It is with great pleasure that I announce the Kingdom Award Recommendation Form has been converted and is now available on the Kingdom Website.

To help keep down spam, you will need to logon to the site in order to see the link to the Award Form from Quick Links on the Awards Page.

Keep in mind that we *did not* carry over user accounts and passwords from the old site - we wanted to start fresh. Please create an account on the new website at your convenience.

You can access the Award Recommendation Form from the Outlands Quick Links on any page or find it directly at:

It is my hope this tool will be used to help recognize the good works of kind Gentles across the Kingdom.

Thanks for your patience!

 Respectfully; In Fealty and Service,

THL Mathom the Malcontent
OSO, CSH, CTO, Pursuivant
Outlands Kingdom Webminister