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Greetings, most noble Gentles of the Outlands!

I beg your indulgence for a moment, and I ask that you heed my words. In truth, these are the Words and Will of your Queen, but any mistake in writing or meaning is mine alone, and I humbly apologize for any mistakes I make in conventions or spelling in this missive. (I’m sure there will be some…there always are.) I would give you good reports of the Outlands Coronation, held the weekend of November 11th, 2017, at which time His Majesty Count Sir Darius of Jaxartes ascended to the Stag Throne. By Right of Arms, and Grace, and Favor he then crowned his Lady, Mistress Anna MacTaggart, as the Queen of these lands. Let no man question the sovereignty of the Stag and Doe of the Outlands. Let no man put aside the rightful duty which is owed the Crown.

Their Majesties called into Their Court certain Gentles of good report to act as Their retinue. Following is a listing of those Gentles.

Sir Thomas Winterbourne was invested by her Majesty to be her Blue Iris Herald.

Count Sir Hrorek Wolfson was named as the Champion of the King.

Duke Sir Cyrred of Ashwood was named as the Champion of Her Majesty, the Queen.

The Warlord of this great land, won by right of arms, was named as Lord Gere Thorkelson.

Mistress Elizabeth Green was named as the Reginae Crimen Comite, or Head Attendant of Their Majesties, was given charge of those Comite, those Noble Gentles who have asked to serve as attendants to the Crown. These included Baroness Diana of Llanberris, Lady Olivia Solis de Lujan, Lord Hardwin Godricksson, and Lady Elianora Cuncliffe.

His Majesty called before Sir Michael McBain, Sir Athanaric Redeye, and The Honorable Lord Thorgim af Kobmannehavn to serve on the Praetorian Rex, the King’s Guard.

Her Majesty called Lady Bellatumara filia Disideri to be the Praefectus Pratorio Regina, the Captain of the Queen’s Guard, and Lady Bella was given authority over those who had sworn to be on the Queen’s Guard, namely THL Timur ibn Juanaid, Lady Fedelm Arilith, and Lord Maximilian Kern.

Her Majesty also called forward certain archers of good report, namely Master Duncan Alastair MacRae, THL Daniel Lark del Glen, and Sir Rand the Tracker to be members of the Centurio Sagitarii Regius, or the Archery Guard.

Certain Gentles, by dint of prowess or Courtly behavior (or perhaps a little of both) we recognized by their Majesties. Don Antoine was created as the Rapier of Chivalry. Sir Michael McBain, by right of arms, was made the Bearer of the Favor of the Queen. Lord Julian de la Fontaine, by right of arms, was made the Protector of the Queen’s Heart. Lord Galen MacIntyre was named as the Flower of Chivalry.

Their Majesties saw fit to recognize His Excellency Leif Davidson as a Count of the Society for Creative Anachronism, for his service upon the Stag Throne. The Same honor was given to Her Excellency Ansteys Darcy, who for her service upon the Throne of the Outlands was recognized as a Countess of the Society for Creative Anachronisms. Countess Ansteys was also created as a Lady of the Rose of the Outlands.

Over the Course of the weekend, Their Majesties conducted other business for the good of Their Kingdom. They met with representatives from our neighbors to the west, the great Kingdom of Atenveldt, who brought gifts and salutations from The Aten Crown. Master martin de Gras and Dame Fiona Sutherland were well-spoken and courteous, and represented well their Kingdom. It’s almost a shame His Majesty will be forced to crush Atenveldt at the Great Esrtella War that he AND A ROMPING, ROARING, SINGING, DRUMMING, ARMY OF OUTLANDERS will attend in February of 2018. Still, gentle Outlanders, the Crown has commanded that we are victorious in the coming War….and our duty is clear before us.

Lady A’isha, an emissary from the Kahn of the Great Dark Horde, had words for Their Majesties. She brought bread and salt from her Khan, to break with the King of the Outlands who, through bold words and actions, attained the word of the emissary that the Great Dark Horde would fight alongside the Outlands at Estrella War. Behold the diplomacy of the Crown of the Outlands.

Their Majesties were most pleased by a gift of the fruits of House Agir, comprised of many boxes of homemade beers, ales, meads, and other libations. No, really…it was quite impressive.

On Sunday morning, after the Chivalry sat in circle with Their Majesties, THL Patrick the Early was offered admittance into the Order of Chivalry. He will give his answer at Citadel’s 12th Night Celebration.

Results were read from the fundraiser conducted by the Ladies of the Rose on behalf of Countess Slaine. Over the course of the online auction, over 18,000 dollars was raised!! Praise to those who gave of their time and effort to provide for the auction. Praise for those who were generous with their purses in a good cause.

And lastly, Their Majesties amended the Law of the Outlands, as follows…

Kingdom Law Change -- Section VIII, 2, h.

  1. Monitor the office of the Scribe, who shall:
  2. Maintain a listing and monitor the activities of the College of Scribes;
  3. Ensure the accuracy of scroll format and text;
  4. Update the Scribe’s Handbook as needed;
  5. At the conclusion of each reign report the names of scribes who have created scrolls for the Kingdom during that reign;
  6. Publish once per reign a notification stating that all special or non-standard scroll texts must be approved by the Kingdom Scribe's Office;

  1. The Kingdom Scribe shall keep a list of all awards to assist the Crown with the completion of their award listing for their reign within the 60 day time limit to publish the listing. This will help to ensure awards are not given twice as the list is used to update the award listing on the Outlands Heralds website.
And these, to the best of my (spotty) recollection and (dubious) notes, are the high points of weekend of Coronation.

In Service,

Thomas Winterbourne, Blue Iris herald

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