Greetings from Sir Lavan Longwalker, Kingdom Seneschal.

I have noticed, since Crown Tournament, somewhat of a loss of understanding in the use of the correct title for the Crown Prince and Crown Princess. The Outlands Crown Prince and Crown Princess are titled “Your Royal Highness.” Too often I have heard “Your Highness.” This is the title for a Prince (one that serves the Crown ruling a Principality), not a Crown Prince (heir to the Throne of a Kingdom). For example: The Prince of the Mists of The West Kingdom would be “Your Highness” the Crown Prince of the Outlands should be “Your Royal Highness.” For the future, I ask all to remember this for our future Crown Prince and Crown Princess.

I am proud to announce that Baroness Somisawhel de Sousa will be taking the reins of Kingdom Seneschal at Coronation. She has served this past year as Southern Deputy Seneschal and will do a great job serving the Kingdom as a whole. I wish her well in this humbling endeavor.

I also wish to give thanks to those who have served with me as a kingdom officer and group officer. Their efforts have made the Kingdom what it is today, and their service helped set the tone for the future of this wonderful Kingdom. Thank you for your service to the Outlands!

I want to especially thank the Kingdom Seneschal Team: Duke Bela Kos, Jarl Gunwaldt Gullbjorn and Baroness Somisawhel de Sousa. Their excellent support, guidance and steadfast work made my job so much easier. I am proud to have served with these individuals as part of a team whose goal was to help make the Kingdom a better place. This teamwork made serving the Outlands a true joy!

With that, I bid you all enjoy these coming days of Fall and, as always, be safe.