Local Seneschals’ Reports – June 2015

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Local Seneschals’ Reports – June 2015. This compilation contains new information from 19 of our local groups.

Aarquelle Seneschal: THL Gerwyn y'Tiegr
In June many Aarquellans began their summer event travel schedules. We have sent members to many corners of this great Kingdom, and few other Kingdoms as well. Also, we began our two-per-week heavy practice schedule.
Highlands Rapier Camp:
1. It was a big draw-- 180+ in attendance from all over the Kingdom
2. Many awards given to our members to recognize their great efforts
3. The Hammered Eagle Tavern served a full meal plan all weekend.
Some hard lessons were learned in the most constructive ways. It was a great experience for this young group. They had many ideas that they wanted to try. I took on a role of "I'll do what I can to help you with this" role. No one died, and no money was lost, so I call it a win.
Upcoming events for our group:
--Huzzah Bazzar on August 8th
--Aarquelle Defender turns 30 on October 17th

al-Barran Seneschal: Mistress Ymanya Murray
The group is doing well heading into summer. Several of our fall events are being worked on already, and the barony is preparing for Battlemoor.
Her Excellency Sabiha did a fantastic job with Nock on Wood. We had many local folks, as well as some from as far as Citadel to the south and Caerthe to the north, which was fantastic! Work for our Champions event is underway.
The webminister's office is going to be posted soon, and the arts and sciences office is seeking deputies to begin training in the hopes of switching out next year.
Upcoming Events:
--Champions - September 25-37
--StagsCon - October 10

Blackwater Keep Seneschal: Devon Nightshade
A small core of locals have been gathering to share interests. Devon Nightshade has stepped forward to
support and coordinate the shire.
We hope to participate in the Peanut Valley Festival October 17th-18th. This is a local cultural event that many people attend from the surrounding area. We continue to have meetings every three weeks.

Blaiddwyn Seneschal: Eorl Mordygan MacGregor
Dormant for the summer

Bloodstone Seneschal:

Bofharrach Seneschal: Lord Nicolaau Machado

Bryngalou Seneschal: Sir Einarr Skallagrimmsson
There was a shire tourney this month and fun was had by all. We have secured a place for archery practice as well as a suitable day for practice (sportsman’s club Sunday afternoons). Fighter practice as usual has been well attended. We are looking into several Demo opportunities for the coming months to follow.
June’s meeting was well attended. Everyone seems to be enjoying the potluck/shire meetings. We are looking into participating in a couple of local parades as well as possibly doing a demo at the LANL family day.
Upcoming events:
--Mountain Pas (July 17-19) will be a camping event

Caer Galen Seneschal: THL Keridwen Andersdottir
A busy summer for Caer Galen is in mid-swing. In our past, a successful event of Enduro. Towards our future, we have Monkey's Quest, Crown Tournament, Battlemoor ,and Bows-Bridles & Blades! An amazing amount of good and gentle folk have risen up to help with all the tasks necessary.
Baronial Financial policy has been reviewed and extraneous words have been removed, and more clear and concise wording has been added. Many thanks for the patience of THL Shoshanna, as well as Lady Thorunn for spear-heading this project!
Upcoming Events:
Monkey's Quest for the Unicorn Horn: July 11 - Katherina
Crown Tourney - August 15 & 15 - Signey
Bows, Bridles & Blades: September 26 -- Cera

Caerthe Seneschal: Baroness Morgan Cheyney
No update
The question of an outdoor fighter practice has been resolved with Ravenhyrst beginning a summer outdoor practice, and the populace has voted to try and have a monthly roving gathering that would move throughout the city.
Our next local event will be Fighter's Folly 2, at Byers on July 17 through 19

Citadel of the Southern Pass Seneschal: Lord Bernardo d'Medici
Citadel Hastilude was held in June with an attendance of 105. The heat was a major contributing factor to limiting attendance and participation. The Cut and Thrust Tournament had to be cancelled due to the heat, but the Crest Tournament, Rapier Tournament and the Torchlight Knife Fight Tournament were a resounding success. The Barony is now in possession of two propane-fueled torches built by members of the populace. A Father's Day Breakfast was hosted by HE Elieth, the Baroness of the Citadel of the Southern Pass and gifts were given to the fathers in attendance. HE Warmin provided the food for donation breakfast/lunch and for the Father's Day Breakfast. The Baron and Baroness of Al-Barran were in attendance in addition to the Baron and Baroness of Mons Tonitrus.
The Baron and Baroness signed the treaty with the Barony of Mons Tonitrus in Atenveldt at Citadel Hastilude. The Baron and Baroness of Mons Tonitrus expressed their gratitude and excitement towards the new relationship between the baronies. The visiting Baron and Baroness thanked the populace of Citadel for making them feel so welcome at the event.
Overall activity is on an upward climb with several newcomers joining the ranks to become regulars. We are currently without a Chatelaine, but have had several veteran members step up to fill in the potential gaps of the position. The desire is to continue to search for an active member to fill the role.
The Barony hosted an Arts and Science event discussing period music led by THL Edmund, Baronial Minister of Arts and Sciences. There are several guilds/groups starting up in the Barony. Minister of Arts and Sciences, THL Edmund is hosting a Choral group for the Barony. HE Christopher Devereux is beginning a period cooking guild to seek out interest. Lord Bernardo is hosting a period and modern games guild to generate additional activity. Salvatore is exploring the options of hosting a Mummer's guild to perform screenplays written by him. The Brewers guild under Lord Ralf Blackwood continues to meet regularly as well.
The Gold Key Chatelaine is hosting a garb inventory inviting the populace to come help out and look for additional donations to shore up what is available to those in need of clothing. A debriefing was held for Citadel Hastilude with 10 members of the populace present including the previous autocrat and the stand-in autocrat. Several few lessons learned were developed and a series of resources to include "The Autocrat's Friend" were brought up. The Website will be rebuilt to include a section for resources and event hosting will be one of the section. The Lessons Learned document will be published for the Barony and Society at large to have access. A new format for the Citadel Newsletter has been put together by Soairse, which has a very professional touch to it and should increase visibility. Sir Berold continues to host University Citadel for both newcomers and veteran members enjoying a regular attendance. Those attending have commented on how invaluable the information has been in learning more about the Society.
Upcoming Events:
There will be an A&S event on 24 July covering scribal topics from beginners to more advanced topics hosted by Lady Cidonia.
St Edrik's Feast will take place on 24 October.
Each of the new guilds/groups are discussing schedules for hosting events to avoid conflicting with each other providing activities for a diverse field of interests.

Draca Mor Seneschal: Lady Maureen
Quiet month. Several members have attended events outside our area. Fighter practice continues but the 100+ temperatures are affecting attendance.

Dragonsspine Seneschal: Lord Gianni Sangermano
Group is still going strong. Working towards Battlemoor. A&S is having weekly meeting at fighter practice with teaching and decussion. Couple of new fighters in Heavy fighting. Rapier combat is working towards Cut and thrust with more members trying it out. No new events in this month.

Drygestan Seneschal: Nikolaous Demetriou ho Toxotes
Keeper's of the Dry Stone 2015 is behind us. Despite the rain and other issues it was a grand time for a majority of those present. Some hard lessons were learned in the most constructive ways. It was a great experience for this group.
We are cancelling out of the Santa Fe Renn Faire this year. Please note your calendars accordingly

Fontaine Seneschal: Lady Maria Abramsdottir
No update
We are in preparations for Warders of the Western Gate, in October. More detailed information will be forthcoming.

Gleann Medonach Seneschal: THL Michaela Kunrat
No update
Fighter practices are held Sundays at 2p.m. in the park and archery practices Saturdays at 11a.m. at the girl scout hut. Come by to find out about our latest activities.

Hawk’s Hollow Seneschal: Mistress Diana Doria
<Gnote: My inept handling of information last month led me to misplace Midtress Doria’s well written report. My apologies for listing that there was no updated information. The words presented below are excerpted from her June report.>

There were 19 people in attendance at the meeting this month. Folks seemed to be enjoying the weather and looking forward to the plethora of events being offered this summer. The canton currently has three activities on the kingdom calendar and there might be a few “unofficial meet & greet” sessions planned as well.
The group unanimously approved to allow the use of the canton banners & poles to be used at Battlemoor once again this year for site beautification efforts.
The meet & greet held in EB Rains park had a decent turnout. Folks met up to get acquainted, or reacquainted as the case may be. They shared ideas and philosophies about the SCA.
Inlandish was a wonderful success and I am proud to report that the canton voted to be extremely generous with the proceeds. Stay tuned for further developments. Dougal MacGillie Easpig (aka Douglas Bishop) is the new Caerthean Archery Champion. He took the honor at Inlandish.
Upcoming events for our group:
St Sebastian’s – Aug 22: Running on schedule. Links to Kingdom calendar website have been added. For info, contact Thorvald
Estes Park Demo – Sept 11-13: On the kingdom calendar. The festival is excited to have us back again and making it even easier to have volunteers participate. For info, Contact Ailinn
Pirate Fest Sept 18-19: Hosted by the City of Northglenn, this is their first time with this event. The SCA logo is up on their website and they are extremely excited to have us come out and show everyone what the SCA is all about. For Info contact Katelin

Hinterland Seneschal: Lady Rowan
We had five shire members attend Northern Realms War. It was a wonderful event. There was some discussion about greater shire involvement next year. We encourage attendance for next year.

Nahrun Kabirun Seneschal: Lady Caitilin inghean ui Thaidhg
All is going well in the Shire of Nahrun Kabirun, as we continue planning for Clan Wars. It should be a fun event, and we're all very excited for it. We're currently open to letters of intent for a new Chronicler, and I hope to bring it before the populace at our August meeting. We've completed a round of Mistress Brid's, the kingdom Chatelaine, newcomer program with much success, and plans are underway for another set of sessions once the students return this autumn. We're also working on repairs to our shire pavilion, coordinated by Lady Ginnina the Wanderer, and making a new set of banners and gonfalons, under guidance of Lord Heinric von Drachenhole, to create a stronger presence at events and better represent our shire.
Upcoming events for our group:
-- Clan Wars, September 11-13

Plattefordham Seneschal: Lord Stahlgrim Von Drakenklaue
Practices have been continuing on Sunday afternoons at Washington Park. Have three new prospective members on a regular basis. Weather has not been conductive to add a second weekly practice as of yet.
9 members from our shire were able to travel to coronation.
Northern Realms War is this weekend June 18-20.
Here There Be Dragons July 24-26.
Helping with Stage III's Ren faire August 14-16.

Rams Keep Seneschal: Giovanni Velez
No update
We are still working on ordering some new loaner gear.

Ravenhyrst Seneschal: Lord Fergus Campbell
No update
We have Ravensfaire coming up in September.

Rio de las Animas Seneschal: Lady Sabyn Edwards
No update
Upcoming event for us:
==July 10-12 Rio Defender

Scola Metallorum Seneschal: Aurelia of Scola
Dormant for the summer. Check back later.

St. Golias Acting Seneschal: Felipe del Malpais
Dormant for the summer
There will still be fighter practices on weekends.
Feast Day (24 Oct. 2015) is coming.

Unser Hafen Seneschal: Gerrit d’Orleans
June Unser Hafen Baronial Business Meeting Held June 19th at 7pm. We had a recap on the colorado medieval festival we had. What went right was as follows:
--Good set up crew,
--Good tear down crew,
--Plenty of a&s demonstrations and displays,
--Fighting went great,
--Site owners loved everything we did.
What went wrong: -I haven't heard of anything!
We made contact cards to hand out at demos and fighter practices and other events. Has general contact info for kingdom and barony on it.
We have a new guild started called Event Steward Guild. It's to help those who wish to be stewards or help at events who don't know how to do it or are scared. It's starting off on a strong foot. They have decided to be the stewards at newcomer's this year.
Newcomer's has a date and location for this year and has started planning.
We had a trailer donated to the barony we are fixing up and getting loaded with all our gear so we don't have to run all over the place to find everything we need for an event.
Craftsmens guild has decided to have everyone build three items each time and keep one then sell the other two to fund making other items. They are still going strong.
Newcomer's: We have found a site in Johnstown and looking at last weekend of October.
Upcoming events:
--Newcommers: October 24

Villaleon Seneschal: Lady Meg
The shire is doing well looking forward to helping out at Battlemoor. Our group is still working on Adopt a Highway and the planning for Rescheduled Corazon
Corazon IV rescheduled (Oct 3, 2015)

White Mountain Seneschal: Beollan An Chuain
No update
We meet from 3-5 on Sundays at the South end of Alameda park.

Windkeep Seneschal: Lord Conor MacDougal
Things are fairly quiet here in the central north. Fighter practice and archery practice are in full swing and being fairly well attended (weather permitting).
Windkeep's next event will be Hunter's Feast, scheduled for December 5th.

Compiled by Deputy Kingdom Seneschal

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