Her Royal Majesty Nerissa hosted a spring Queen's Prize with the theme “Long live the Outlands”.   

The three categories Her Majesty announced were   

1) bring your best  

2) try something new  

3) stag and doe  

Twenty-three entrants presented their work.  Her Majesty chose the following projects to recognize:
Stag and doe: Mistress Arcadia of Medina's Deer and Snake Mosaic
Bring your best: The Honorable Ladyship Cecilia Caterina da Firenze's 1570's Florentine Gown from the Skin Out
Try Something New (Science): Isabelle de Calais's Medieval Dry Shampoo
Try Something New (Art): Mistress Sabiha al-Nahdiya's 16th Century Ottoman Turkish Sorguc- jeweled and feathered turban decoration
Congrats to all of the winners!
You can view all the entered projects at Kingdom Arts and Sciences Competitions under the AS 55 Spring Queen's Prize filter.