Getting Started

 Exchequer 101 PDF

 Exchequer 101 Financial Report Cheat Sheet 2021 revisionPDF

 Society Exchequer Handbook PDF 2020 revision

 Society Financial Policy PDF January 2020 revision

 Outlands Financial Policy PDF April 2021 revision


Financial Reports & Ledgers

“Small” = branches with only one bank account, no reported equipment and no newsletter income
“Medium” = standard for most branches
“Large” = an extended version for kingdom and large branch accounts

 Financial Report for a Large branch XLSM

 Financial Report for a Medium branch XLSM

 Financial Report for a Small branch XLSM

 General Ledger Spreadsheet XLSM


Heraldry Submissions
To be completed along with the local herald for heraldic submissions. A completed copy goes to Gold Castle with the submissions and a completed copy goes to the Kingdom Exchequer with the branch check. No personal checks will be accepted at the kingdom level.

 Outlands - Branch Heraldry Submission Record XLSM


NMR Report
To be completed within 10 days of the end of every event and emailed to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. A copy should accompany the check when mailed to the NMR Deputy, also within 10 days of the end of every event.

 Outlands NMR form XLS 2020 revision


Event Forms/Waivers

 Outlands Gate Sheet 2020 PDF

 Outlands Gate Procedures w/ Flowchart PDF

 Refund/Donation Receipt Confirmation fillable PDF

 Advanced Event Financial Report XLSM

 Event Financial Report XLS

 Consent To Participate And Release Liability group list PDF

 Minor's Consent To Participate And Hold Harmless Agreement (family) PDF

 Minor's Consent To Participate And Hold Harmless Agreement (individual) PDF

 Adult Waiver for Equestrian Activities PDF


Other Forms

 Transfer Out form fillable PDF - Documentation for checks that are transferring money within the SCA

 Request For Financial Warrant PDF

 DEFAULT Branch Financial Policy template DOCX - Kingdom approved 12-2020

 Outlands Reimbursement Form fillable PDF

 Budget Template for groups XLSM

 AnnualBudgetWorksheet.xls XLS

 W9 Submission Form XLSM

 W9 Form PDF


Instructions to change or open bank accounts:
If you do not have e-mail access, please contact the Society Exchequer for instructions. Failure to follow these instructions can delay the processing of your bank account request

  1. Download a Bank Account Request Form XLS
    • All kingdom and local groups must list the kingdom or a regional exchequer as a signatory on bank accounts.
    • All fields must be completed
    • All signers must be current members and have no less than 60 days left on their memberships.
    • If using a fax number, make sure the fax number is valid and working.
    • You must use your legal name.
  2. Send all requests for bank accounts to your Kingdom Exchequer
  3. Kingdom Exchequers will verify all information and forward your request to the Society Exchequer for processing.
  4. The Society Exchequer will verify the completeness and accuracy of your information and forward it to the SCA Corporate Office.