exchequer portrait marija

Current Kingdom Exchequer

Lady Marija Zuzoric
aka Lady Tsura
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The exchequer, much like in medieval days, is in charge of balancing the books. Things are a little more complicated these days.

The SCA is a non-profit organization so our book-keeping is very important. 

The Kingdom Exchequer staff:

  • Chancellor of the Exchequer (Lady Marija Zuzoric): The final in-kingdom authority on financial matters. Deals with local reporting, financial request approvals.
  • NMR Deputy Exchequer (Mistress Leona Roy Colquhoun) : Receives Non-member surcharge payments for events within the kingdom.
  • Kingdom Chamberlain (Baroness Nerienda of Elmet) : Deals with kingdom regalia - purchasing, tracking, repairing and enhancing the precious items our royalty uses.
  • Northern Deputy (Countess Magge Magnus)
  • Southern Deputy (Lady Bronach O Crowly)
  • Kingdom SCARS Deputy (THL Ayse al-Rumiyya)
  • Kingdom PayPal Deputy (Duchess Slaine Inghean ui Sheanain)