Welcome to being an Outlands Exchequer! Your Kingdom truly appreciates your service. Please don't be overwhelmed. Just because we send lots of paper doesn't mean you have to read it all Please ask questions! Also note, the below is just a summary. For the details of any of these items, more information can be found in the Local Exchequer's Handbook or from any treasury officer.

Day One:

Fill in the Request for Warrant form and send it (either post or email) to the Kingdom Exchequer. They will then train you in useful information regarding your office.

Who Do I ask?

Feel free to ask any of these people about any question you may have. They will make sure someone answers it.

  • To get a warrant of office,
  • to recommend your replacement,
  • to find out the duties of your office,
  • for information about filing financial reports,
  • how to keep your books contact:

Kingdom Exchequer is also the final authority within kingdom on financial matters.

  • For information about the non-member registration on event fees, when to charge it and to whom, how to record it and how to turn in NMS payments contact:

Kingdom Non Member Registration (NMR) deputy: THL Natal'ia Georgievicha

  • For information about where to send the waivers from fighter practices and events contact:

Kingdom Waiver deputy (Seneschal): Mistress Richenza le Widu (Caroline Kearns)

Where can I get more information?

SCA Exchequer Website has The Local Treasurer's Handbook and Financial Report Forms both printable and in Microsoft Excel

The Exchequer's Yahoo group (open to all exchequers from any kingdom): has lots of information and you can communicate with other local exchequers across the country, ask questions and get advice.

The Outlands Exchequer's Yahoo group (open to all exchequers).: This has lots of useful things for download in the file section that will be of help, and you can also ask advice of other local exchequers as well as from the Kingdom.

This Kingdom Website: - has information on officers, royalty, and much much more.

Email any of the officers above and they can direct you to the correct spot for any question you may have or

Also, if you register a login at this site you can get access to the addresses and phone numbers for the above officers.

Basic Duties of the Office:

All the Time:

Keep the Checkbook, keep accurate records of checks written.

Make sure the checking account has active signers

Quarterly (every 3 months)

Submit the Group Financial Report

When your group holds an event

Before - Help with budgeting; Make sure that people know that they must keep receipts for any money they spend on an event, and that the expenditure must be approved by your group financial committee before they spend the money; Make sure the 'troll' has starter change for the cashbox, signin (gate) forms and waiver forms.

During - Make sure the 'troll' collects waivers from non-members, records members and checks for their blue SCA membership cards, make sure they note how many people through the gate are non-members.

After - Make out a check for the non-member surcharge and send to the NMS deputy, Send copies of the collected waivers and gate forms to the Waiver Deputy , Collect Receipts for any money you have paid other SCA members for the event, Reimburse members for (approved) money they spent on the event; draft an Event Report.

At the end of the Year:

Submit the Group Financial Report

Again, these are just the basics. Consult the financial officers above if you have questions. Really. We can't answer if you don't ask.