The St Martins Collegium will be held in conjunction with the Drystone III event, June 23rd to June 25th 2017.  The site in on Santa Fe National Forest land in a cool Ponderosa Pine forest.

St. Martin’s Collegium will have classes for many heavy weapons styles, fencing styles, games and arts and sciences.  From Basic Sword and Shield by Sir Roland, Italian Long Sword by MOD Siegfried, How to beat a lefty by Sir AElric, Thinking in Fighting by Duke Artan.  There will be non-fighting classes also, Court Speaking by Duke Walric, Viking Hack Silver by Sir Elric. 

This event is based on the event “Grace and Valor” which is held every other year in the northern part of the Kingdom of the Outlands.  We strive for this to be a similar event on the open years in the southern part of the Kingdom of the Outlands.