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I Can Hew (traditional tune)

1 year 2 months ago - 1 year 2 months ago #168 by Gunwaldt
I can hew boys, I can hack it out
I can lead the charge with a mighty shout.
I can hew boys with my axe just fine,
I'm an Outlander, working down the line.

Well the king has called and we're off to war
And we'll soon be _ deep in blood and gore
With our spears and swords we will dance and sing
Rising body counts, let the death knell ring


That first night at war, I will get inspired
Coming off the road to a joyful fire
And my sword brothers They will be there too
And they’ll greet me well with an ice cold brew


Well my boy is sixteen, he's a strappin' lad
And he'll come to the melee soon, just like his dad.
When the fighting's done and we've had our play.
Then we'll drink together, to round out the day.


All day long my blade makes the crimson tide
And the evening's filled with the boasts of pride
Yes the horn is full and the board is laid
Living large is the best way to be paid


When I’m finally dead & the Valkyries fly
I’ll be on my way to the other side
Well old one-eye there he will know my fame
And he'll put me to work kickin ass & takin' names


Hear it sung by Master Gunwaldt Gullbjørn here:
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