The King and Queen of the Outlands

lief and ansteys

His Majesty Sir Lief Davidson & Her Majesty Mistress Ansteys Darcy

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Royal Household

King's Champion

Duke Bela Kos



Master Bela Kierzon


A&S Champion

Lady Anne Elizabeth Morley


Windhover Bard

Lady Isabel la Biche d'Hiver


Shield of Chivalry

Sir Bardolf Gunwaldtsson


Blue Iris Herald

Countess Matilda Seton


Shield of Chivalry

Sir Bardolf Gunwaldtsson


Bearer of the Queen’s Favor

Count Robert Magnus


Mistress of the Robes

Duchess Anna de Apperleye


Prince Royale

Aidan Liefson


Captain of the Queen's Guard

Lord Alexander of Lancaster


Queen’s Guard

THL Patrick the Early
THL Estefania de las Yeguas
Lord Louchelan de Hay
Lord Ketill Geirason
Lady Kolgríma Nikolásardóttir
Lord Tiberius Valerius Germanicus
Lord Miguel Iolo de Genoa
Lord Zvir L'vov syn Gorin
Lady Asfridr Riksdottir
Lady Olivia Solís de Luján
Lady Jacquelyna de la Roche
Cinéad Mac Amhlaoib
Eadred Cuncliffe

Queen's Champion

Lord Iohann der Fuchs


Protector of the Queen’s Heart

Don Aegeon the Actor


Royal Archer

Earl Mika Longbow


Steward of the Royal Household

Mistress Anne Bigod


Defender of the Queen

Don Robert Hunteman


Rapier of Chivalry

Jarl Freana Geardson


Flower of Chivalry

Lord Gilbert le Verrat


Largesse Coordinator

Baroness Bronwen Blackwell


Royal Dapifer

Mistress Ursula D'Arcy


Princesses Royale

Katherine le Fayre atte Watere
Helena Liefsdottir


Head Lady in Waiting

Mistress Melodia Shaw


Ladies in Waiting

Mistress Sabiha al-Zarqa’ al-Karakiyya
THL Matilda Beresford
THL Adalyde bint Junus al-Zaarqa
THL Angel D'Auvergne
THL Pettronella Pártaszövõ
THL Auria of St. Golias
Lady Sigred Farulfdotter
Lady Natassia Zviera
Lady Adelaisa Bernois
Lady Nerienda of Elmet
Lady Gerlin von Tiesenhausen
Lady Martine de la Rochelle
Lady Aveline of Blackwater Keep
Katherine le Fayre atte Watere
Lucrezia de Carducci


King’s Guard

Duke Walrick de Blakeney
Sir Rowland de Grey of Lincolnshire
Sir Gabriel Robertson
THL Patrick the Early
Lady Kata Utam Gierr
Lord Nazir of Trotheim

Jarl Kolgrimr Olafsson
Sir Titus Modius Varro
THL Adrien de Calais
Lord Axgar von Horn
Lord Falnor Lakemeire


Royal Preferences


His Royal Highness

Her Royal Highness

Allergies / Need to avoid

Corn in all of its forms including corn syrup, dextrose, xantham gum, sorbital, etc.

Allergies: All fish and shellfish, seafood, seaweed, duck, goose, MSG, soy sauce, sulfites, worcestershire sauce. (Avoids wild game, cilantro, raspberries.)



Foods: cheese, crackers, fruits, Boar's Head dry salami, proscuitto, pancetta, olives, gold fish crackers

Foods: Lean proteins, cheese, veggies, fruit, nuts

Drinks: Hot Tea, Red Bull, Water, Lemonade, Ketel One Vodka, Angry Orchard Cider

Drinks: Water, coffee, tea, chai, limeade/ lemonade, Guinness, Cider (dry)

Garb Preference: Norse or 14th C England

Garb Preference: 14th C (England) or Norse



They both appreciate handmade goods, pottery, cool medieval accessories like buttons, Norse jewelry/accessories, 14th C jewelry/accessories.

Photography Policy

Good people of the Outlands and honored guests-

Their Majesties have asked me to step away from the stage for a moment to discuss something. In ancient Outlandish times, the Crown would make known their preferences on photography during court. That went by the wayside, but recent things have prompted Their Majesties to bring it back.

They have seen, in this kingdom and in others, photographers becoming intrusive. Their Majesties have been distracted by members of the Court using cameras and cell phones. All of these people were not doing it to be disruptive. They were trying to capture a special moment. Unfortunately, their actions distracted the audience and appeared in others’ pictures. By trying to capture it, they intrude on the medieval moment for those watching.

Their Majesties love pictures. LOVE them. They love the photographers and respect their art. Their Majesties are NOT banning photography. They merely wish for the living tableau that is Court to be free from cameras.

Ideal spots to shoot from are on the sides, between the last chairs up in court and the first row of the audience or from the back of the hall. You are less likely to get other photographers in your shot, and less likely to distract those in the moment.

If you have any questions as to where best to be with your camera, please ask Their Majesties’ heralds.

Thank you for your time.