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5 years 11 months ago #170 by siegfriedstern
Letter from the KRM for All Outlands Fencers:

With Sworded Affair coming up, I want to share two Rapier Rules updates recently come from Society: (1) the new minimum padding requirement for masks and helms, and (2) a reminder about the requirement to wear garb at events and to have protective clothing tested by a marshal.

(1) Society Rules for masks and rapier helms has been updated to include requirements for minimum padding and suspension. Basically, masks need 1/4" open cell foam*, and most rapier helms need 1/4" closed cell foam. Marshals should now inspect the mask/helm both on and off the fighter's head during armor inspections.
See Society Rapier Rules, 2.B.iv,v,vi for the letter of the rules. (
*All new commercial fencing masks reviewed by Society met this standard, but old masks may fail if the foam has degraded over time, so check your masks.

(2) This is a reminder that per Corpora, anyone attending an SCA event must wear an attempt at pre-17th Century clothing (Corpora II.B). That means anyone entering a tournament or official melee needs to wear garb.
Also, at events and official practices, protective clothing for the body, unless it's a certified fencing jacket, fencing mail, or specially-made garb using one of the pre-approved materials, must be puncture tested by a marshal within the last two years.
I admit to having been lax in enforcing these rules at practices in hopes of encouraging new fighters more, but as I was reminded at Estrella, all fencers are better served when these rules are strictly observed.
See Society Rapier Rules Appendix I.A. for approved puncture tests. (

TL;DR? (1) Masks and helms have minimum padding requirements. (2) Garb is required, and protective clothing must be tested by a marshal.

See you at Sworded!

Master Siegfried, Kingdom Rapier Marshal

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