Help Wanted

Call for Articles


We are seeking articles that promote the various activities we do in the SCA and the Outlands. These articles will be used on the Kingdom Website to promote the various activities, and as a way for search engines to key in on us better. Your name will be listed in the byline and you will earn the gratitude of the Kingdom.

Write about what brought you to a certain SCA activity, why you love it, and so forth. I will lightly edit it for web use, and post the best essays.

Some ideas are: various A&S topics, bardic, court dancing, camping, feasting, gaming, tournaments, court, heraldry, etc.

We alreadyhave archery and fighting represented, but here is so much more to the SCA.

Send your articles to my attention: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The new site is nearly complete- your article could help put on the finishing touches!



THL Mathom the Malcontent

OSO, CSH, CTO, Pursuivant