The King and Queen of the Outlands

bela cos and anna de apperleye 2018

His Majesty Bela Kos and Her Majesty Anna de Apperleye

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Royal Household

Head of House Nerissa Della Badessa
Blue Iris Herald Freana Geardson
King's Champion Griffith atte Dernedyngle 
Queen's Champion Aelric Kyrri
Queen's Protector Cinead Mac Amhlaoibh
Defender of the Queen Aegeon the Actor
Bearer of the Queen's Favor Hrorek Wolfson
Shield of Chivalry Rowland de Grey of Lincolnshire
Flower of Chivalry  
Rapier of Chivalry Josephine
Lady of the Robes Akilina Ianikitova
Chamberlain Baroness Diana of Llanberris
Captain of the King's Guard Beatrice de Craie
Captain of the Queen's Guard Germanicus
Special Projects Alexandria Vitalis
King's Guards Nerienda of Elmet
  Kata Utam Gierr
  Olivia Solis de Lujan
  Astrid of Unser Hafen
  Gillian Leigh Gallwey
  Beatrice De Craie
Queen's Guards Uhtred
  Elena Isabella de Glastonbury
  Thorsteinn Vandringsmann
  Gareth Lightborne
  Lucrezia de Carducci
  Ronan mac Conaill
  Gaius Marius
Attendants               Oppia Vopisca
  Saerlaith Inghean Robeaird
  Phaidra Thebaia
  Martine de La Rochelle
  Lizette of Unser Hafen
  Morgan Cheyney
  Nastas'ia Azouskaya
  Cassidy of al-Barran


Royal Likes and Dislikes



His Majesty Bela Kos


Her Majesty Anna de Apperleye

Allergies: Bee stings   Gin, juniper, pine nuts, gluten, blue cheese 
Likes: Food-
pineapple, green grapes, strawberries, apples, watermelon, carrots, celery, cauliflower, meats, potatoes
fruit, veggies, processed meats, cheese, pickles, olives
Pepsi, lemonade, red Gatorade
Diet Pepsi, water, cider
Preferences: Black, jewel tones, Earth tones, pink, conquest era Magyar (890-950), shenanigans   Jewel tones, Earth tones, Norse, Persian/Turkish, Magyar
Dislikes: Food-
Cheese, tomato, mushrooms, condiments
Tomato, bone-in meats
Tequila, beer
Plaid, paisley, stupidity, drama llamas
School bus yellow, lavender (color, taste and smell), floral flavors



Photography Policy

Good people of the Outlands and honored guests-

Their Majesties have asked me to step away from the stage for a moment to discuss something. In ancient Outlandish times, the Crown would make known their preferences on photography during court. That went by the wayside, but recent things have prompted Their Majesties to bring it back.

They have seen, in this kingdom and in others, photographers becoming intrusive. Their Majesties have been distracted by members of the Court using cameras and cell phones. All of these people were not doing it to be disruptive. They were trying to capture a special moment. Unfortunately, their actions distracted the audience and appeared in others’ pictures. By trying to capture it, they intrude on the medieval moment for those watching.

Their Majesties love pictures. LOVE them. They love the photographers and respect their art. Their Majesties are NOT banning photography. They merely wish for the living tableau that is Court to be free from cameras.

Ideal spots to shoot from are on the sides, between the last chairs up in court and the first row of the audience or from the back of the hall. You are less likely to get other photographers in your shot, and less likely to distract those in the moment.

If you have any questions as to where best to be with your camera, please ask Their Majesties’ heralds.

Thank you for your time.


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