Local Seneschal Reports - July 2015

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Local Seneschals’ Reports – July 2015. This compilation contains new information from 17 of our local groups.

Aarquelle Seneschal: THL Gerwyn y'Tiegr
No Update
Upcoming events for our group:
--Huzzah Bazzar on August 8th
--Aarquelle Defender turns 30 on October 17th

al-Barran Seneschal: Mistress Ymanya Murray
The group is doing well as we move into preparation for Battlemoor and planning of our fall events.
The July populace meeting went well, with much good discussion in addition to standard business. The minutes were posted to the yahoo group and utilized in the newsletter. July saw much travel to events held by our most wonderful neighbors, with much camaraderie and good hospitality enjoyed.
August is the first edition of the now quarterly newsletter. Champions and StagsCon planning are ongoing. We have a bid under consideration for Day of A&S, and discussions of a midwinter bid.
The war wagon will be going to Battlemoor again, and our land coordinator is collecting information for those attending. We are well along in planning for al-Barran's attendance at Battlemoor.
Upcoming Events:
--Champions - September 25-37
--StagsCon - October 10

Blackwater Keep Seneschal: Devon Nightshade
No Update
A small core of locals have been gathering to share interests. Devon Nightshade has stepped forward to
support and coordinate the shire.
We hope to participate in the Peanut Valley Festival October 17th-18th. This is a local cultural event that many people attend from the surrounding area. We continue to have meetings every three weeks.

Blaiddwyn Seneschal: Eorl Mordygan MacGregor
Welcome back days activities will be the first week of the semester in August. (18th?)

Bloodstone Seneschal:

Bofharrach Seneschal: Lord Nicolaau Machado

Bryngalou Seneschal: Sir Einarr Skallagrimmsson
Mountain Pa was a blast! There was a tourney, games, sheep tossing, and water cannon jousting! I am quite proud of my shire for coming together for yet another fantastic event, (9th year to be exact!). Fighter practices have been going great, Archery is getting of the ground up here and people are busy working on projects.
The cook out/shire meetings have been well attended and the populace seems to have enjoyed them, but fall is approaching and we are going resume meetings at the library in October.
We are hoping to participate in the homecoming parade in town as a group. We have a Demo October 17th.

Caer Galen Seneschal: THL Keridwen Andersdottir
No Update
Upcoming Events:
Crown Tourney - August 15 & 15 - Signey
Bows, Bridles & Blades: September 26 -- Cera

Caerthe Seneschal: Baroness Morgan Cheyney
No update

Citadel of the Southern Pass Seneschal: Lord Bernardo d'Medici
The Citadel of the Southern Pass continues its renaissance of SCA activity. The continuing theme of rebirth saw the conclusion of the latest round of newcomer classes under University Citadel as taught by Sir Berold. Populace meetings will now host a full court to allow for members to experience that element of the SCA in the event that they cannot make it to events outside the Barony as directed by Their Excellencies. Opportunities abound for members to step up and try out new things such as Court/Tourney Heralding. There is an air of mentorship and personal growth that has overcome the Barony that reaches from A&S to the field of combat with several of our veteran Knights returning. Fighter practice has become a place of learning again with each of the Knights taking on a coaching mentality. Their Excellencies continue to push for an environment of learning and that has reached all corners of the Barony. Several key areas for improvement have also been identified including an ongoing focus on communication on several levels ranging from newcomers to veterans and officers as well as the website and social media.
The Barony has been doing a Fighter Conditioning Accountability group to get everyone in better shape and prepare the fighters for upcoming war/tournament events. The group is also open to those who just want to get healthier in general. The first iteration was in June, but it was just a casual Facebook post driven effort. Now there is a Google Form that individuals register on and then post their activity. An option to have someone contact you is available to stay in touch regarding working out to provide motivation, suggestions and a degree of accountability.
As individuals we will be starting a "Patrons' Court," which will be hosted by Their Excellencies at future populace meetings. The Patrons' Court is meant to allow those with A&S projects and interest who cannot afford to do so on their own, an avenue with which to petition for assistance. The requirements are that the project must be for someone else (a newcomer), Baronial Largess, or at the request of a Patron. The agreement is on an individual basis and not hosted by the Barony/SCA as an official service as to not create any legal requirements. It was also made very clear that this is an individual agreement and that reputation is everything. Patrons are encouraged to give materials rather than money and Petitioners should come with a robust plan on how they will accomplish the project. Everything is donation based and it is also hoped that those with certain skills will also offer them up to those looking to learn. The goal is to create a community of cooperation and encourage Arts and Sciences.
There was a planning committee meeting held for the Southern Pass Faire to develop the Barony's strategy for and to assess the viability of hosting the event again next year. The possible Autocrat was given an outline of required staff to contact and receive commitments from in order to move forward with planning. The Barony has identified several issues with those who autocrat events and is using this as an opportunity to implement those policies to set individuals and the group up for success to include laying out expectations early on in the planning process.
Salvatore dei Medici has taken up the quill as a playwright and has begun casting actors for his own, original play to be performed at future events.
Six populace members qualified for the newcomers scholarship offered by Their Excellencies for attending 5 out of the 6 classes. Her Excellency qualified, marking 7 populace members who attended 5 of the 6, but she gracefully bowed out of the running. The scholarship will cover the registration fee for one member to attend Battlemoor.
The first iteration of the new newsletter was very well received and looks amazing. We are tracking statistics and coming up with a strategy between Webminister and Chronicler to provide a marketing plan for internal use as well as the potential for SCA-related advertising.
Their Excellencies traveled to Atendveldt, specifically, the Barony of Mons Tonitrus for the Mideast Feast and continued to build upon the relationship established at Citadel Hastilude and previous events. Lady Ginina accompanied Their Excellencies providing retinue and a populace presence. She also traveled back to participate in hosting a class on dancing. We are very proud to report that the relationship with the sister barony is going very well and we have extended our close knit family to a neighboring kingdom in the spirit of what the SCA is all about.
THL Edmund hosted the Calyx Harmoniae, which is the choral group in the Barony and they preformed at the populace meeting. Having only practiced twice, the performance was absolutely beautiful and added to Court, which was very much welcomed.
A Banner Tournament was hosted by His Excellency to select the bearer of the banner for Battlemoor. Achaius won the tournament of 6 fighters by going undefeated. 2 of the fighters were newcomers and fully participated alongside the veteran competitors. Sir Rutner provided the marshaling and Lord Ralf ran the Lists along with Lady Adelina.
There was an Arts and Sciences meeting held on the 24th hosted by Lady Sidonia that included scribal classes. Mariah also hosted a Youth A&S meeting. THL Edmund also hosted an Arts and Sciences meeting on the 13th of July.
Upcoming Events:
--The next event on the calendar for Baronial level participation is Battlemoor. His Excellency laid out a plan to allow individuals to petition for war sashes for wear on the field of battle. The sashes recognize those who participate in martial activities in support of the Barony. The sashes will help establish a unified presence and reward those who participate on a regular basis.
--In October, on the 24th, the Barony will be hosting the Feast of St Edrik. The goal is to celebrate Baronial Lore and create a fun environment centered around the mythos of St Edrik.
--Duchess Morgana has graciously stepped up to host 12th Night in January, which was an event that the Barony used to celebrate. Several members of the Kingdom have been asking if Citadel would bring it back and thankfully, Her Grace has stepped up to do so.

Draca Mor Seneschal: Lady Maureen
Fighter practices are being held in both Grand Junction and Glenwood Springs with A&S at practice and at other times. Preparations are being made for Battlemoor. Members have been at cleanups and we will have our own allotment of land.

Dragonsspine Seneschal: Lord Gianni Sangermano
No Update
Group is still going strong. Working towards Battlemoor. A&S is having weekly meeting at fighter practice with teaching and decussion. Couple of new fighters in Heavy fighting. Rapier combat is working towards Cut and thrust with more members trying it out. No new events in this month.

Drygestan Seneschal: Nikolaous Demetriou ho Toxotes
Recovering after the Drystone event, which made a modest profit. Gearing up for the Santa Fe Renn Fair and other demo opportunities, including the Santa Fe Comic Con.
Mistress Brigitta is the new Event Steward for the Santa Fe Renn Faire. Any help to support the main village area is appreciated.
Upcoming Events:
--Santa Fe Renn Faire Demo - Sept 19-20
--Santa Fe Comic Con Demo - October 23-25

Fontaine Seneschal: Lady Maria Abramsdottir
July has found Fontaine once again battling the weather. As desirable as the rains have been, storms have compounded the usual summer cancellations due to events, making our time together more sparse than usual over camping season.
This office of the seneschal transitions to Master Angus on August 1. I feel very fulfilled by my time in office, yet eagerly await the next chapter for Fontaine, under his guidance.
Upcoming Events:
--Warders of the Western Gate planned for the beginning of October
--Fall Coronation in November.
More detailed information will be forthcoming.

Gleann Medonach Seneschal: THL Michaela Kunrat
No update
Fighter practices are held Sundays at 2p.m. in the park and archery practices Saturdays at 11a.m. at the girl scout hut. Come by to find out about our latest activities.

Hawk’s Hollow Seneschal: Mistress Diana Doria
The canton is in morning over the loss of Tyrfingr von Wolfsberg who shall be missed and can never be replaced in our hearts. Members of the canton have been hosting “Unofficial meet & greet” sessions in the park. Checks were mailed out to each of the 4 baronies that held their Championship tournaments during Inlandish. The canton wished to express their gratitude to each of these baronies for their support of this event.
The canton is gearing up for a busy fall. We have one event and two demos that we will be hosting in the near future. Attendance at events by members of the populace continues to be strong and the arts and sciences are alive and well.
Our COA Deputy reports that the canton archery equipment is in need of repair or replacement. He presented several items that were voted on. The canton agreed to purchase new period targets and to have 3 new archery stands built to accommodate more archers at the Sunday morning practice. The canton also gave approval to have him investigate prices of new archery buts. He will contact several nearby baronies to see if they would like to combine orders in orders in order to reduce shipping costs for all. The Quartermaster reported that she would like approval to investigate prices for new storage totes and containers to keep the storage area neat and safe. Edward Ashwell offered to donate his golf bag to the canton for holding eric stakes.
I will be stepping down as Seneschal at Battlemoor. Members of the canton have been informed that they should send their letters of intent to the Seneschal canton email before the end of August. The notice will be posted on the canton website and announced on group lists.
Upcoming Events:
--St. Sebastian’s will be held on August 22nd at Pickle Gulch campground. The theme for the event is Scots vs Norse and many archery scenarios are planned for this annual event. The Cooks Guild will host a donation lunch and all proceeds from this lunch will be donated as a fund for Tyr.
--Estes Park Highland Games Demo will be held September 11-13. The demo coordinators are asking for not only fighting & fencing volunteers, but for artisans who are willing to come out and demonstrate their crafts in progress during the demo. All interested parties should contact THL Ailinn.
--The first Northglenn Pirate Fest Demo will be held on September 18 & 19. Lady Katelin is looking for as many participants as she can get to come and show off the best that the SCA has to offer. Volunteers are encouraged to wear late period garb, if possible. There will be archery, fencing & heavy demonstrations going on throughout the event as well as space available for artisans to show off their crafts in progress. Make & Take activities are especially encouraged.

Hinterland Seneschal: Lady Rowan
No Update
We had five shire members attend Northern Realms War. It was a wonderful event. There was some discussion about greater shire involvement next year. We encourage attendance for next year.

Nahrun Kabirun Seneschal: Lady Caitilin inghean ui Thaidhg
Nahrun continues to prepare for Clan Wars with great anticipation. Lady Cecelia, our chatelaine, is planning our autumn/winter demos with a lot of teamwork from our shire, and we hope that those are successful advertising events for our group.
Upcoming events for our group:
-- Clan Wars, September 11-13

Plattefordham Seneschal: Lord Stahlgrim Von Drakenklaue
Practices have been continuing on Sunday afternoons at Washington Park. We have had an average of 15-20 attendees.
Northern Realms war was met with good attendance. 253 gentles in total
Helping with Stage III's Ren faire August 14-16.

Rams Keep Seneschal: Giovanni Velez
No update

Ravenhyrst Seneschal: Lord Fergus Campbell
We have had a quiet month. Due to other things happening our monthly meeting was very sparsely attended, which was anticipated. We have an active fighter practice and A&S both of which are well attended. We have several new people we are bringing into the fold too.
We have Ravensfaire coming up on September 19th.

Rio de las Animas Seneschal: Lady Sabyn Edwards
The month of July was very busy for us. We held Rio defender and we had a great turnout! Also this month we had several fighter practices and had several passerby's stop and ask questions. We have a couple of people working on names and devices and sent them in for approval. Lots of Shire folk gathered items for Largess for Defender event to give to their Majesties.
Our youngest member received her AOA at Defender!!!!!!

Scola Metallorum Seneschal: Aurelia of Scola
Dormant for the summer.

St. Golias Acting Seneschal: Bela Istvan (transitioning)
Dormant for the summer - Students for Tech return beginning 15th August. The group is working on a welcome back picnic/fighter practice for 22 Aug.
There will still be fighter practices on weekends.
Feast Day (24 Oct. 2015) is coming.

Unser Hafen Seneschal: Gerrit d’Orleans
Heroes and legends; Equestrian: needs score people who don't ride that day, needs shade for spectators, other then that it all went great. Event was a success exchequer wise. Maybe next year we will do an iron warrior event. Great site tokens! Started planning items for next year. Hoping to use same site.
Baronial trailer needs repairs and modified to baronial uses. Set a date to start in August.
Newcomer's is planned and running smoothly right now. It's date is October 24th in Johnstown. Flyers will be available at crown and battlemoor. There will be a feast.
Yule we are starting to look at schedule for a yule date.
Battlemoor planning for this year is starting to solidify smoothly.
Upcoming events:
--Newcomer's Oct 24th
--Yule Dec DTA

Villaleon Seneschal: Lady Meg
The group is doing well. Excitement grows as Battlemoor gets closer
Planning for Corazon IV is still in progress. Working to complete adopt a highway still in progress
Corazon IV rescheduled (Oct 3, 2015)

White Mountain Seneschal: Mingus O'Brien
Clan wars is coming next month (September 11-13). looking forward to the fun and frivolity. Should be a good group this year. I hope some of you will be able to make it down!!!
We meet from 2-3 on Sundays at the South end of Alameda park.

Windkeep Acting Seneschal: Lady Gwenhwyvar (transitioning)
No Update
Things are fairly quiet here in the central north. Fighter practice and archery practice are in full swing and being fairly well attended (weather permitting).
Windkeep's next event will be Hunter's Feast, scheduled for December 5th.

Compiled by Deputy Kingdom Seneschal

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