I am sure you have all seen the growing wildfires in the western portion of the county. We are getting reports from the Kingdom Disaster Relief Coordinators in that area, and are keeping an eye out for issues. Currently we have reports that we do have SCA members who have lost their homes. Please stay tuned for ways we can help.

In our own beloved Kingdom, we have a couple of small wildfires, with no members affected.
Most of the Kingdom is under an EXTREME fire danger alert. Dry, hot, windy conditions are the culprit, with an abundance of undergrowth from the wet spring. We have been relatively fire free this season, but our secondary fire season has just begun.

Now might be a good time to put some mitigation practices in place, if you have not already done so. Here is a link to help you get started:


Keep an eye on the Kingdom pages, both official and unofficial for more updates as the situation develops.

Isabel Benet
Outlands DRC