The Kingdom of the Outlands is hosting a training and discussion about cultural appropriation in the SCA with the Society Diversity and Inclusion Officer Her Excellency Zahra Tesfaye.  Please feel free to join us!  Everyone is encouraged to come.
Class and Discussion to be held April 17, 2021 in the common era at 4:00 pm MST

Topic: DEI Cultural Appropriation in the SCA
Time: Apr 17, 2021 04:00 PM Mountain Time (US and Canada)
Identifying and Addressing Cultural Appropriation

In this class, we’ll identify some of the different ways that cultures interact, including cultural appreciation, exchange, assimilation, and the problematic appropriation. We’ll talk about why cultural appropriation is so harmful, in both a modern and SCA context, and explore some ways of self-evaluating and addressing our own behavior to avoid it. There will also be a discussion portion, so please bring your questions and we can explore them as a group.

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