Sir Lief Davidson & Mistress Ansteys Darcy


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Royal Preferences

His Royal Highness Her Royal Highness
Allergies / Need to avoid
Corn in all of its forms including corn syrup, dextrose, xantham gum, sorbital, etc.
Allergies: All fish and shellfish, seafood, seaweed, duck, goose, MSG, soy sauce, sulfites, worcestershire sauce. (Avoids wild game, cilantro, raspberries.)
Foods: cheese, crackers, fruits, Boar's Head dry salami, proscuitto, pancetta, olives, gold fish crackers Foods: Lean proteins, cheese, veggies, fruit, nuts
Drinks: Hot Tea, Red Bull, Water, Lemonade, Ketel One Vodka, Angry Orchard Cider Drinks: Water, coffee, tea, chai, limeade/ lemonade, Guinness, Cider (dry)
Garb Preference: Norse or 14th C England Garb Preference: 14th C (England) or Norse
They both appreciate handmade goods, pottery, cool medieval accessories like buttons, Norse jewelry/accessories, 14th C jewelry/accessories.