SCA Name Award Local Group Their Facebook profile name Instructor Biography
Bantiarna Gráinne Socair Barony of al-Barran Gráinne Shocair Greetings! I have been playing SCA for a few years now. I am the Scorpion Pursuivant and have been heralding courts for about 2 years. Court heraldry is one of my favourite things to do in the SCA, and I am excited to share what I have learned with you!
Baroness Annys Wolf of Wharram Percy Draca Mor HopeAllyson Dwiggins
Baroness Çinara Ybarra Caer Galen Lisa o'Brien
Baroness Hannah d'Avila Caerthe Lori Abrams
Baroness Katherina von Lehmann Caer Galen Katherina von Lehmann
Baroness Maria Castelana Caerthe Lyndsie Clark Her Excellency Maria is the current baroness of the Barony of Caerthe. She enjoys many disciplines of the Society, specifically rapier fighting and volunteering for everything. She has also been known to dabble in the arts with calligraphy, fiber arts, leather working, and especially bookbinding. This event marks her debut class in the bookbinding field. She is looking forward to spreading her love of books!
Baroness Safiyya bint Faris al-Dani Unser Hafen Joshi Solomon-Freville
Countess Kitta Ragnvaldsdottir Unser Hafen Nikki Wasinger
Countess Richenda de la Selva (OL) Unser Hafen Richenda de la Seva
Don Justinian the Gentle Unser Hafen
Earl Earl Mika Longbow (KSCA, OP,& OL) Unser Hafen Michael Park (Earl Mika) I have been involved in the SCA archery program for over 30 years in 3 different kingdoms. I have the high order of merit for archery in all 3. I have been Kingdom Archery Marshal in 2 Kingdoms, and Kingdom Archery Champion in 2 kingdoms
in both Handbow and crossbow.
King Iohann der Vuhs (KSCA) All and None Iohann Der Vuhs
Lady Cáelainn ingen Cháemgein hui Thaidc Caerthe Cáelainn ingen Cháemgein hui Thaidc
Lady Elizabeth Argentieri Caer Galen Elizabeth Dauch
Lady Elora Von Effyn DragonsSpine Teri Linenberger Born and raised in DragonsSpine of the mighty Outlands.
I have been fighting for going on 9 years and studying Giganti for over 7 years under the tutelage of Don Robert Hunteman.
Lady Lianor da Costa Caerthe Sarah Brilliant Thomas I have a Master of Science in Mathematics, and a particular interest in historical mathematics.
Lady Maire Dooley Caerthe Lisa Branson
Lady Sophia Hirzin Dragonsspine Anna Peltzer
Lady Vigdis Knarrarbringa Unser Hafen
Lord Cuhelyn of Northanhymbre Dragonsspine Jonathon MacAndrew Cuhelyn has been making scrolls for a decade now. Working at first under the pseudonym Nezumi Rei, he has done Celtic, Gothic and a few odd other styles of scrolls Gothic and other styles as he's gone along. He cures and cuts his own quills for calligraphy and has enough hours in art history for a minor in the subject.
Lord Kolosvarj Hoyai Kristof Caerthe Kolosvarj Hoyai Kristof
Lord Simon of Ravenwood Caer Galen Jeff Womack
Lord Ulric of Thorne Unser Hafen stephen.warren.3954 Ulric has been playing for 3 years. He fights rapier, is captain of the archers and webminister for Unser Hafen, a computer geek in mundane life, and makes many objects by cheating with a computer.
Maestra Elena Isabella de Glastonbury (MOD) Dragonsspine Susan Woodard Sangermano
Master Aegeon (MOD) Unser Hafen
Master Mellitus of Rouncivale (OL) Barony of Forgotten Sea,Calontir Tim Mercer
Master Timothy O'Brien (OP) Dragonsspine Tim Buxton
Mistress Agnes deLanvallei (OL) Unser Hafen
Mistress Arcadia OL Caerthe Pamela Farris Shofner
Mistress Eibhlin nic'Raghailligh (OL) Barony of Dragonsspine Kathleen Madsen
Mistress Jeanne-Marie Dubios (OL,OP) Caerthe Jeanne-Marie Okiver
Mistress Maimuna al-Bukhariyya (OP) Drygestan Kate Maimuna Daniel
Mistress Katherine von Heilige (OL) Barony of Forgotten Sea,Calontir Kat Ramsey, looking landsknecht
Mistress Rossilin Katrin von Hohenzollern (OL) UH Shannon Moyes Clark
Mistress Thorhalla Bjarnadottir (OL,OP) Windkeep Jill Emmons
Mistress's Briatiz D'Andrade and Arcadia (OL) Caer Galen and Caerthe Pamela Shofner Farris
m'lJester of Anglesey Barony of Caerthe John A Jordan (but most of my material is under Variant of Normal) John Jordan is a amateur researcher of early playing cards. He has identified a previously unknown Mamluk playing card in the de Unger collection. Has consulted with Cambridge University Library on a Mamluk card not yet available to the general public. He has identified new information regarding the Mamluk playing cards in the Topkapi Museum. He is currently working with the Freer/Sackler Gallery of the Smithsonian Institute to explore the papers of the late Dr. Richard Ettinghausen to see if additional unpublished information might be brought to light and writing an article on the identification of playing cards from the Islamic world for the Journal of the Institute of Conservation.
m'lady Katherine von Lübeck Plattefordham Ellen Hubenthal
Sir Rowland de Grey (KSCA) al-Barran Jacob B White Sir Rowland and Lord Batu have been sharing and using film of practices to better their fighting. This class will make available new tools for the fighters of the kingdom to utilize.
THL Cecilia Caterina da Firenze Unser Hafen Mandy Goltz
THL Forrester Caerthe N/A
THL Gauvain Eisenbein Scola Metallorum THL Gauvain is the current Outlands Gold Castle Herald, responsible for accepting and processing heraldic submissions from the local submissions heralds.
THL Gwenhwyvar ferch Tewdrig Windkeep Jennifer Franzen Nordwick
THL Isabelle de Calais Caerthe Maridith Smith
THL Marion Forester Caerthe Lisa C Adams Marion is on a quest to try all parts of the scribal world, from bookbinding to vellum.
THL Perryn Coelbrant Unser Hafen Robin Lagro
THL Pettronella Pártaszövõ Caerthe Wendi King