King and Queen of the Outlands

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Photo courtesy of Bree Pye 

His Majesty Sir Iohann der Vuhs & Her Majesty Lady Martine de La Rochelle

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Royal Household

 King's Champion
Sir Finn Ua Briain


Head of House
Mistress Jeanne-Marie Dubois


King's Council
Duke Walrick de Blakney
Count Freana Geardson
Sir Thomas Winterbourne
Sir Alasdair MacDoughal the Scot
Sir Rowland de Grey of Lincolnshire
Don Robert the Huntsman
THLord Tiberius Valerius Germanicus
Lord Ronan O'Connell



Queen's Champion
Count Robert Magnus


Head of Attendants
Baroness Nerienda

Captain of the Guard
Sir Griffith atte Dernedyngle

(Mistress of the Robes)
Duchess Anna de Apperleye

High Almoners
(Largess Coordinators)
Countess Matilda de Seton
Mistress Anne Bigod 

Sir Uighur-un Buqu 


Bearer of the Queen's Favor  
Sir Faolan MacEwan Taver


Flower of Chivalry
Sir Gareth Lightborne


Royal Archer
Lord Louchelan de Hay


Protector of the Queen's Heart
Baron Daniel Larke del Glen


Defender of the Queen 
Don Robert the Huntsman


Rapier of Chivalry
THLady  Estefania de las Yeguas


Royal Attendants

Countess Melissa
Mistress Nerissa Della Badessa
Mistress Sabiha al-Zarqa al-Karakiyya
Mistress Katherine d'Arles
Baroness Cinara Ybarra
Baroness Veyla Sol
Baroness Arianwen Sweet
Lady Ellinor Rose Sanbourne
Lady Marija Zuzori
Lady Sarah of Caerthe 
Lady Bryngerðr Þiðreksdóttir
Lady Elaisse Fournier d'Aubigny
Lady Isabella Richardi
Lady Lisette de Troyes
Lady Nastas'ia Azouskya


Queen's Guard

Don Santiago Rodriguez de Cadiz
THLord Gere Thorkelsson
Lady Astrid of Unser Hafen
Lord Uhtred of Unser Hafen
Lady Fedelm of al-Barran
Lord Otto
Lord Buggius de Medici
Lord Marcus Goltz
Lady Dragoslava
Lord Ilo de Faux
Lord Gunnolfr Grimsson
Lady Muirghein Astudottir (Morgan)


Royal Cooper
Taddeus the Cooper




His Majesty

Persona and Colors
12th Century German crusader in the Levant

IohannderVuhs Device Color 2005 07 11219 1936

Food and Drink

Water, orange juice, stouts, dry cider
Meats, bread, honey, fruit


Mushrooms, mint


Enjoys games, especially chess




Her Majesty

Persona and Colors
12th Century Byzantine

MartinedeLaRochelle Device Color 2018 06 11240 2143

Food and Drink

Juice, wheat beer, red wine
Fruit, cheese, and crackers.
Mushrooms, pasties/meat pies;
roasted veggies


Orange cheese, overly spicy food


Special Requests


Please no scented items, e.g. sachets, soaps (spices are appreciated)


Photography Policy

Their Majesties ask that phones and cameras be kept discrete or hidden during court.  They have seen, in this kingdom and in others, photographers becoming intrusive. Their Majesties have been distracted by members of the Court using cameras and cell phones. All of these people were not doing it to be disruptive. They were trying to capture a special moment. Unfortunately, their actions distracted the audience and appeared in others’ pictures. By trying to capture it, they intrude on the medieval moment for those watching.

Their Majesties love pictures. LOVE them. They love the photographers and respect their art. Their Majesties are NOT banning photography. They merely wish for the living tableau that is Court to be free from cameras.

Ideal spots to shoot from are on the sides, between the last chairs up in court and the first row of the audience or from the back of the hall. You are less likely to get other photographers in your shot, and less likely to distract those in the moment.


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