From the Desk of Lady Saerlaith inghean Robeaird:

Unto the grand populace of the Outlands do I send greetings! Our generous Crown has chosen many deserving individuals to be given peerages.

Those individuals that have been offered thus far will be giving their answers to our loving and benevolent King and Queen at the following events:


THL Harduin of Heristal - Order of the Laurel, Siege of the City in Nahrun Kabirun: Mar 23, 2018

His Excellency Marc Antoine de la Rue - Order of the Chivalry, A Sworded Affair in al-Barran: Apr 7, 2018

THL Zafirah al-`Aliyyah - Order of the Pelican, Kingdom A&S in Caerthe: Apr 14, 2018

His Excellency Gianni Sangermano - Order of Defense, Coronation in Caerthe: May 5, 2018