King and Queen of the Outlands

Bela Nerrisa fall 2019

Photo courtesy of Lasy Celestria Inghean Rioghbhardan 

His Majesty Sir Bela Kos & Her Majesty Mistress Nerissa Della Badessa.

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Royal Household

 King's Champion
Sir Lavan Longwalker


Head of House
Mistress Melissa of Monster Hal
Sir Casca
Her Excellency Veyla Sol


King's Council
Sir Barekr Ulfhedinn
Sir Tiberius Valerius Germanicus
Sir Folmar lækner
Sir Bardolf Gundwaldtsson
Sir Uighur-un Buqu
Sir Titus Modius Varro
Sir Brennainn MacDuffie



Queen's Champion
Lady Kata Utamr


Head of Attendants
HE Annys Wolf of Wharram Percy


Captain of the Guard
THL Gilbert le Verrat

Mistress of the Robes
Mistress Zafirah al-`Aliyyah

Largess Coordinators
Mistress Asta

Duke Darius of Jaxartes


Bearer of the Queen's Favor  
 Duke Aaron Graves of Atenveldt


Flower of Chivalry


Royal Archer
Lord Louchelan de Hay


Kingdom Equestrian Champion
Mistress Arabella da Siena 


Protector of the Queen's Heart
 Master Adam Carmychel


Defender of the Queen
Dona Mizuno Kiku Ibara


Rapier of Chivalry
Mistress Brigitta Olavsdatter of Kiel


Shield of Chivalry
Dominus Tiberius Aurelius Albinus


Kingdom Arts and Sciences Champion
The Honorable Lady Marion Forrester


Windhover Bard
Lord Ronan na f-Fiacal mac Conaill 


Royal Attendants
Mistress Ymanie the Midwife
Mistress Brigitta
Her Honor Elieth
THL Adelaisa
Her Honor Cinara
Lady Cassidy
Lady Hella
Lady Mahara
Lady Lisette
Lady Anneka of Hoglund


Queen's Guard
Master Sigfird
Master Ian
Sir Adrien
Dona Lucercia
Lady Sophia
Lady Elizabeth Winter
Lord Conal MacDruiadh
Lord Marcus Golz
Lord Ulric of Thorne
Lady Elora
Lord Jordan Van Dale
Lord Wogrin
Fjolverker the Red
Lord Martine de Cuniga
Lord Utrid
Lord Turlo Lord Cuhelyn

Queen's Companions
Dutchess Cainnleach
Countess Ansteys Darcy
Countess Anna McTaggar
Countess Ingridr Rauokinn



His Majesty

Persona and Colors
Conquest era Magyar (890-950)

Color Preferences: Black, jewel tones, Earth tones, pink



Bee sting


Food, Drink and General

Pineapple, green grapes, strawberries, apples, watermelon, carrots, celery, cauliflower, 

meats, potatoes,Pepsi, lemonade, red Gatorade, green apple Gatorade,

Mt Dew and shenanigans



Cheese, tomato, mushrooms, condiments, tequila,

beer, plaid, paisley,and drama llamas





Her Majesty

Persona and Colors
Norse 9th century

Color Preferences:  blues, dark greens, dark purples, dark browns & dark grey




Food, Drink and General

Fruit, nuts, cheese (except feta: allergic), Most veggies,Beef jerky, Kabobs,

Olives, Pickles, Cookies,Coffee, water, grape gatorade, juice,

G&T, cider, dark beer, and shenanigans


Pork (except bacon), Sausage, Cauliflower in any form, Raw Broccoli,

Anise flavor/ seeds, Blue cheese, tequila


Special Requests


Their Majesties are happy to receive any and all largesse from the artisans of the Outlands


Photography Policy

Their Majesties ask that phones and cameras be kept discrete or hidden during court.  They have seen, in this kingdom and in others, photographers becoming intrusive. Their Majesties have been distracted by members of the Court using cameras and cell phones. All of these people were not doing it to be disruptive. They were trying to capture a special moment. Unfortunately, their actions distracted the audience and appeared in others’ pictures. By trying to capture it, they intrude on the medieval moment for those watching.

Their Majesties love pictures. LOVE them. They love the photographers and respect their art. Their Majesties are NOT banning photography. They merely wish for the living tableau that is Court to be free from cameras.

Ideal spots to shoot from are on the sides, between the last chairs up in court and the first row of the audience or from the back of the hall. You are less likely to get other photographers in your shot, and less likely to distract those in the moment.


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