Seneschal: Christine Woyade

This month has been very active for A&S. We have had some good classes. We are continuing our official fighter practices Thursdays at 5:30. Planning has been going well for Drystone (June 23-25). We are going to have a site visit this month if weather permits.  We are still looking for an autocrat for Comicon.

We are going to start drumming and dancing the 3rd Wednesday of the month when we are not holding Court Dancing.

Upcoming events:

                  23-26 June ~ Drystone III and St Martin’s Collegium

15-18 September ~ Santa Fe Renaissance Faire (demo)

Fontaine dans Sable                                       Seneschal: Adriana Lopes de Rodas

Fontaine has had a busy month hosting Crown Tournament, Baronial Polling, and 5th Wednesday potluck.
Crown Tournament was a rousing success.  The baronial polling had representation from over half of baronial members. The next Coronet will be THL Anna Katherine and Lord Lingormr.
The 5th Wednesday potluck was also well attended with the return of several old members as well as the most recent.

We have had several officers reporting that email has been an issue. Not the baronial ones, but their personal ones, seem to not be sending with success. We have started using the FB Fontaine Officers' Page as a backup, so, if emails do not go through, I still receive the reports. However, this is not helping with Kingdom uplinks receiving reports in a timely manner.

Upcoming events:

17 June ~ Medieval Fare DEMO

Gleann Medonach                                              Seneschal: Michaela Kunrat

Nothing new to report.

Upcoming events:

Hawk’s Hollow                                                         Seneschal: Grellan O'Conchobhair

Lady Carole ran the meeting and here are her notes. Archery report: Insurance for archery practice at Scout Park for the duration 04/23/17 to 10/29/17 is paid.

Estes Park Demo will be the weekend after Battlemoor Sept. 7,8,9,10

Upcoming events:

                  6 August ~ St Sebastian’s Archery Tournament

Hinterland                                                                       Seneschal: Rowan

The group has been quiet, nothing to report

Upcoming events:

Nahrun Kabirun                                                    Seneschal: Hayate Tachibana

Nahrun is still growing as we've had 2 new people come to populace this week, A&S is still heavily attended, as is fighter practice.  Siege of the City event, at the City of Rocks was a success. Siege of the city went off without problems, successful despite the weather to begin with; budgeting was spot on as we broke even for a first time event.

Meeting with the Las Cruces Ren Fair soon. King's Tournaments, shire feasts planning.

Upcoming events:

20-21 May ~ Masked Ball

                  11-12 November 2017 ~ Coronation

Plattefordham                                                           Seneschal: Zvir L’vov syn Gorin

The group as a whole is doing well. We are preparing for our upcoming events of NRW and Dragons, as well as starting up the monthly tournaments, which was received very well. We had an out of town visitor, Sir Thomas the Diminutive, from Artemisia; for fighter practice. Looking into holding a "Day in Medieval life" for a local library, with artisans and interactive events for patrons.  Season of Tournaments - was very well received and we are planning to how these on the first weekend of each month, with the exception of this month

Looking into making some sort of "New Comer Token", the idea of a pin with the shires symbol was brought up. Further discussion of this was tabled until next month giving time for people to come up with some ideas.  April- Baroness Keridwen will be up on the 29th and 30th of April to teach a Silk Banner Painting class.

Upcoming events:

                  June 2017 ~ Northern Realms War

                  21-23 July 2017 ~ Here There be Dragons

Ram’s Keep                                                                    Seneschal:

The group is dormant.

Upcoming events:

Ravenhyrst                                                                     Seneschal: Anrique de Braga

Still needing some officer positions filled, LOIs sent to Caerthe are pending approval for all open positions.

Bids for Golden Thimble should be presented at our next populace. Bids for Ravensfair are being worked on.

Upcoming events:

Rio de las Animas                                               Seneschal: Geua filia Guy

Rio de las Animas is doing well with many activities starting again as the snow melts.  We have also welcomed two newcomers who are taking part in fighter and archery practices.  Fighter practices and armor work in starting with new and returning fighters.  Members are making a wonderful variety of items and we were able to ooh and ahh over them.  Many heraldic consults have occurred.

Our website and facebook page is working well and is easy to access; hence the two eager newcomers.

Upcoming events:

                  28-30 July ~ Defender of the Silver Pass

Scola Metallorum                                                Seneschal: Istvan

Preparing for summer hiatus.

Upcoming events:

Saint Golias                                                                    Seneschal: Bela Istvan

Everything is well, it is business as usual for the moment.  Preparing for summer hiatus.

Upcoming events:


Unser Hafen                                                                 Seneschal: Soren Thorvaldsson

Unser Hafen is dong well. Fighter practices continue to be well attended.  We will be helping to participate in the Kingdom Tourney Season. I will speak with our marshals soon to start this in May.  We will be hosting a new event Of Fire and Wind the first weekend of July. This will be our champions. Crown Tournament is coming together nicely.

Upcoming events:

                  30 June – 2 July ~ Of Fire and Wind

11-13 August 2017 ~ Crown Tournament

Villaleon                                                                              Seneschal: Unna Farulfsdottir

We had good attendance at Kingdom A&S. Lots of classes were taken and two guests from the shire attended. As usual, we are working on members, martial duties, and the day to day issues in the shire.  We noted that in order to increase our numbers, that we must have activities for youth as well as adults. We will be continuing to hold meetings, practices and A&S nights to attract newcomers.

We are planning a new event for June. Tentatively this is being called She Sells Sea Shells. It will be held in conjunction with a tournament. Our next meeting will be a meet and greet for the whole shire to get together. This will be held in Trinidad. We plan to hold an A&S day/evening as soon as scheduling will allow.

Upcoming events:

White Mountain                                                     Seneschal: Mingus O’Brien

The group is quiet, nothing new to report.

Upcoming events:

Windkeep                                                                         Seneschal: Gwenhwyvar ferch Tewdrig

We have money. We have new fighters - several of them! Fighter practice is well attended, and moves outdoors at the park beginning in May. We have a contract for an indoor site for next year. We had herald submissions. Our website is current. 

We talked about a sponsorship program to keep new people involved. We talked about printing out flyers to have available to when we move outside, and about making a short video montage to put on our website. We discussed the monthly tournaments and agreed on a format.

Windkeep defender tourney on the calendar. it will be Sept. 23. hugh will autocrat.

I'm very proud of my group. We had a situation that could have cast our organization into a bad light, instead, we pulled together and worked to find a solution.

Upcoming events:

                  23 September ~ Windkeep Defender