We are currently looking for bids for Kingdom A&S Tourney in February of 2022!  For event bid requirements, please visit the bottom of the A&S Library page.

Kingdom A & S Tournament

The Kingdom A & S Tournament is the arts and sciences competition held to chose the kingdom arts and sciences champion. Anyone can enter.  Well thought out documentation, display, and discussion is expected if the entrant would like to become champion, but anyone may enter to get feedback on their project and documentation.  Display space may be available depending on space. The competition is held once a year.

Coming November, 2022  TBA

Kingdom Arts and Sciences Frequently Asked Questions

2020 Kingdom A&S tourney entrants online at https://moas.outlands.org/competitions/kingdom-as-tournament

For questions, please contact MistressThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., Kingdom MOAS

Updated Information can be found through the links below.

Kingdom A&S Tournament Information

Object Rubric - This form is used for an item where the final product should be judged more than the process to create it.

Process Rubric - This form is used for an entry where the final product is not as amazing as the process used to make it. For example, an entry like a piece of  vellum is not very exciting or flashy, but if it was made from scratch with period tools and techniques, it is amazing.

Research Rubric

Musical Performance Rubric

Spoken Word Performance Rubric

Original Musical Performance Rubric

Original Spoken Word Performance Rubric