SCA Name Class Title Class Description
Lady Cáelainn ingen Cháemgein hui Thaidc Coin striking for the kingdom We will be striking coins for the next King and Queen of the Outlands.
Lady Maire Dooley Buttons- A Finishing Touch Handmade buttons are one way to add a medieval finishing touch to your garb. In this class you'll learn 2 types of buttons, fabric and thread .
THL Isabelle de Calais Look at those drawers! Lady or not, I feel we all deserve pretty and comfortable underwear. This class will discuss details construction going into undergarments across 16th century Italy.
THL Isabelle de Calais Renaissance on a Budget In this class we will go through resources, techniques, and skills to help you create beautiful outfits on a budget.
m'lady Katherine von Lübeck Intro to Handstitches and Fabrics A beginning introduction to some hand sewing stitches! We will make a sampler of useful stitches to use in garb making, and cover where they tend to be most useful. I’ll bring an assortment of fabrics in different fibers to try out how the stitches can change with fiber, and a printed handout to take home with some references
Countess Kitta Ragnvaldsdottir Everyone can look good in Roman garb! Roman garb can be difficult to wear and still look attractive to the modern eye. This class will show you that there is a style of Roman garb for everyone! I will give you some tips when making chitons and peplos, as well as historically accurate ways to belt your garb which will suit many different bodies.
Mistress Thorhalla Bjarnadottir Good Viking, Bad Viking Costuming Points Through the Migration Period
Mistress Mistress Katherine von Heilige Basic patterning How to take measurements and build a basic pattern.
Mistress Jeanne-Marie Dubios Fabric dye mythbusters Using a recent post of "easy" ways to dye and exploring if they actually work.
Lady Lianor da Costa Mathematics in the medieval period Mathematical truths are eternal, but the way mathematics was done has evolved. This class will overview historical numeration systems and major mathematical discoveries of the Middle Ages and Renaissance, and demonstrate use of the counting board. No mathematical skill is required to attend.
Mistress's Briatiz D'Andrade and Arcadia Unmasking Paintings We all look at paintings for the big things. This class takes you into some well known paintings and looks at the little stuff to see what's there. Then, we get to take some of those little things and recreate period scenes with them - complete with photographs, backdrops and props!
m'lord Jester of Anglesey The History of Playing Cards An introduction to the history of playing cards with some special emphasis on the playing cards of the Middle East. Come learn about how playing cards moved from China to Europe. Learn about the many different varieties of early European playing cards. .
m'lord Jester of Anglesey Mamluk Playing Cards There are 6 distinct examples of Mamluk playing cards dating to the 15th and 16th Centuries. Come learn about the history of these cards, essential elements of their design and construction, and see photographs of examples that are not available to the general public.
Mistress Eibhlin nic'Raghailligh Bartholomew Dowe's Darie Boke A glimpse of cheesemaking and dairy set up in medieval UK from a period manual. This small manual was appended to Torquato Tasso's book on household management and is a great overview of how things were done on a small country home in late period. This class will also be a show and tell for cheesemaking tools.
Lord Ulric of Thorne Inkscape - Software for drawing Inkscape is computer software for drawing, legally free and available for Windows, Mac, and Linux. Use it for your heraldry, to plan weaving patterns or embroidery, or to design SCA-related items for LASER cutting, CNC, applique, fabric printing, etc.!

Mistress Maimuna al-Bukhariyya A&S Documentation 101 Do you love to art but dislike the documentation aspect? If so, come learn one artisan's techniques on how to write documentation that will impress the judges!
THL Gwenhwyvar ferch Tewdrig Ensemble music roundtable This is not a class - this is a discussion about bringing more group music to the kingdom.Where to get open source music, how to encourage people to join, how to incorporate modern instruments, challenges to rehearsing, challenges to making "performances", things we can do better...
THL Perryn Coelbrant Outlands Scribes Scriptorum Want to work on a scroll? Want to watch scribes work on scrolls? Whether you just want some time to work on your last artwork or are interested in learning about the scribal arts, come bring your projects and questions and play with the best scribes in the Known World.
Lord Cuhelyn of Northanhymbre Research Your Scroll This class will focus on researching to personalize a scroll, making sure the recipient feels it was made just for them, and researching for authenticity, making sure all of the elements of your scroll match to create a period-looking scroll.
Baroness Safiyya bint Faris al-Dani Chinese Painting Techniques A brief overview of the primary tools, techniques, and step-by-step process to reproduce a Chinese style painting. Students will have an opportunity to practice with traditional materials and suggestions on how to recreate this style with non-traditional mediums.
THL Marion Forester Gesso and Gilding in Illumination We’ll make some gesso and use it for a little gilding.
THL Marion Forester Pigment Grinding and Paint Making We’ll talk about and work on several kinds of pigments and then use them to make paint. Pigments discussed will include carbon black, lake pigments, mineral pigments, verdigris, and earth pigments.
THL Gwenhwyvar ferch Tewdrig How to draw vines for those not artisticlly inclined (aka - this is a math class)
Break down the basic shape of common vinework and how to use geometry to layout them out.
Maestra Elena Isabella de Glastonbury Intro to Medieval Court Dance Come learn the joy of European Court Dance. No experience or partners required. Dances will depend on numbers and experience.
Maestra Elena Isabella de Glastonbury Rostiboli Gioioso Come learn one of the most common dances in the SCA. We will be using this dance at the Northern winter events, so join in to get a head start!
m'lord Jester of Anglesey I.33 Sword and Buckler Deciphered Tower Armouries Manuscript I.33 uses an organizational technique designed to help you retain knowledge and an instructional technique designed to make you say "What the hell?" You will leave with an understanding of the basics of I.33 and the knowledge needed to decipher the rest of the material on your own.
Mistress Arcadia Make a Mosaic Pendant Come make a little mosaic inside a pendant that can be turned into a necklace. We will be using modern materials for a medieval look
THL Forrester Leather tooling for the intermediate Leather tooling Celtic knotwork using both period tools and modern tools to achieve the medieval look.
Lord Kolosvarj Hoyai Kristof Practice w/ Fabric painting use of block painting & stencils. Fabric paint vs fabric medium
Lord Simon of Ravenwood Building and using a pole lathe Building and using a pole lathe
Baroness Maria Castelana Nag Hammadi Bookbinding - Workshop The Nag Hammadi library is a collection of early Christian and Gnostic texts. Please join Her Excellency Maria of Caerthe and His Excellency Hayashi of Caer Galen to learn how to construct these books using modern materials. No previous bookbinding experience is necessary. All materials provided. Class fee waived if you'd like to donate your book to Their Excellencies largess collection.
Bantiarna Gráinne Socair Heralding a Smoother Court A class covering basics of court heraldry. We will discuss the process of preparing to herald court, heralding a court, all the way through to what needs to be done after court. All ages and experience levels are welcome, though this class is aimed at those who are not very experienced.
Master Timothy O'Brien Introduction to Blazon: The Language of Heraldry Learn all about Blazon, the language used by heralds to describe heraldic devices and badges. This class is helpful for Scribes who need to understand what is being included on their scrolls, and by anyone acting as Herald for Crown Tournament entrants and other formal occasions.
Master Timothy O'Brien Heralds and Heraldry in History Let's talk about how heraldry was used and what heralds really did in history, as compared to our usage in the Current Middle Ages.
Lady Vigdis Knarrarbringa Hair Braiding Showing some basic techniques of period appropriate braided hairstyles
Mistress Thorhalla Bjarnadottir Basic Drop Spindle Come try your hand at spinning sheep fleece into yarn.
Earl Mika Longbow Arrows: Know your ammunition Overall aspect of the arrow, feathers, spine, nocks, point, straightening. In general the makeup of the arrow and how to do it correctly.
Earl Mika Longbow Beginning to Intermediate Archery Class to include archery shooting form ,stance, anchor point, aiming, release and more.
Earl Mika Longbow How to Run a Good Archery Shoot Class to go through the aspect of Archery setup, range clearances, targets scoring, score sheets, problems and good practices.
Earl Mika Longbow Archery Marshal Class Class on becoming an archery Marshal to include instruction on how to inspect your equipment
Earl Mika Longbow Archery Target Panic Do you have trouble holding on the spot you want to release the arrow on.Do you lower or raise your bow through the area you wish to release at and let it go as you sweep thru the sweet spot. Do you stop short when drawing your bow back seemingly unable to pull it back to your anchor point. Then this class is for you.
Master Mellitus of Rouncivale Making the Nueva Cadiz Bead Recreating Nueva Cadiz Beads, a 16th Century Venetian drawn cane bead that was a popular late-period trade bead. Includes a discussion on drawn cane beads in period and if time permits, creating other drawn cane beads.
Baroness Hannah d'Avila Birka and Ribe: Reproducing extant beads Using a picture of a period bead, class will develop step-by-step strategy to reproduce it. Intermediate lampworking skills required.
Baroness Hannah d'Avila Intro to Lampwork Beads Introduction to making Lampwork Beads
Lady Elizabeth Argentieri Roman Melon Beads Lampwork beads - Basic bead with a little extra to recreate the historical Roman Melon Bead
Baroness Katherina von Lehmann Running Gate for an event A discussion on how to run gate for an event.
Baroness Katherina von Lehmann Retinue discussion A discussion on what it means to have or be on retinue.
THL Cecilia Caterina da Firenze Beginning Cutwork Embroidery This is a beginning class on Punto Tagliato cutwork embroidery from 14th Century Italy. T This class will focus on learning the basic stitches to create a piece of cutwork embroidery. A piece of linen with a basic design will be provided along with needles and thread. Please bring an embroidery hoop and very sharp scissors.
Lady Sophia Hirzin Destreza from first principles An overview of "La Verdadera Destreza de espada española": The true skill of the Spanish sword. Emphasis is given to the reasoning behind the conventions of the system over rote recitation of form. Introductory class will cover basic stance, footwork, formation of atajo, and movement of conclusion.
Lady Elora Von Effyn Introduction to Giganti Nicoletto Giganti was a 17th century soldier and Italian Fencing Master.In this class, we will be studying from his first publication (Scola, overo teatro or School or Fencing Hall, 1606). We will cover the more common stances, parries, his signature lunge, and use and mechanics of the Cavazione.
Sir Rowland de Grey Film Analysis for Fighters A look at how film study can help fighters analyze their own fightingto better inform training and tactics. We will review common techniques for film study and special considerations for SCA fighters. All disciplines and interest levels are welcome.
Baroness Annys Wolf of Wharram Percy Herbal Salves Class will include hands on making of salves, with samples of salves to go home
with students, discussion of salve recipes found in period herbal and medical
texts, and modern herbal safety information.
Baroness Annys Wolf of Wharram Percy Herbal Fiber Care Class will cover use of herbs to care fiber, yarn, and fabric, both in period and modern day.
Sir Rowland de Grey A Discussion of Largesse and Generosity We will be discussing the role of Largesse in our society. We will discuss some period ideas surrounding what it means to be generous. The discussion is open to any interested. The discussion will be supplemented with short readings on the subject.
Master Aegeon Players in Italian Comedy: Commedia dell'arte Ever curious where Shakespeare got their ideas? What about the modern story? Many of it goes back to the Italian Comedy, known as Commedia dell'arte. We will explore the various archetypes and groups (Innamorati, Zanni, and Vecchi) in Commedia, talk about its relationship to Shakespeare and other period plays, and discuss what is involved in modern Commedia troupes.
Baroness Çinara Ybarra Pottery101: hand building Come and play with clay! We will learn a few different hand building techniques and then have time to make a vessel. Firing, glazing, and delivery will be discussed during class.
THL Gauvain Eisenbein Preparing a Successful Submission Covers the basics of writing heraldic name documentation with the goal of writing concise, complete name submissions that will be accepted by the Gold Castle and Rampart heralds.
THL Gauvain Eisenbein Comedia Practice Session We willl practice using the stock characters of Commedia dell'Arte in an improvisational setting. This will be an hour of modern theater sports using period characters. Come try your hand at improvisational acting, or just come watch the fun.
THL The Honorable Lady Pettronella Pártaszövõ The More Period Choice- Knotwork Encased Water Bottle Making the more period choice doesn’t have to be expensive or difficult. Come Talk about how to make the more period looking choice while you work your way toward authenticity. While we chat we will make a "more period" knotwork encased water bottle.
King Iohann der Vuhs On two of the Seven Knightly Skills In the twelfth century, Peter Alfonsi produced the Disciplina Clericalis, and named archery, hawking, riding, swimming, boxing, chess, and writing verse as the seven knightly skills. Practice two of these with the King.
Mistress Rossilin Katrin von Hohenzollern Cutting a quill pen Have you ever wanted to try calligraphy with a real quill? Here is your chance! Come learn to cure, cut and use a quill pen of your own. You will get to take your quill home for future use on all of your projects!
Mistress Rossilin Katrin von Hohenzollern Painting Flemish Flowers Painting flowers and animals in Flemish books of hours might look intimidating, but it is really not! Come learn techniques to paint these flowers and learn how to evaluate new flowers so you can try others on your own. This is a hands on class so come prepared to sketch and paint!
Mistress Agnes deLanvallei Plants in Period: Food, Tools and More This course will give an overview of which plants people had available in period: how climate affected that (for example, wine grapes), which were traded from far away (pepper of course), which came into Europe late in the Middle Ages (squash) and which were unknown to Europeans in Period (kiwifruit). Bring your questions!
Mistress Agnes deLanvallei Color and Fiber Across the Middle Ages This class looks at dyeing cloth in period: which plants made which colors, which colors were difficult, and the impact of dyes from Asia and the Americas on the colors available in Europe.
Don Justinian the Gentle Melody Instrument Extravaganza Light on Drums Have you ever wanted to try and play an oud, sitar, setar, bouzouki, violin, viola, ney flute, Kamancheh (Persian Spike fiddle)? This is a hands on demonstration of the basics of these instruments and how they are tuned and played.
Countess Richenda de la Selva Kingdom A&S Rubrics for Competition Using the new Kingdom A&S Rubrics for Judging or Competition