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While performing maintenance on the Outlands Heralds website, I discovered a kingdom guild which I don't have any history for.

Registered in early 1990, a badge was accepted for the "Trefoil Consortium"

Does this ring any bells?

The LOAR from January 1990 has this to say:

Outlands, Kingdom of the. Badge (see RETURNS for designation). On a bomb Or, a trefoil vert. As noted below under RETURNS, this badge cannot be registered for the purpose stated in the letter of intent, i.e., for the use of the Trefoil Herald and his staff. However, the forms indicate the will of the Crown of the Outlands that this be registered as an Outlandish badge and so it cannot be registered as a personal badge for Stefan Laskowski . Since the Crown is willing to have it registered to the Kingdom and assume responsibility for its proper use, we have so registered it.

2 Outlands, Kingdom of the. Name for Trefoil Consortium. This was submitted in conjunction with a badge for the use of the Trefoil Herald and his staff. As noted by Silver Trumpet, there is a long-standing precedent, preserved in the new administrative regulations, banning the registration of badges for subsidiary offices when a badge/seal exists for the primary office. Thus the badge could not be registered with any designation hinting that it would be for the use of a specific herald or group of heralds below the Kingdom level.

That makes me think this is something associated with Trefoil Herald (who now is a commentary position, much like Lieber and Fretty), rather than the Order of the Trefoil. As the original submission comes from October 1989, the Crown in question is probably Johann II, rather than his heir Leif I (who reigned when the items was registered).
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