Current Kingdom Webminister

Don Carlos Nieto de Andrade

Webminister Announcement

Please file reports by the end of the first week of the month.

  • File *MONTHLY* if your web site has a lot of upkeep.
  • File *QUARTERLY* if your web site has very little upkeep.


In the SCA we refer to the Web Master as the Webminister.

The Kingdom Webminister is in charge of keeping a web presence throughout the Kingdom and to support the local groups with their web presence. 

Letter from the Webminister


Bo dia! 

The Honorlable Lord Mathom has stepped down as Kingdom Webminister, and I have the honor of taking over the responsibility of the office.  He has done amazing things for our kingdom and it is the goal of this office with myself, THL Petronella and other volunteers to continue his good works.

Servus humillimus,
Don Carlos Nieto de Andrade

Outlands Web Minister
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