Their Royal Highnesses


Jaxarticus II and Anna

 Count Darius of Jaxartes and Mistress Anna MacTaggart


Royal Progress

10/4-10/8 Great Western War
10/14 Stag's Emprise ( Warlord Tourney)

11/11-11/12 Coronation
11/18 al-Barran a&s
11/19 al-Barran T4T

12/9- 12/10 Caer-Galen Midwinter
12/16-12/17 al-Barran Midwinter & War Practice

1/6- 1/7 Citadel 12th night
1/20 Fontaine 12th night
1/27 Dragonspine Candlemas

2/3 St. Golias War Practice
02/20-02/26 Estrella War

03/10-03/11 Crown Tournament
03/23-3/25 Siege of the City

4/14 Kingdom A&S



Food allergy Food Likes Food Dislikes Beverage pref him Beverage pref her Gift prefs
none Any meats, cheeses, pickles, carrots, crackers, hummus,chips and salsa, fruit, avocados Her only- mustard, olives, nuts (peanuts ok), mushrooms, broccoli, horseradish, bloody marys G2, San Pellegrino, Coffee, flavored Red Bull, Stella Artois, Vodka G2, Unsweet Iced Tea, Coffee, flavored Red Bull, microbrew beer, Vodka, Single Malt Scotch Her- colors gules, argent, sable
  Him only- olives, vegetables Him- any liquor except Vodka     Him- colors argent and sable