We are currently looking for bids for Kingdom A&S Tourney in Fall of 2022!  For event bid requirements, please visit the bottom of the A&S Library page.
Kingdom Arts and Science Collegium is a day full of arts and sciences class for everyone from beginners to advanced students.  The Collegium is organized by the Royal Interkingdom Outlands University (RIOU) and held annually.
As the Outlands Arts and Sciences Collegium has wrapped up I would like to send a huge an very heartfelt thank you to:
-Tariq (George Maloof), the outgoing University Dean
-GrĂ¡inne Shocair, the incoming University Dean,
-The Royal Outlands Interkingdom University board for organizing the arts and sciences collegium
-The fantastic room hosts
-The very knowledgeable teachers
-The enthusiastic students
-Their Majesties for encouraging and endorsing the University and collegium.
It was great to see teachers and students from around the kingdom and the known world share knowledge and a joy of learning!
~Marion Forester~
Kingdom Minister of Arts and Sciences
April 2021

Outlands Arts and Sciences Collegium