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Greetings unto the Populace of the Outlands,

With a Kingdom which has been in existence for at least 35 years (and the Principality just turned 40), with some branches in the kingdom dating back 44 years, the possibilities exist for groups to fade out of existence and for their passing not to be remarked but by the remaining few residents, and the history of the Society in their area not remembered if an influx of members returns to the site of a faded group.

The one which I am most familiar with is the Shire of Anlieplic Dun, which was disbanded in 1997 and which had been in existence since at least 1980 (when their heraldry was all registered). I also am aware that the Shire of Dùthaich Beinne Àird disbanded at some point in time after 2004, but I don't know a specific date for their demise.

Anlieplic Dun has been resurrected as the Shire of Bryngolau (with many of the same members if I do recall).

Scorpion's Hollow renamed themselves to Blackwater Keep, but I do not know if they disbanded before their change.

There once was a group called the Freehold of the Great River, which I believe is now known as Nahrun Kabirun.

Does anyone else have an older group name that they're curious about? Does anyone else have any information about groups which have been lost to time? Please share them in replies!

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