The King and Queen of the Outlands


Her Majesty Countess Slaine ingean Ui Sheanain & His Majesty Jarl Hrorek Wolfson

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Royal Household


King Hrorek Wolfson


Queen Slaine inghean Ui Sheanain


Prince Royal

Sir Stavros of Helicon


Prince Royal

Lord Selim Ras al Abiyad


Heads of House

Her Excellency Olivia Solís de Luján


Heads of House

The Honorable Lady Belatumara filia Disideri


Blue Iris Herald

Master Estevan de Sepulveda


King's Champion

Duke Darius Jaxarticus


Queen's Champion

Duke Cyrred of Ashwood

Mand af Krig

Sir Davin Drakere


Queen's Guard

Lord Milo Sohnovic

Mand af Krig

Sir Michael Patrick MacBain


Queen's Guard

Lady Elaise

Mand af Krig

Sir Racha (Avatar)


Mand af Krig

Earl Cameron Black Swan


Mand af Krig

Sir Michael of Andirok


Shield of Chivalry

The Honorable Lord Falnor Lakemeirr


The Protector of the Queen’s Heart

Don Michael M'Quilline

Flower of Chivalry

Lord Gilbert le Verrat


Defender of the Queen

Sir Tam Grimm

Rapier of Chivalry

Dasianna de la Slatina


Bearer of the Queen's Favor

Sir Thomas Winterbourne de Kent


King's Archer

Lord Ulbertino Nicolai di Fara


Largess Coordinator

The Honorable Lady Hrefna Cyrredes dohtor

Kings Chamberlain

Lord Turlough


Lady of the Robes

Lady Solveig Hakonsdottir


Iron Maidens


Silver Maiden


Lady Cassidy


Golden Maiden




The Ripper


The Honorable Lord Kaz DeRhoode


Dutchess Astridr Halfdanardottir

Dutchess Anna de Apperleye


Duchess Cainnleach ulsier of Glendalough

Countess Gilliana Leigh Gallwey

Countess Anna Mactaggart

Countess Melissa of Monster Hall


Sir Adrien de Calais

Her Excellency Olivia Solís de Luján

Her Excellency Emily MacRae

Her Excellency Somisawhel de Sousa


Her Excellency Sabiha Al-Zarqa Al-Karakiyya

Her Excellency Elisée de Calais

The Honorable Lady Belatumara filia Disideri

The Honorable Lady Hrefna Cyrredes dohtor


The Honorable Lady Akilina Ianikitova

The Honorable Lady Beatrice de Craie

The Honorable Lady A'isha al-Naysaburiya

Lady Kata Utamr Geirr


Lady Fedelm

Lady Runa Koriadottir


Lady Hella




Metal Gudurne

Troens Besk Here


Krigs Svin

Jord Karavan

Duke Guy of Castle Kirk

Duke Boleslav


Sir Hakon

Duke Torin

Sir Richard of Wolfwood

Count Caeasan


Sir Trevor

Duke Hoegardten

Sir Kragon of Lands End

Count Casca


Sir Bjarki

Duke Abrahim


Count Mortigan


Sir Fierrien

Count Nasir


Sir Elrik Krryi


Sir Pierre


Sir Haroun


Sir Tyr


Sir Conrad


Theign Falnor


Sir Tracker


Lord Axegar


Sir Otakte








Duchess Lea


Sir Eldr Fedrikson


Duchess Elesheva


Sir Stephan the Wanderer


Countess Monika


Sir Andre de Chevalier


Baroness Beaumarishka


Hav Bornen

Sol Engle


Aften Stjerne

Fire Heste Ryttere

Duke Tomiki

Duchess Ariel


Duchess Astrid

Duke Verond

Earl Cathyn Fitzgerald

Duchess Pema


Mistress Lea

Duke Johanne

Baron Braun

Baroness Sarah Montgomery


Mistress Brigetta

Duke Maelgwyn


The Honorable Lady Sadie


Mistress Malchia

Duke Hrothgar


Food: Coffee (with Cream & Sugar), Sparkling Water (Flavored), Fruit, Veggies, Cheese, & Meats



Clothing: Vikings (Tunics, Pants,), Coats (Short collars, long pointed sleeves)

Colors: Black, Red, White, Grey



Clothing: Vikings (Tunics, Pants, Apron Dresses)

Colors: Black, Red, White, Grey



Food: Drinks served in Plastic Bottles, Sugar, Beets, Okra, Raw Fish, Chocolate Cover Fruit

Colors: Green



Food: Brussel Sprouts, Okra,

Clothing: Dresses

Photography Policy

Good people of the Outlands and honored guests-

Their Majesties have asked me to step away from the stage for a moment to discuss something. In ancient Outlandish times, the Crown would make known their preferences on photography during court. That went by the wayside, but recent things have prompted Their Majesties to bring it back.

They have seen, in this kingdom and in others, photographers becoming intrusive. Their Majesties have been distracted by members of the Court using cameras and cell phones. All of these people were not doing it to be disruptive. They were trying to capture a special moment. Unfortunately, their actions distracted the audience and appeared in others’ pictures. By trying to capture it, they intrude on the medieval moment for those watching.

Their Majesties love pictures. LOVE them. They love the photographers and respect their art. Their Majesties are NOT banning photography. They merely wish for the living tableau that is Court to be free from cameras.

Ideal spots to shoot from are on the sides, between the last chairs up in court and the first row of the audience or from the back of the hall. You are less likely to get other photographers in your shot, and less likely to distract those in the moment.

If you have any questions as to where best to be with your camera, please ask Their Majesties’ heralds.

Thank you for your time.


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