Site opens at 9:00
Morning Court 10:00

Chivalry Circle at 10:45am
Pelican Circle at 11:30am

Laurel Circle at 12:45pm
Defense Circle at 1:30pm

4:30 Evening Court
Feast to begin following Court (approximately 6pm)

Master Bela's Spear Tourney to begin following the conclusion of the Chivalry Circle, at 11:30

Sunday War Practice;

08:00: set up

09:00: Pancake Breakfast Begins

10:00: General warm up

10:30: War practice begins
- Open field battles, best 2 of 3
- Town battle, 20 min res for 5 control points. Points taken every 5 mins.
- Double Bridge, 2 fights last man standing or 50% control after 15 mins.
- Break
- Woods, 6 foot and under, 30 min res then last man or until both control points are captured.
- Castle door, fastest capture of 2 battles; attackers-unlimited res, defenders- no res.
- Full Field Battle, 2 bridges and castle. Limited res at 5, 10, 15, and 20 mins. 3 control points. If no clear leader after 20 mins, fight to last man.

01:00: Official practice ends

- Helga Ball practice for interested persons