Words from our local Seneschals

                                                                                                            For the month of: January 2017

Aarquelle                                                                           Seneschal: Syr Gerwyn y Teigr

It has been a great month for Aarquelle; it has been announced that Their Royal Majesties are supporting the advancement to Barony from Shire.  We are now working feverishly on all that entails.  Our officers are determining any new requirements for their offices as we transition.

We held out annual Viking Vntr Vunderlandt event, and had over 100 in attendance.  Her Royal Majesty came and received our petition for advancement at that event. 

Upcoming events:

                  18 February ~ As You Like It (Salida)

8 April ~ Kingdom Arts & Sciences Collegium (Salida)
29 April ~ Aarquelle Newcomers & Investiture (Pueblo)
14-16 July ~ Highlands Rapier Camp and War Collegium (Buena Vista)

Al’Barran                                                                           Seneschal: Ymanya Murray

Al-Barran is well into preparations for war.  The January populace meeting was well attended, and the February populace meeting will be held earlier in the month than usual, to allow for final planning before folks leave for war.  At this meeting, Mistress Melodia will take the office of Seneschal. 

Upcoming events:

                  29 April ~ Albuquerque Renaissance Faire (demo)

Blackwater Keep                                                  Seneschal: Devon Nightshade

Blackwater keep continues to hold monthly general meetings, along with twice monthly A&S and fighter practices; however, the weather has prevented archery practice. 

We will be holding an event on 15 April, where we plan to have classes on various topics, and do some fighting.  We intend to support the ENMU production of “Pirates of Pinzance,” by purchasing advertising.

Upcoming events:

                  15 April ~ Blackwater Keep Collegium and Defender

Blaiddwyn                                                                        Seneschal:

Blaiddwyn is on winter hiatus

Bryngalou                                                                                          Seneschal: Kveldulfr Valbrandsson

The group is working well, and are happy.  Our St. Brigid Day event went well, the Queen gracing us.  Several pieces of Shire garb were needed and several awards given out to Shire members by Her Majesty.  Best of all, a profit was made!

We have a consistent average number of fighters at practice, with no injuries!  We have bi-weekly A&S classes, starting in February, with specific topics and open sewing nights.  We are now looking ahead to WAR, and our May Day event, planned for the second weekend in May.

SPOTLIGHT:  Thanks to Terri, for bringing snacks to the last meeting!

Upcoming events:

                  May ~ May Day

Caer Galen                                                                       Seneschal: Keridwen Andersdottir

The Barony has been quiet, nothing to report.

Upcoming events:

                  7-9 July 2017 ~ Caer Galen Defender

                  28-30 July ~ Enduro

Caerthe                                                                                 Seneschal: Gauvain Eisenbein

Preparations for WAR are well underway.  Caerthe has volunteered to take the 8 PM to Midnight shift on Friday at Estella War.  We will be holding an A&S get together at Kovac and Estefania's House in Englewood on the 2nd and 4th Friday of the month.

Upcoming events:

                  25 March ~ Newcomer’s Collegium        
                  26-29 May ~ Condorrieri

Citadel of the Southern Pass           Seneschal: Marco Paolo D’Este

  Fighter practices continue on Sundays and Tuesdays, and archery practice on Saturday.  Arts and Sciences nights occur on the second Monday and the fourth Friday of the month.  Baronial Choir Practice takes place on Mondays and Silver Sun Hospitality Night on Wednesdays.  Finally, officers meeting is held the third Wednesday of the month.

Upcoming events:

                  30 April ~ May Day

Draca Mor                                                                                 Seneschal: Saeunn Hrafndottir

The shire continues to plan for events later in the year, securing a site for Summer Tournament and Games (STAG) event.  The Mor You Know has been shifted back to the fall of 2017, with a tentative site arranged. 

The Fabulous Fiber Babes will be participating in the Sneffels Fiber Fair in September, teaching various fiber arts, and Egil Thorsen will be participating in the Viking Exhibit at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science.

Shire Gatherings (practice and A&S) will begin again in March, when the weather is more cooperative.  Our Thrown Weapons Marshal, Baroness Annis, is researching the equipment needed to begin thrown weapons practice once the weather stabilizes.

Upcoming events:

                  12-14 May ~ Grand Junction Renaissance Fair (demo)
                  Fall 2017 ~ The Mor You Know

Dragonsspine                                                            Seneschal: Mary of Lyonshall

  Dragonsspine is doing well – despite the plague of illness and surgeries beset upon our great populace.  Despite it all, fighter practice is well attended, and there is a feeling of camaraderie among the Barony, as we move ahead with new events… and WAR! 

I am pleased with the success of the events to date.  Candlemas was a great success, with 171 people attending; everything went seamlessly.  WE did one demo, and were well received.   We have open bids for Champions, expected to be in June. 

Upcoming events:

                  1 April ~ Carnival of Venice
                  6 May 2017 ~ Coronation
                  4 November ~ Holiday Bazaar

Drygestan                                                                                           Seneschal: Christine Woyade

Drygestan is moving forward to put on several events, including Drystone III and St. Martin's Collegium. We will have a financial committee meeting the second Wednesday in February during our A&S meeting, where we will approve budgets for these events and Ren Faire. We hope to have a new Knight Marshall this month; we have 2 good candidates to choose from, so that we can continue to have regular A&S and Fighter Practice. We look forward to Estrella War, where we will be camping as a Shire.

Upcoming events:

                  15-18 September ~ Santa Fe Renaissance Faire (demo)

Fontaine dans Sable                                       Seneschal: Adriana Lopes de Rodas

January was a typically busy month, with weekly meetings at our Medieval Muster; including fighter practice, A&S, bardic children’s activities and/or chatelaine projects.  The Barony is creating a new list field, using pennants painted with the personal, household and Baronial devices and badges.  Weather, both low temperatures and muddy fields and roads have hampered archery practice.

Fontaine’s 12th Night was held, with court dancing a silent auction, children’s scavenger hunt, a wonderful Court and an amazing feast.  Many members of the barony, and Shire-folk in Rio, received Baronial awards, and were recognized by His Majesty with Kingdom awards.

Two letters were accepted by The Crown, and the Barony will be moving forward with Polling and Investiture in the coming months.  A Town Hall meeting with Q&A is scheduled for 17 February, which will be recorded and available to watch online.  Polling will occur Sunday of Crown Tournament, during the Princess Protector Tournament.

Upcoming events:

11 March 2017 ~ Crown Tournament & Baronial Polling
22 April 2017 ~ Sworded Affaire & Baronial Investiture

Gleann Medonach                                              Seneschal: Michaela Kunrat

The group has been quiet, nothing to report.

Hawk’s Hollow                                                         Seneschal: Grellan O'Conchobhair

We have been active in several areas.  Lord Marcus hosted a largesse / leatherworking workshop to generate simple pouches.  Future largesse workshops were discussed to continue to “feed the need” for A&S and largesse.  Everyone was looking forward to Tri-Baronial A&S competition.  Archery is still going strong.  We are looking forward to Estrella.

Upcoming events:

                  6 August ~ St Sebastian’s Archery Tournament

Hinterland                                                                       Seneschal: Rowan

The group has been quiet, nothing to report.

Nahrun Kabirun                                                    Seneschal: Heinric Von Drachenburg

 We are all busily preparing for Estrella, ready to show up in force.  Fighter practices continue twice per week, are heavily attended, as are weekly A&S meetings and Friday armor workshops.

We are in full preparation mode for Siege of the City, and held a fighter practice on the site last month, that was a blast.  Coronation planning is also well underway, and we are beginning to plan for Clan Wars again in Ruidoso, NM.

My replacement has been selected, and approved.  The goal is for him to take the office on 1 March, and I will continue in an advisory role as long as I am able. 

Upcoming events:

31 March2017 ~ Siege of the City (City of Rocks state park)
20 May ~ Masked Ball
11-12 November 2017 ~ Coronation

Plattefordham                                                           Seneschal: Zvir L’vov syn Gorin

The last month, we celebrated our Candlemas event with the King.  Our members received numerous awards from His Majesty during His visit.  The event went very well, and thanks to all who participated in the A&S auction, we were able to raise $714.0 to the travel fund.  We were also able to gain two new members due to the event. We are continuing our plans for Norther Realms War and Dragons.  We are looking into getting a fighter practice in Glenrock once per month, to facilitate more involvement from the members that we have in Douglas.  We are putting up fliers at the local college, and possibly putting together a demo. 

We will be having a cheese making class in February, and future classes of lampworking (making glass beads) silk banner painting and sourdough bread from a 150 year old starter.  Fighter practices are going well, gaining heavy and light fighters.  We are tentatively planning a 3 kingdom joint fighter practice with Northshield and Artemisia in April or May. 

Upcoming events:

                  June 2017 ~ Northern Realms War
                  21-23 July 2017 ~ Here There be Dragons

Ram’s Keep                                                                    Seneschal:

The group is dormant

Ravenhyrst                                                                     Seneschal: Anrique de Braga

Our group continues to support the Barony of Caerthe, as best we are able.

Rio de las Animas                                               Seneschal: Geua filia Guy

January saw no action in Rio because of weather.  Road and parking conditions prevented us from meeting nor were we able to conduct business or play. Roads had cleared enough for 6 members were able to attend Fontaine's 12th night.  I appreciate the crown for the generous awards that were given to our members that night.

A new website with current information about the shire was launched, and is now connected to the Kingdom pages and the webmaster's office.  A new email list was established for mass communication as well since Yahoo groups has been difficult. 

February 5 was Rio's first 2017 meeting; we tried a new format.  Everyone brought their own lunch; we had short reports; everyone worked on a project; heraldry consults were held all while we watched the indoor fighter practice.  The American Legion hall was very welcoming. Weather prevents outdoors fighter practice and archery.  

Upcoming events:

                  28-30 July ~ Defender of the Silver Pass

Scola Metallorum                                                Seneschal: Istvan

Returning from winter hiatus

Saint Golias                                                                    Seneschal: Bela Istvan

The college is up and running again.  Southern War Practice, in early February, was a great success.  Practice went smoothly and everyone had a good time.  Niccolo has taken the position of Deputy Seneschal, with the intention of taking the Seneschal position in May.

Upcoming events:


Unser Hafen                                                                 Seneschal: Soren Thorvaldsson

We are meeting the first Tuesday of each month at Edwards Hall at CSU to learn Medieval and Renaissance Court Dancing (with a few Folk Dances thrown in).  The Barony hosts a revel the second Thursday of every month. Everyone is welcome, come in garb if you can and bring a dish or drink to share.We will be doing rapier and armored fighting as well as some combat archery, games and fun. Fighter Practice is held at CSU.

Preparations for Crown Tournament are underway.

Upcoming events:

                  11-13 August 2017 ~ Crown Tournament

Villaleon                                                                              Seneschal: Unna Farulfsdottir

 We are off to a quiet start to 2017, and are looking forward to adding two more members to our roster.  We had three Shire-folk receive awards from Her Majesty, at Viking Vntr Vunderlandt.  We continue working to integrate the two population groups when it comes to A&S and fighter practices.

We are looking forward to working with Aarquelle, as they transition to Barony, and will consider the future relationship between our groups as they have settled into their new status. 

Upcoming events:

White Mountain                                                     Seneschal: Mingus O’Brien

The group has been quiet, nothing to report.

Windkeep                                                                         Seneschal: Gwenhwyvar ferch Tewdrig

The group has been quiet, nothing to report.