The SCA, Kingdom of the Outlands recognizes that there are conditions that require the management of excessive noise/sound levels at events. Carbide noisemakers, which are made to resemble period black powder cannons, are a common source of noise at events. Although the use of these devices have no apparent or immediate impact on the health and well-being of the general populace, it has been deemed necessary to enact procedures and guidelines for the use of these devices in order to provide comfort and peace of mind for those attending SCA events.. These procedures are to include setting established times the devices may be used, advanced notification of their use, and any other specific procedures deemed necessary by the autocrat or local group hosting the SCA event.

Minimum rules on carbide noisemaker use at all official SCA events in the Outlands are as follows:

❖ Operation of devices may only occur between 10:00 am and 10:00 pm.

❖ Carbide noisemakers may not be used during court except with specific dispensations from the Crown or Baronial Coronet hosting the Court.

❖ Only one device may be fired at a time, with at least 1 minute between each concurrent device being fired.

❖ No more than 4 total activations in any hour per camp.

❖ Carbide noisemakers may not be fired closer than 50 feet from any other adjacent camp without express permission from the owners of that camp.

❖ Whenever possible, point carbide noisemakers away from other camp areas, toward the outskirts of the site.

❖ Carbide noisemakers may not be fired next to a road or path that is used.

❖ Verbal warning must be issued before carbide noisemakers are fired, e.g., “fire in the hole”

These rules are meant as a minimum set of standards. Stricter rules, up to and including a total restriction of the use of carbide noisemakers, may be set and enforced based on specific site needs or the preferences of event staff. Any person or camp who refuses to comply with policies may be asked to leave at event staff’s request. These rules apply only to carbide noisemakers; black powder cannons are strictly forbidden at any event.