All Call Out

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All Call Out was created by Gunwaldt
All Call Out

Sing a Song with the company we gather tonight
The stars above and a fire bright
And our voices will rise up in the clear moonlight
To tell the tales of the Outlands

All call out for the Green & Gold
Raise a mug to the Outlands bold
All call out for the Green & Gold
________, king of the Outlands
________, queen of the Outlands

Tell a Tale of a tavern from long ago
A place where knights and lords did go
Of a dog and his generosity we know
Buddy wanders the Outlands


Dance a Jig with the music that flows around
Lively feet, and a joyful sound
Brings a rush of blood and the ears will pound
This night be full of the Outlands


Ring the bell and a cry of joy is found
Antares Kano peals the sound
Then all will cheer for al-Barran
And praise will rise for the Outlands


Hear Master Gunwaldt sing it here:
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