Local Seneschals’ Reports – October 2015

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Local Seneschals’ Reports – October 2015. This compilation contains new information from 17 of our local groups.

Aarquelle Seneschal: THL Gerwyn y'Tiegr
October was a great month here in Aarquelle. We held our thirtieth Defender event in Beulah Mountain Park. He had close to 50 people show up for feasting, archery, rapier and heavy fighting. Our combat practices have continued, but due to other events, the turnout has been rather light. We are now gearing up for our Yoolis and Viking Vintr Vunderlandt events coming soon. A&S Nights are continuing in the Highlands, and we are restarting them in the lowlands. People are currently working on their Yoolis Gift Exchange gifts, and excitement is high-- as usual.
Upcoming events for our group:
--Toolis Eve on December 26
--Viking Vintr Vunderlandt on January 16
--Spring Coronation on May 14

al-Barran Seneschal: Mistress Ymanya Murray
The group is doing well, with our fall events now done and Midwinter preparations well under way.
The Midwinter site agreement has been signed and the check delivered. Planning continues. Day of A&S and Toys for Tots went wonderfully. Day of A&S was packed with an astounding variety of classes, the display and competition, and a wonderful lunch. Toys for Tots was a great day, with decidedly better weather than last year, thankfully. The tourneys went well, the prize table was piled high with the generosity and amazing works of the populace, the bake sale was as amazing as ever, and the ability of our group to pull together for a cause was omnipresent. We raised 289 toys over the weekend (including the toys the archers raised the weekend previous). The Always Epic Bake Sale raised $461 and change. The Sandia Mountain Lodge #72 and Masonic Charities Foundation of NM contributed $983 and change. In all, the Marines were presented with over $1580, in addition to the toys collected, as well as a tray of treats from the bake sale.
The al-Barran cooks group and all those who donated to the T4T Bake Sale continue to amaze. Every year they outdo their last showing, both in the range and amount of different treats and in the money they raise for the Marines. I am truly staggered by how giving this group is.
SPECIAL NOTE: Sir Tancred and his group are a huge help everywhere all the time.
Upcoming Events:
--Midwinter - December 19
--War Practice – December 20

Blackwater Keep Seneschal: Devon Nightshade
During this past month with broad support we have completed a demo at a local cultural event. Participants for our Peanut Festival Demo were as diverse as Her Majesty coming down from Farmington and a couple of officers from Bonwicke participating with us. The organizers of the Peanut Valley Festival thought our presence was great. We held two or three group planning meetings in the past month. Her Grace, Duchess Berengaria was instrumental in putting together this demo.
We also had a newcomer meeting, completed a planning meeting, and have three more meetings in the works. We held a newcomers meeting on October 28th at the local public library's meeting room. We had about a dozen new people interested in SCA activities show up. We also held a planning meeting on the November 9th with 14 people attending. Of those 14 about half were newly interested parties two of which were brand new. Lord Airt the Scott (paid member) has volunteered to become once again our Archery Marshall and has said he will contact kingdom archery marshal regarding this. There has been quite a bit of interest in archery so far. Alec Kinser (soon to be paid member) who has fought heavy before has volunteered to apply for Knight Marshall so we can have fighter practice. Mike Hernandez (paid member) has volunteered to be our Land Warden. I continue to use an email list to notify folks who said they were interested.
Upcoming Events:
We have a T-Tunic making class scheduled for November 18th, an intro to SCA fighting class planned November 21st with an alternate date also TBA for those who cannot make it, and Lord Airt the Scott has gotten contact information from those who wish to learn about archery so he can set up a time for that.
Farther out, we are planning to participate in the CAFB Ren Faire (April 2nd)

Blaiddwyn Seneschal: Eorl Mordygan MacGregor
The charter has been renewed with the university.
There are several new students who played before coming to UNM interested in Blaiddwyn.

Bloodstone Seneschal:

Bofharrach Seneschal:

Bryngalou Seneschal: Sir Einarr Skallagrimmsson
Our demo on October 17th went great! The shire really came together and had an awesome display of all the aspects of the SCA. Fighter practices, Archery and Arts and sciences are going strong in the shire. The Honorable Lady Elanor put on a great class at the end of our shire meeting. We made small wooden shields displaying personal heraldry.
Lady Aithne has agreed to be deputy Chatelaine for the group and will work with Kolgrimma (our local Chatelaine).
Upcoming Events:
The shire will be having our local holiday celebration on November 28 at the posse lodge.
Mistress Catriona of al-Barran offered to visit our shire this month and help lead us in Court Dance.

Caer Galen Seneschal: THL Keridwen Andersdottir
Caer Galen is doing great. Award regalia is being created from the bumper-sticker sales - hopeful to be handing regalia out to award recipients by Midwinter.
Upcoming Events:
Caer Galen Midwinter - December 12, 2015 - Midwinter 1327 - based on the Lutrell Psalter. Website up and frequently updated - Classes abound!
Caer Galen Defender - July 8-10, 2016 – details forthcoming

Caerthe Seneschal: Baroness Morgan Cheyney
No Update
Upcoming Events:
The next Caerthe and invirons events will be Yule on December 19.

Citadel of the Southern Pass Seneschal: Lord Bernardo d'Medici
October was an incredibly busy month with the Feast of St Edrik hosted locally, Blackwater Keep Ren Faire, Stagscon attendance, a demo at a local middle school, several A&S events and preparation for war beginning in the Citadel. Overall, Citadel's focus is on Recruiting and Retention as the leadership team continues to refine its own processes to make the Barony function more efficiently.
The Feast of St Edrik was held on the 24th of October with myself as the autocrat. It was a well-received event with a lot of positive feedback and some points of constructive criticism that was captured in an event debrief. A lot of the lessons learned are being put into an online event checklist that will be available to our membership.
The Barony held several A&S events and featured the talents of the populace this month. An original play written by Salvatore dei Medici as if it was a period piece was performed by a troupe of actors from the Citadel. The play titled "Fiora" was performed at St Edrik. The Calyx Harmoniae performed at St Edrik as well. The event also featured a relic competition, which is best described as an A&S competition lite, meaning we dropped the documentation requirement to make a fun contest to which we had a sharp increase in participants over Hastilude.
The Citadel now has a Facebook Page in addition to the Facebook Group. The page is set up as the public face of the barony while the group is now set to private settings. We are in the process of shifting the availability of information to point towards the Page and ultimately the Baronial Website to ensure we are able to manage the official sources of news/info. The changes are partly due to a desire to control the way information is shared in the barony and the suggestions we received from Stagscon regarding websites and social media.
Upcoming Events:
-- Twelfth Night (January 9, 2016) being stewarded by Her Grace, Duchess Morgana of Land's End
--Spring Crown (March 12, 2016) stewarded by THL Giovanni
--local war practices for about 60 minutes each Sunday during Populace Day and at Tuesday Fighter Practices.

Draca Mor Seneschal: Lady Maureen
Quiet month.Several members have been traveling to Kingdom events.
A&S projects continue, fighter practice has been suspended for the current time.

Dragonsspine Seneschal: Lord Gianni Sangermano
No Update

Drygestan Seneschal: Nikolaous Demetriou ho Toxotes
We did a successful demo at Santa Fe Comic Con, with assistance from Master Otto, Sir Tancred, Lord Rodrigo, and Ulfgar from al-Barran. Maimuna, Genevieve also worked two days, as did Amrit, River, Sarah and Ekat. Also thank you to Guru-Raj, Mathom and Barberry.
Upcoming Events:
--Keepers of Drystone – July 1st through 4th – more details forthcoming

Fontaine Seneschal: Master Angus Reid Macfarlane
Fontaine dans Sable has been busy with events this Reign.
Warders of the Western Gate proved to be a successful event that was enjoyed by all.
Coronation and Toybox are right around the corner. Coronation and Toy Box will be held on the weekend of November 14th and 15th with the Coronation and related activities, of course, taking priority. Anyone wishing to stay after all Coronation activities have concluded are welcome to stay and participate in our toy gathering event.
Upcoming Events:
--Fall Coronation – November 14
--Fontaine Toy Box – November 15

Gleann Medonach Seneschal: THL Michaela Kunrat
No Update
Fighter practices are held Sundays at 2p.m. in the park and archery practices Saturdays at 11a.m. at the girl scout hut. Come by to find out about our latest activities.

Hawk’s Hollow Seneschal: Master Grellan O'Conchobhair
The decision has been made that I would contact O'Meara Ford to use their meeting place to move back from our current location for monthly meetings. We, as a whole (Canton) will continue to find other meeting places and possibly move our meeting times back to Friday nights. Classes held by THL Conrad and Lady Katelin at Unser Hafen Newcomers were a great success. Good turnout from the Canton at Unser Hafen Newcomers.
Mistress Dianna has put forth her forms for a bid for Kingdom A&S competition in April. Lady Katelin put forth an idea for an event in May of 2016 called "The Court of Love". Great discussion about this event and the canton as a whole wanted to move forward with both events (if we are selected in bid for Kingdom A&S). It was decided that we will be re-vamping our website to make it more user friendly for our officers and easier to navigate for our populace and visitors. The deadline for the completion will be Nov. 30th.

Hinterland Seneschal: Lady Rowan
Most of the group members participated in a Haunted House during the month of October, so they didn't have time for much else. Each year, they collect something to benefit one of our local non-profits (i.e. animal shelter, food pantries, etc.) Early reports indicate that they were able to collect quite a bit of non-perishable foods for the Food of Love food pantry, to help families in need this coming holiday season.
Upcoming Events: As the colder weather sets in, we are looking forward to our annual Yule feast in December. There are also some of us planning on attending Hunter's Feast in Windkeep.

Nahrun Kabirun Seneschal: Lady Caitilin inghean ui Thaidhg
As of this month, by approval of Their Majesties and Sir Lavan, my deputy Lord Heinric von Drachenburg will assume the office of Seneschal for the Shire of Nahrun Kabirun. All other activities within the shire proceed as usual, and I am proud to have led the shire for these past two years. I believe the Shire of Nahrun Kabirun has progressed marvelously during my tenure, and shown a lot of growth but still with the unity and friendship of a small group.
October was a fairly uneventful month for our shire, save for the marriage of two of our valued members late in the month. They celebrated in a truly medieval fashion, and all of us are happy for them.
Upcoming Events: Las Cruces Renaissance ArtsFaire, November 7-8

Plattefordham Seneschal: Lord Stahlgrim Von Drakenklaue
No Update
Practices are still being held Sunday afternoons at Washington park and well attended. Our northern region has continued to strive to grow and are holding get togethers to know one another better and work on their garb.
Upcoming Events:
--Candlemas is scheduled to be held January 23rd at the local shriners club.
--Northern Realms has been planned for the last weekend of June 2016.
--Here There Be Dragons is in the planning process for the last full weekend in July.

Rams Keep Seneschal: Giovanni Velez
No Update

Ravenhyrst Seneschal: Lord Fergus Campbell
No Update

Rio de las Animas Seneschal: Lady Sabyn Edwards
No Update

Scola Metallorum Seneschal: Aurelia of Scola
No Update

St. Golias Seneschal: Bela Istvan
On October 25th, we held our expanded fighter practice and potluck. It went over very well, with a turnout of around 30 or 40 people. Currently, we have around 10 light fighters and 4 heavy fighters. We are planning on holding an armor workshop in the near future, before the regional practice, so we can repair our loaner equipment and make armor for our new fighters.
We are attempting to get the Kingdom A&S Competition bid.
Upcoming Events:
--regional practice on the 22nd of November.
--For our new fighters, armor workshop on the 21st of November, so that we can repair old equipment and make new armor for our fighters.

Unser Hafen Seneschal: Gerrit d’Orleans
No Update
Upcoming events:
--Yule Dec DTA

Villaleon Seneschal: Lady Meg
Corazon IV held Oct 3rd and all had a good time. We would like to thank our Autocrat Millicent of Essex and all her helpers in the shire ( Liepa Jonaite, Juan Osorio de Segovia, Ildaria De Zaragozza and Joachim ) for Corazon IV
We had a discussion on changing the time frame for Corazon V to earlier in the fall.

White Mountain Seneschal: Mingus O'Brien
We have a steady core group that meet every Sunday.
A big thanks to Nahrun for putting on an excellent Demo at the Las Cruces Renn Fair this weekend. We had a blast and White Mountain put on a strong showing with 9 members showing up in support. They did me proud!!
Upcoming Events:
We meet from 2-3 on Sundays at the South end of Alameda park.

Windkeep Seneschal: Lady Gwenhwyvar ferch Twedrig
Mloden set up a fantastic heraldic display at Newcomer's. There was a fiber night at Galiana's house that was decently attended. Yay spinning!
Hunter's feast is fold out.
Fighter practice has been moved to a different night and a new site. Directions are up on facebook and the website.
We are looking to put in a bid for Fall Crown 2016.

Compiled by Deputy Kingdom Seneschal

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