Friday, May 27, 2016 – Monday May 30, 2016
Quint Valley Campground
5071-899 Main St, Byers, Colorado 80103

Event Steward: THL Angus Montgomery the Forrester &
THL Reynhard von Reutte (Dwayne Beuthel & Ray Michel)
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (720)560-0627

Adult Member Discount Event Registration: $20, Adult Event Registration: $25,
Child Registration (5-15): $10, Child (Under 5): Free
Adult Member Discount Daytrip Registration: $15, Adult Daytrip Registration: $20

FEAST (Saturday Evening)
Adult $7, Child (5-15) $5, Child (Under 5) Free

Family Cap is $50
Make checks payable to "SCA - Caerthe"
Payment may be sent to:
Brian Mormon
8806 w Elmhurst Ave.
Littleton Co. 80128
Make checks payable to "SCA Inc - Barony of Caerthe"
Site is Wet

A cool mist rises from the ground in the pre-dawn hours. As the eastern sky begins to lighten in the promise of a coming sun, the silhouette of the castle brightens. Today, the siege begins. The commander of the attacking forces surveys the surrounding lands; assesses the strengths of the allied forces to either flank. Their banners hanging motionless in the solemn stillness that is dawn; a tranquility soon to be shattered by the terrible sounds of destruction and death. He turns and watches as his trebuchet crews complete their inspections of his giant war machines. In the near distance, the cavalry and archers begin to form. Pausing only long enough to greet the rising sun, he turns on his heel to issue his orders. Today, glory will be had; history will be made …
And so begins THE SIEGE AT INLANDISH. The four northern baronies are gathering in the field of war for this four-day event to be held over the Memorial Day weekend. They have brought their allies; shires and mercenary companies throughout the Kingdom have joined sides to prove their dominance. The prize is the castle; the reward is the legacy of the tale.

But there is so much more to conducting war than what happens on the battlefield.
At The Siege at Inlandish; the support around the soldiers is what will win the day! Come not only to support your troops, but also to support your artisans. There will be A&S competitions and contests of heraldry, cooking, bardic, horsemanship, archery, period display, thrown weapons, children’s activities and even dancing, gaming, and reveling throughout the long weekend. Be a part of the Combat Siege Cooking Contest; or for the youth (and adults) test your prowess and skills in the Survive the Siege contest!

There will be more than you can do in four days. And everything … contributes to the ultimate victory of the siege.
The pre-dawn light of the sun slices the Eastern horizon with its garish sanguine color. Acknowledging the symbolism of the bloody sunrise to come, the commander of the castle garrison stands silently, watching from the high wall of the castle at the gathering forces below. Grimly, he knows that the attackers have numbers on their side, but he also knows the strength of his castle’s walls. These are walls that have stood for many years, against many a would be conqueror. He knows that today will be no different. As the sky continues to lighten, he runs through his order of command one more time; assessing his every defense available. Pausing to watch as the sun breaks the horizon in glorious light, he understands that the order of the day is a simple one … hold the castle!
This is one siege that you do not want to miss!

Take your best route through Denver to I-70 EB towards Limon. Take Exit 316 at Byers. Take a left at the stop sign at the bottom of the exit ramp, and go about 1/2-mile North on Hwy 36. Turn left at Quint Valley Fairgrounds, and follow the signs into the site.